AMC Update Thursday 3/25/04

All My Children Update Thursday 3/25/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Erica asks Jack where Bianca’s baby is. Jack is speechless. But Kendal confronts her mother, again asking her why she is suddenly concerned about Bianca’a baby. Jack informs Erica that they cannot find the baby. Kendall again tells Erica that her concern is a little late, and insincere. Jack informs Erica that the helicopter that went out to rescue Bianca and Babe crashed and Bianca’s baby was thrown out in impact. Erica says that that is not possible. Jack tells her that the pilot believes the incubator with Bianca’s baby has gone into the river and there is a lot of manpower searching the river to find her baby alive. Erica does not know what to say and walks off.

In the maternity ward, JR asks the doctor if the baby whom he believes is his daughter, is o.k. and says he refuses to go home until he gets some answers and knows that his baby is ok. Another doctor comes in and assures JR that he has a perfectly healthy baby girl and tells him he can take his baby home. JR is very grateful. When the doctor leaves, Adam enters. He informs his son that he has also seen the baby and she is a beauty. Adam seems very happy, telling his son that he has done something great, by giving his father one of the greatest gifts he could give him. JR does not seem happy though. He asks, what about Bianca? He tells his father that the tragedy that happened to Bianca could have happened to them. Adam tells his son that he cannot keep torturing himself with all the “what-ifs”. He says that what has happened to Bianca and her family is tragic, but they must be happy that they have a miracle. JR goes and holds Miranda, believing she’s his child.

Back in the wilderness, by the chopper, Tad confronts Paul and demands some answers for what has just happened. Tad asks why, with all the people in the state who could have come and saved those girls, was it him with the very half-assed job he did? Paul asks if Tad would rather he let them all bleed to death. Tad asks why Paul so conveniently just happened to know that Babe and Bianca and the babies were out there. He tells Paul he knows he did not follow any scheduled medical procedure. He says his father had no clue that Paul was taking the chopper out to rescue them. And Tad inquires why no trained medics were with him when he went out to save them? Was it because Paul did not want any witnesses to know what he was up to? Paul does not know how to answer the question. Tad tells him he is determined to find out. Paul explains that he was waiting at the hospital for his chopper when Babe called. He says he assumed it was another crank. He says that Jamie came and hijacked the chopper and explains that he was just doing his job. Tad reminds him that he did not tell anybody where he went. Paul explains that he was able to successfully find the cabin and deliver Babe’s baby. He tells Tad that it was a happy, healthy girl. He says Adam Chandler should be giving him a medal, and not all this grief. Paul explains that both young women were in bad shapes, but he strapped them both into the chopper with the babies and did everything he could to save them. Tad says it’s a little suspicious that Paul did not make any record about what he allegedly did. Paul tells Tad that if he has a problem with that, he can go and tell that to his chef of staff dad. And he says, in the mean time he has a baby to find.

Krystal holds her daughters hand while she is unconscious in her hospital room. Babe mumbles something about her baby being dead. Krystal tells her no, the baby is very much alive. She says that she has all her fingers and toes and JR is right there with her. Little does she know that that is Bianca’s baby and not Babe’s. Babe still keeps mumbling, drifting in and out of consciousness. When Anita enters, Krystal tells her that she’s concerned that he daughter seems drugged. Anita assures her that after what Babe has been, through, it’s very normal. After giving birth in a cabin, she needs rest. When Anita goes outside, Bobbie greets her with a flower. She explains to her husband that she does not mean to ignore him and bury herself in work. But there is something very important going on. She informs Bobbie that these two young women have just been rushed in who have both given birth to babies in a cabin and one of the babies is missing. When Bobbie is about to leave, Anita remembers that he is headed in a different direction than where the door is. He tells her he wants to go to the chapel and light a candle. She sounds surprised that Bobbie would want to go into a chapel.

Maggie asks David what will happen if nobody finds Bianca’s baby. He tells her she must not worry or believe that she will not be found, the search party has not given up and she needs to go home and get some rest. She says she cannot return home where there are toys and baby clothes all around her. He tells her he wishes he could come up with some explanation but he cannot.

