AMC Update Tuesday 3/30/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/30/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the gym, Ryan goes at it with a punching bag. Aidan is behind him, working out. Ryan demands to know if Aidan is there to lecture him for his complications with Kendall. Aidan has something to say to Ryan. And they both take out their frustrations sparring at the gym, looking intent to hurt each other.

Reggie asks his new lady friend to let him rejoin his family without her. She urges him not to be alone and at least let her accompany him. He says he can’t and leaves and she walks through Greenlee’s home, observing all of Greenlee’s expensive things, and talking about how it’s so “out of the ordinary” to be in a rich girl’s penthouse. Greenlee enters and demands to know what this stranger is doing in her home wearing her clothes. Greenlee asks the strange young lady how much she makes for a living. She admits she has no job. Greenlee implies that she will now spend her fond memories of being there in a jail cell. She makes a call to the police department and reports a burglary in process. The girl makes a comment, characterizing Greenlee as the “nasty green pea”, which instantly confirms to Greenlee that she must be a friend of Reggie’s. At that moment, Reggie enters. Reggie explains to Greenlee that since the rent is free and he knows she could care less about anything, he thought he’d let his friend stay there. He reminds Greenlee that she didn’t even have the decency to offer support to Jack. Greenlee protests that she tried to and asks Reggie if he’s really certain that this girl, Danielle, is not “playing” with him. Reggie tells Greenlee that not everybody is as selfish and dishonest as she is. Greenlee suddenly decides that it might be nice for her to cut Danielle a break. But Reggie tells Greenlee that she does not “do nice”. She assures Reggie and Danielle that she has feelings too and is known to be nice on occasion. Reggie leaves them alone, to go back and be with Bianca, but he warns Danielle that if she sleeps in Greenlee’s home, she needs to sleep with one eye open. When the two young women are alone, Greenlee reveals that she may actually care about Reggie by laying down two rules to Danielle for staying in her home. The first rule is that she does not hurt Reggie, and the second being that she stays out of Greenlee’s closet.

Jack sits on the ground, with his back up against the dumpster, holding the broken incubator in his arms, crying. Tad approaches him and tells him he knows there are no words to take away the pain, but he motivates Jack to get up and walk with him. The detective comes and tells the two men that he still cannot find any trace of Miranda. Jack asks Tad how anybody can say good-bye to a baby when there is an empty grave. Tad tells him that he knows all too well that it seems for a long time, that the pain will never go away, but in time, you are able to live again. Jack tells Tad he knows that he’s talking about Dixie and her baby. Tad suggests that they go to a bar and get hammered. Jack says he must go and see Bianca but he really appreciates Tad’s support. Tad reminds his friend that this is a dance that one has to do by oneself.

While Kendall is lying by Bianca’s bedside, cradling her sister in her arms after the horrible tragedy of losing Miranda, Erica enters. Both her daughters are not happy to see her. Erica attempts to speak. But Bianca demands that she doesn’t even dare say a thing to her, after what she’s done. Erica tells her daughter that she knows she must feel she is beyond comfort. She tells Bianca how very sorry she is. Bianca asks what she is sorry for. Is she sorry that Bianca’s baby died? Erica replies yes, she is, and also for the terrible things that she said to her daughter the last time they spoke. Bianca asks if she will take it all back and sarcastically tells her mother that she is amazing. She tells Erica that she comes in here from who knows where. She inquires whether Erica went into the chapel and lit a candle. Erica replies yes. Bianca asks how many candles? One for her? One for her sister? And one for her baby? Erica says she prayed to God to bless Bianca for her suffering. But Bianca confirms that her mother only lit one candle, which was for herself. She tells Erica that she knows who she is. Erica tries to speak, but Bianca tells her she’d better not dare to try her “mother of the year” speech. She tells her mother that she is a liar, an unforgivable liar. She tells her mother that she is looking remorseful on the outside but secretly wants to plan a party for the death of a rapist’s child. Bianca says all it took was a flash flood and a helicopter crash for Erica’s deepest wish to come true. She reminds Erica that on that very night, she did everything she could to convince her of how she could love her baby, but it was impossible to get through to Erica about that. She says that she knows her mother can forget all about this whole “inconvenience”. She knows that she will see her again, in her life and notice her looking unhappy, and hold her hand telling her that she cares for her. But she knows Erica could never love the child of a rape. Erica breaks down, crying, telling her daughter that she does not feel that way. She urges Bianca to see that she has only wanted what was best for her. She tells Bianca that regardless of anything, she would never wish this agony on her. She says she would have thrown herself in the river, if she could have spared Bianca the pain. Bianca asks her mother what this means to her. Does Erica believe that the “crises” is over? That they can all go back to a place called “normal”? She reminds her mother that she told her that Miranda would ruin her life and make her life miserable. She says that she that she needs to take a good look at her now and see what miserable really looks like. And she tells Erica that she is not her mother any more. Her deceased father is more alive to her than Erica is. Erica then asks the silent Kendall to help her explain to Bianca what she’s feeling. But Kendall offers her mother no support. She tells Erica that she believes she will be very relieved, not to have to deal with the trauma of her own rape. Bianca says that Miranda was her baby. She was about Bianca. NOT about Erica. She was about Bianca’s dreams, not Erica’s nightmares. But now she is gone. Bianca says she will never let her mother tell her that she loves her. She does not believe it. She tells Erica that they can never go back to normal. Things will never be the same. Erica has made that impossible. When Erica leaves the room, Jack wants to comfort her, but she is too distraught to even talk to him. She cries, telling him that she knows both her daughters hate her and demands that Jack leaves her alone.

