AMC Update Wednesday 3/31/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/31/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is in the hospital by the drinking fountain when he hears crying. He goes over and notices Krystal. She seems startled to see him. She makes a comment about wanting privacy. He apologizes and tells her that he thought she needed some comfort when he heard her crying. She protests that she does not cry. He asks if there’s anything he can do. She angrily tells him she wants him to leave her alone, but she cannot hide the crying in her voice. And when he departs she breaks down again. He finds her again and brings her a drink. She first says she doesn’t want it. But he tells her it’s Kentucky whiskey. She tells him that her daddy would roll over in his grave if he saw her drinking whiskey out of a straw. She remarks that she thought he’d left. He tells her he did, and then he came back. He said he realizes that sometimes you need to cry alone. But he can sense that although she doesn’t let on to it, she does not really want to be alone. She reveals to Tad that she remembers her momma crying a lot and with good reason and how she noticed her mom turned herself into a doormat and allowed people to walk all over her. She tells him that she knew that one of them had to get tough, and she figured it would have to be her. She admits to him that she does not want Babe to see her vulnerable. She has always appeared tough and in control for her daughter. She admits that throughout most of her life, it’s worked like a charm, until now. Right now, her daughter is in trouble and she cannot help her. She tells him that she cannot bear the thought of what’s happened to Bianca losing her baby, and Kendall and Erica and what they are all going through. Tad assures Krystal that he knows how strong Bianca is. She reminds him that she has a friend who lost her baby, but she at least had a chance to hold her baby and kiss him goodbye and sing a lullaby to the baby before it died. And all Bianca has is an empty cradle. He tells her he knows all about a loss like that, with Dixie and their baby. He tells her he remembers the exact day when he gave up hope, where he went to sleep one night and did not want to wake up the next morning. But then he motivated himself to get through another 24 hour day and he eventually was able to heal from the pain. She tells him she cannot imagine how anybody can heal from that. But he assures her that Kendall, Bianca and Erica will find a new way, just like he did, but he still exhibits pain in his voice as he relives his own tragedy. When they are ready to leave, she wipes her eyes and lets him see her vulnerability. He tells her that she is beautiful.

At the gym, Aidan encourages Anita to try working out with a punching bag. At first, she tells him that it’s a waste of energy. But he encourages her to participate and goes and gets her some gloves. He gives her instructions on form. She hits the bag without the force the pros use. He makes a comment that she’s doing o.k. for a girl. She corrects him that she’s a woman and that she’s going to master this and knock that sexist attitude out of him, while she laughs. She hits it again and hurts her hand. Later, he notices that she is uncomfortable and struggling to remove her boxing gloves. She angrily tells him she needs to leave and that she feels very stupid for falling for his “charm”. She says that she made a mistake revealing to him that her husband cheated on her, but if he thinks it’s an invitation to get her in the sack, he’s got another thing coming. But when she is ready to leave, he tells her he wants her to hold on. He tells her that he does not appreciate her accusations and all he wanted was to be a friend to her. He says that he has learned the hard way to stay away from women who are in love with other men. She apologizes and tells him she’s a little embarrassed for her outburst and accusation. She also thanks him for the boxing lesson he gave her.

Maria and Edmund are at the movie theater. She remarks that she cannot remember the last time when they actually went to see a movie together. They relive the old movies, and the popcorn. The movie starts which sounds like an old classic. Right when the movie is going, the old fashioned projector breaks down. Edmund reminds his wife that it’s not like they don’t know how the story is going to end. They both relive all the stories of the old movies and themes and storylines. She asks him what he’d do if he were a movie writer. He has a vision of himself as a detective and refers to a woman, in Maria’s image as “doll face”. She kisses him. It looks like an old Humphrey Bogart classic. He asks if he is her lapdog. She says he’s nobody’s lapdog and she loves him. She says that she knows who is trying to hurt him and she couldn’t let them do that, and she calls him Vic. He tells her that Detective Murphy interrupts them at the door. The real Maria wonders why. He tells her that the old-fashioned movie sensors protected the woman from getting charged with murder. She tells him that she’s working out the details of her own movie. In her own black and white flick, she tells his “Bogart” character, whom she sees in a wheelchair, that she will not let somebody hurt him because they are not half the man he is. A man enters. He’s “Murphy” ready to take her away, until the Bogart in the wheelchair pulls a gun on him. He instantly objects to her story line, but she tells him he does not know where she’s going with this story. She says that in her “movie”, he discovers that Murphy was playing him and he finds Murphy out. But he tells her they still need to come up with a perfect ending. So she tells him it’s now his turn. In his movie, he tells her he knows that she’s smart and beautiful and has good qualities. She asks what about the two of them. He tells her they will always be together and then he kisses her and the screen fades with THE END.

Ryan enters Kendall’s home. She stares at him speechless, and then asks why he’s there. He tells her she should not have to go through this alone. He reaches his hand out to her. It takes her a while, but she takes his hand, stands up and they go into her bathroom. He draws water from the sink and puts a wet washcloth over her forehead. She looks at herself in the mirror, and at him behind her, expressionless. He turns on the shower. He tells her it’s nice and warm and gives her a towel. He goes into her living room. While the water is running, she gets in the shower and sits silently and expressionless, shivering. He builds a fire. When she’s out of the shower, still sullen and speechless, he dries her hair for her. Then he brushes it. She is still silent and motionless. She doesn’t even want to eat. He fixes her some food, puts a napkin on her lap and feeds her. She doesn’t refuse to eat. He goes to rekindle the fire. But Kendall cannot stop staring at a picture of herself and Bianca at the baby shower. Ryan notices her dropping it and turns to face her. He finally gets Kendall to sit by the fire. She still does not speak but just sits staring at the fire. She falls asleep by the fire. He puts a blanket over her and lies down on her couch.

Reggie’s friend, Danielle is at the music store noticing a store manager and a store clerk talking about their plans to close the store in a few minutes. Reggie finds her. She tells him that he needs to get a life and not spend so much time at the hospital. He tells her he needs to be there for his family. But she is able to convince him that before he goes back there tomorrow, he needs to chill out and take a break. Danielle announces to the retail girl that she’d like to buy a CD but cannot pay for it until the following day when she gets her allowance. When the girl turns off the lights, closes up and leaves, Danielle hides behind a shelf and stays in the store. Reggie reenters. Danielle looks, to him, like she owns the place and can provide them both with a full selection of music. But he knows that she’s broken the law and he doesn’t want to get in any more trouble. His first impulse is to call the Pine Valley PD and tell them that they both made a mistake. She asks him what the big deal is and why he cannot just lighten up. He tells her the big deal is that he will be behind bars for a long time if he gets busted for this. He tells her all about his rap sheet and the fact that he’s had a very shady past, but he’s been determined to keep clean for a long time. He tells her it’s no big deal if he just calls the cops and tells them that it’s just an accident. But she informs him that it is not an accident, she purposely planned hiding in the music store and stealing the CDs. But Reggie does not want to get in trouble. She keeps urging him to have fun and tells him that it’s hard for both of them to be good. But he tells her that it doesn’t sound like she’s been good for too long. But she distracts him by turning on some music, pulling him by the hand and telling him they need to go dance. They dance and for the first time Reggie is happy and having fun. When the music ends she tells him that that is what she’s been waiting for all night. He asks her just what she’s been waiting for. She says she’s been waiting to hear him laughing and having fun.


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