AMC Update Friday 3/26/04

All My Children Update Friday 3/26/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca hasn't regained consciousness and Erica is by her side. She kisses her daughter's hands. In another hospital room, Babe is sleeping and Krystal is watching over her. Both mothers go into the hallway and find each other. They start to comfort each other when they see Joe. They stop him and eagerly ask him about their daughters. Joe wants to talk to them separately but they assure him that since Babe and Bianca are like sisters, he can talk to them together. Joe tells Erica they're lucky they found Bianca when they did. She is expected to make a full recovery. And, he tells Erica in response to a question that she will be able to conceive a child again. The news is not as good about Babe. Joe says Babe is not responding the way doctors had hoped. She has an infection and her temperature is rising. All they can do is closely monitor her. Krystal goes to Babe's room and tells her she needs to fight with everything she has. Erica says Babe is exceptionally determined. She says Bianca is alive thanks to Babe and they won't let Babe go. Erica whispers thanks to Babe, who wakes up. She wants to talk to Erica about Bianca.

Bobby runs into Greenlee in the hospital. She is looking downtrodden and he asks if she's OK. She is not happy to see him and asks him why he's there. She hopes he's not there to see Erica. She tells him Erica's connection with her father and hopes Bobby is not the reason Erica broke off their engagement. Bobby says he hardly knows Erica and he's not after her. He's no threat to her dad. Greenlee tells him to stay away from Erica. Bobby says he knows Erica and Greenlee can't stand each other. Why is she trying to protect her? Greenlee says she's trying to make up for what she did. Bobby asks her what she's trying to make up for. She tells him he must be new in town. He says he's back after a long absence. She asks him if he's ever did something and realized it was the biggest mistake of his life. Bobby says that's his area of expertise. She asks him how you gets someone to forgive you. Bobby says you just keep plugging away until you're forgiven. She asks how many times you have to say your sorry. Bobby replies that you don't quit until you earn your second chance and she takes you in her arms. Greenlee asks him what woman he messed up. He must have really screwed her over. Bobby says she would agree with her. Greenlee asks for the details but Bobby won't reveal anything. Greenlee already hates him, he tells her. Bobby leaves and Jack enters. He is happy to see Greenlee. She tells him she has so much she needs to apologize for. Jack tells her Bianca is not in this hospital because of anything she did at the trial. Greenlee says she could have contributed to this someway. Maybe she should leave town, she says. Jack tells her he needs her here and he won't turn his back on her. She's stuck with him. Greenlee is touched and hugs her father.

Kendall is at the falls. Ryan approaches her and tells her not to ignore him – not now. Kendall asks if Bianca's baby was found and Ryan says not yet. She realizes it's getting late and assumes the search will stop for the night. Ryan assures her the search will not stop. She says Bianca would be grateful. Ryan says he's not doing this just for Bianca. Kendall moves away from him and talks about how hard it will be to tell Bianca. She starts to cry. She says she should have been there for Bianca instead of yelling at Erica. She let her down. She let her niece down. Ryan grabs her arm and says he won't let her do this to herself. He knows she loves Miranda. Kendall says that baby is the best part of Bianca and of her. He tells her not to give up. She has to believe. Miracles happen all the time. Miranda still could be alive. She could be snuggled in her incubator. Someone could have found her and be taking care of her. David approaches them and Kendall leaves for the hospital. David tells Ryan that he's a piece of work. While searchers are out there helping Bianca, he's coming onto her sister. David says he already broke Kendall's heart once and now he's playing games with Greenlee. He tells Ryan to stay away from both women. Ryan tells him to go to hell. Tad approaches and tells them that something has been found.

Adam is looking at baby "Bess" in the hospital nursery. Brooke approaches him and congratulates him. He tells her this baby is a survivor. He's going to give her everything and will do all he can to protect her. She's 100 percent Chandler, he says. Brooke asks how Babe is doing with her infection. Adam dismisses her question and doesn't seem concerned. Brooke accuses him of not caring if this baby's mother lives or dies. Brooke says people are worried to death about Bianca and Babe. She should slap him. He tells her to stop being so melodramatic. She slaps him and asks him where his compassion is. All he's concerned about is having an heir. Adam says he's ecstatic that his flesh and blood has survived so she can do the weeping and praying. Brooke says she is sorry that this baby will have him as a grandfather and now wishes that Jamie had been the father.

Kendall is at the hospital looking at babies in the nursery. She sees the baby that people believe to be Babe's then sees an empty bed next to her. JR sees her and says he's sorry for how this ended. Kendall says it's not over yet. JR agrees it is not, and says this could have easily been reversed. Kendall asks about Babe and assures JR that she'll be fine. She tells JR that when she looks into Bess' eyes, she sees Bianca.

Maggie is in Bianca's room when Lena arrives. Lena is very worried and asks Maggie about Bianca's baby. When Maggie says the baby hasn't been found, Lena pulls her into the hallway and asks why she wasn't called. Maggie says it has been crazy and she was more concerned if Bianca was alive. There is nothing Lena or anyone could do anyway. Lena returns to Bianca's room and tells her that she would have given anything to have been there. Lena tells Bianca she loves her so much. Bianca opens her eyes.

Babe tells Erica that Bianca was upset about what she said to her. She felt like she was forced to make a choice between her mother and her baby. She tells Erica that she needs to patch things up with Bianca. She needs to tell Bianca it's OK. Erica tells Babe to rests, leaves the room and break into tears. She runs right into Brooke. Brooke asks if she can do anything to help. Erica says if she needs platitudes she knows who to call. Erica quickly apologizes. Brooke tells her if she needs someone to kick, she's here. Erica says she may be the only one she can turn to for brutal honesty. Erica asks how she can help Bianca. She drove her away and she wants to bring her back. Brooke confesses she's made many parental mistakes. Mothers are not infallible. Brooke tells her what she admires most about her is her deep love for Bianca. They hug each other. Joe passes them and tells them they just got an emergency call. Erica asks if they found the baby, but Joe doesn't answer.

Maggie is at the nursery and Jamie approaches her and comforts her. She asks if he's seen Babe yet. She tells him about her infection. Later, Jamie goes into Babe's room and softly calls her name. She opens her eyes and tries to smile.

Bianca's friends and family are waiting at the hospital to learn what the discovery is. Tad and the other searchers arrive. Ryan is carrying a crushed incubator. Erica asks what it is. Tad tells her. Joe says it is a hospital incubator that was on the helicopter. Tad says it was pulled out of the river. Ryan says the search has been changed from rescue to recovery. Officials say the baby could not have survived. David comforts a crying Kendall. Lena approaches the group and tells them that Bianca is awake.

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