Maria is in her office. Edmund enters in his wheelchair on his way to physical therapy. He tells his wife that she has just been appointed the love of his life. But he can sense there is something on her mind. She tells him that she is really upset about how unfair it is for Bianca to be counting on that baby, and now to lose it. She urges her husband to see that, in spite of his paralysis, they should believe that they are lucky. They have their kids and they have their dreams. They hold each other. Anita enters. She asks her sister if they can talk. Edmund leaves to go to physical therapy. Maria goes with Anita.

They go to the gym and observe Ryan and Aidan duking it out as if they are fighting seriously over something. Maria seems concerned about the crazy behavior of the two men, but Anita does not find it such a big deal. Maria tells her sister that something about guys is that they fight their hardship with pain, knowing all too well how everybody has tried and failed to find Bianca’s baby. Anita says that makes no sense. But Maria says that behavior like that, gives them the illusion that they are in control, and she knows all too well the same situation with her own husband and how it got him paralyzed. Noticing that Ryan and Aidan might be hurting each other, the two women conclude that they should use their “medical skills” to help them. Maria goes to talk to Aidan, while Anita attempts to “treat” the injuries on Aidans head and eyebrow. Maria tells them that she knows they are taking out their frustration over the futile attempt to rescue Bianca’s baby and she says that if anything can be learned from a tragedy like this, is that life is too short. But Anita reveals to Aidan that she does not have a problem with men taking out their frustration by boxing. She tells him that her husband dealt with frustration by messing around on her, and she believes that boxing is more honest. Maria asks Ryan just what his plans are with Kendall.

When Kendall and Bianca are alone in the hospital room, Bianca tells Kendall that she wants to go and see Babe and make sure she is o.k. But Kendall tells her sister that she believes that being around a baby, might not be a good thing for her. Bianca asks her sister a question about what she said to Erica, for the first time, calling her “Erica” and not “mom”. She asks Kendall if she believes she was too hard on Erica. Kendall assures her sister she believes she did exactly what she had to do. She holds Bianca and kisses her.

Jack goes and talks to Edmund. Edmund says throughout his life, as a reporter, he has always asked “why this?”, “why that?”. But now, in a wheelchair, he asks: “why me?” Edmund informs Jack that he can relate to what he’s feeling and knows there’s no place to put this anger. Jack asks what he can do with this sick feeling he’s living with and wonders what he can do to help the people he loves when he cannot even help himself.

Erica returns home and hears her phone ring. She makes no attempt to answer it, and then notices glasses that she could use to drink booze. Then she goes to the phone and sounds like she’s answering the questions of a nosey intrusive person. When alone in her home, Erica goes to her booze table and pours a drink.

Kendall returns home. She throws her sweater down on the tables, and gasps while she falls down crying.

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