Kendall is in a hospital room arranging flowers. Jack enters. He informs Kendall that Bianca is still in surgery. Kendall tells Jack that she is not surprised that Erica is not there. She asks Jack if Erica cried or showed any emotion that he knows of, after knowing Bianca’s baby is gone. Jack urges Kendall not to go into this. Kendall says if Erica showed emotion, she was lying. She tells Jack that Bianca did the impossible. She showed Erica that a child of a rape deserved to be loved. And what does she get for that? She gets punished for doing what Erica failed to do. She tells Jack that she knows that if Erica is praying for anything, it’s for Bianca’s baby never to be found, so that Erica never has to look at that baby and deal with what she is feeling. Jack demands that Kendall stops. She apologizes to Jack for going off on Erica, but urges him to understand how Erica has gone too far. Jack informs Kendall that although Erica’s behavior cannot be excused, Erica did not cause the flash flood, she did not cause the helicopter to crash, and she didn’t cause the baby to fall in the river. Kendall says she realizes that, but it was because of her behavior that Bianca went out in the storm. Had it not been for that, Bianca would be happy and healthy, holding her baby right now and none of this would have happened. Jack reminds Kendall that regardless of whatever Erica may have done wrong, she is Kendall’s mother and loves her daughters with all her heart. Kendall reminds Jack that Erica could not quite honor or respect Bianca for having the baby. Jack tells Kendall that Erica’s problem with Bianca having the baby is not to disrespect her decision, but to protect her. Jack asks Kendall what she sees when she looks at Erica? A mother who does not care about her children? He tells her that what he sees is a terrified 14 year old who could not protect herself from the most brutal thing that could happen to her. Kendall says she realizes Erica has issues, but why can’t she think of somebody besides herself for once? Jack says that Erica’s problem with Bianca’s baby is that she wanted to spare both Bianca and Kendall from the pain and suffering that she had to go through. Kendall tells Jack that it’s amazing that he can love Erica after what she’s done. He tells her that Erica is in his heart. He reminds Kendall that at least Bianca did not have to fight this fight alone. He acknowledges Kendall for the great sacrifice she made of almost sending herself to prison or to get the death penalty so that she could give Bianca’s baby a chance. He urges his future stepdaughter not to shut her mother out and tells her they all need to get through this together.

When Erica is alone in the church, she cries, asking God to help them all. She pleads that God does not let anything happen to Bianca’s baby. She apologizes for all that she’s done wrong and promises to do whatever she needs to do to make things right so that she can see her granddaughter and love her. Bobbie enters the chapel and sees Erica. He asks if she is o.k. She tells him she’s been such a fool, burying herself in her work, and being Desiree. But now she realizes that there is no escape. Not from this. He says they say that God never gives us more than we can handle. She says that that is wrong. This is more than she can take. And she wishes she could make it all better for Bianca.

After Paul leaves, Jamie and Reggie talk to Tad. Jamie is frantic about what Paul has just done and urges his father never to believe that worthless Paul Kramer. Reggie tells Jamie he needs to calm down because all the bashing in the world of Paul Kramer will not bring Bianca’s baby back. Tad informs the two young men, that whether anybody likes it or not, the story he just heard from Paul Kramer holds up. Reggie urges Tad to believe that Bianca’s baby is not dead and demands to know why they are both still standing there. He tells them they all must keep searching and not give up.

JR tells Miranda that he must warn her that “her momma” really likes cows. But he says he knows she will love Babe. Adam enters and happily tells his son that she is perfect, with those little fingers and little ears. He tells his father that he wants to name her after his grandmother. Adam tells him that Dixie would be touched. But JR tells Adam that his idea to name the baby after Dixie’s mother must be run by Babe, first. Babe asks Anita about her baby. But Anita urges her to rest and tells her that her husband will be there soon.

The nurse tells Kendall that she may go and see Bianca. Bianca is still unconscious. Kendall strokes her sister’s hair and tells her she looks so peaceful. And she prays to God that He does not let Bianca’s baby get taken from them.

David Hayward sits, looking depressed, holding a stuffed animal. Krystal enters and asks if there has been any word about Bianca’s baby. He tells her no. He informs Krystal that after the rape, he never thought Bianca would come back. He recalls seeing her standing on a roof, ready to end her life. And what brought her back and gave her something to live for was the baby. He wonders what is going to get her through now? And how can she tell her baby a story with a happy ending? What is she going to do when she awakens and knows that her baby is gone? He says it will be just a dream of the little girl that she never got to see grow up, and it sounds like he’s reliving his own story with his baby girl dying. Krystal seems to know. Although he tells her he is not talking about the loss of his own baby, she tells him he didn’t have to.


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