AMC Update Monday 3/29/04

All My Children Update Monday 3/29/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

As Lena delivers what she thought was good news to a contingent of Bianca's friends and family, she sees they are subdued. She then sees the destroyed incubator Ryan is holding and asks what it is. When he tells her, Kendall informs Lena that Bianca's baby is dead. Miranda is dead. With tears in her eyes, Erica takes steps as if to go to Bianca, but Kendall stops her. Kendall says Bianca has to hear the news from her. Bianca is in her room with her eyes closed. She calls Miranda's name. Kendall gently touches her hand.

From her hospital room, Babe cries out for her baby. Jamie is there and tells her the baby is in the nursery. She says thank God it was only a dream. Jamie tells her he shouldn't be there but he had to. He wanted her to know how proud of her he is. JR walks in and Jamie makes moves to leave the room. JR tells Jamie he's glad he came. Family matters to Babe and he's her family. He says his daughter needs her uncle.

Bianca wakes up and looks at Kendall. "Look who's back," Kendall tells her cheerfully. Kendall tells Bianca about the search and Bianca says she shouldn't have run off like that. Kendall tells her she had surgery because she bled too much after giving birth.

Outside the room, a tearful Erica tells Jack she should be the one to tell Bianca. Jack disagrees, saying it would stand between the two of them for the rest of their lives. Nearby, Brooke tells Adam to take her home because they should not be there. Grief is too private. Adam and Brooke offer condolences to Erica. Ryan sits with Erica to comfort her. Meanwhile, Tad comforts Krystal in her worries about Babe and Maggie and Lena hug each other in sadness. Maggie says it just can't be over.

Bianca tells Kendall about her labor and how awful it was. But after it was over, there was Miranda. She tells Kendall she can't wait until she sees Miranda. She's too amazing for words. She says she's the other part of her – her soul. Bianca says this is what she's been waiting for her whole life. This is why she was born, to be Miranda's mommy. Bianca asks when the baby will be brought to her. Kendall tells her a lot has happened since the delivery. She explains how the helicopter pilot delivered Babe's baby, a girl, then took all four of them in the helicopter. There was a problem with the helicopter and it crashed. Bianca immediately asks if Babe is OK and Kendall says she is OK. Miranda is OK, right? Kendall is silent as tears well in her eyes. Bianca becomes frightened. If Miranda was hurt, she needs to go to her now, she says. Kendall softly tells her Miranda is gone. She's never going to be hurt or scared. She's with Mona now. She's safe in Mona's arms.

Outside the room, Krystal tells David that he knows what this is like. He has to help Bianca. He angrily says there's nothing he can do to help Bianca. David approaches Erica and tells her she got exactly what she wanted. He asks her to tell him how it feels. Ryan grabs David by the collar and shoves him away. Erica tells Ryan that Bianca is her soul. Never in her darkest thoughts did she wish this on Bianca. She just wanted to protect her. Ryan tells her that that's what Bianca and Kendall were trying to do – protect Erica. That's why they kept Bianca's pregnancy secret. It was out of love. Ryan tells Erica that they love her.

A desperate Bianca says it can't be true. She can't just be gone. She told Miranda she would always keep her safe. Kendall can't make her walk away from Miranda, she cries. Kendall tearfully tells her that she did love her and did protect her. Bianca grows angry and tells Kendall to just go and bring her her baby. Kendall sobs, saying she wish she could do that. Bianca's cries can be heard in the waiting room.

Jamie sees JR holding baby "Bess." JR says it could have been him who lost it all. He doesn't think he and Babe could survive what Bianca is going through right now.

Outside Babe's room, Krystal watches her daughter. Tad approaches and Krystal says she doesn't know if Babe will be able to bear the news about Bianca. Tad tells Krystal that the pilot of the helicopter was Paul Kramer. Krystal angrily asks what that bastard did to those girls. Tad says he's been over Paul's story and everything checks out. Krystal asks if he trusts that piece of dirt. Tad says he doesn't, but he can't say he's lying. There will be an investigation, he promises. Meanwhile, Paul tells his sister Kelly that the baby's mother didn't want him. Kelly can't imagine anyone giving up this baby and maybe she'll regret her decision. Paul says the birth mother doesn't deserve the baby and he's lucky to have Kelly as a mother. He tells her to forget about the birth mother. Kelly is the only mother he'll ever know. And Kevin is the father. She'll never have to worry about her marriage again. Babe has a dream remembering Paul telling her that her baby was gone. She grows distraught and Krystal runs into the room. She touches Babe and says she's on fire. Krystal goes to get David and brings him into her daughter's room. He tells her that Babe is not his patient but Krystal insists he look at her. David takes a look and tells her that Babe is in trouble.

Reggie goes to Greenlee's apartment and finds Danielle dressed in a red gown belonging to Greenlee. Danielle asks what happened. Reggie says Bianca has been found but angrily tells her they have to go and she needs to leave as soon as he gets her some food. Danielle tells him to bag lunch. She'll just leave and send the clothes back after she has them dry cleaned. Have a nice life, she tells him. He tells her that Bianca's baby died. He says they could hear Bianca from the waiting room. If death has a sound, that was it. It's not fair, he says. Bianca has been dying over and over and over again. He can't do anything to help her. He starts crying and Danielle walks over to hug him.

Jack carries the destroyed incubator outside the hospital to the garbage. As he throws it into the garbage, he picks it back up and, while holding it, crumbles to the ground in tears. Greenlee witnesses this but leaves her father alone.

A hysterical Bianca tries to get out of her bed but is restrained by Kendall. She starts hyperventilating and totally loses her composure. Kendall crawls into bed with Bianca and lies beside her with her arm around her. Erica walks into the room and is seen by Kendall, but not by Bianca.

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