AMC Update Wednesday 3/24/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/24/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal encourages Erica not to believe that she is a bad mother to Bianca, in spite of what’s happened. She tells her new friend that she knows she’s obviously made mistakes raising Babe, but she will not call herself a bad mother.

Babe, Bianca and Miranda still lay on the ground by the chopper. At that moment, Kendall rushes to find her sister. Greenlee and Ryan follow her. They all panic to see the two unconscious new mothers and newborn Miranda lying on the ground.

Maria enters Edmund’s room with breakfast on a tray while he’s writing a story. He notices how beautiful she looks. She tells her husband that she can tell he is too involved with the other woman in his life. He asks who that would be. She says his muse. It sounds like they are talking about his passion with writing stories. He tells her she could wear a gunnysack and she would still be the best looking girl in the world. They finally seem like they are genuinely happy together and they kiss.

Dr. Joe Martin greets Anita and asks how she’s doing and if she’s finding her way around o.k. She says she’s doing fine. He tells her that if she needs anything or has any questions, his door is always open. He tells her he really appreciates all she’s doing for Maria. Anita tells him that she knows her sister would do the same for her. At that moment, Anita discovers flowers and a note from her “not so secret admirer”.

Erica tells Krystal that she knows of the pain that Bianca will always feel from having the baby of a rape. She will never know the joy, the frilly dresses, the birthday parties and joys of having a child the way most people do. She asks what anybody would expect her to do? Just sit silent? She tells Krystal that she knows that no matter how strong Bianca is, no amount of strength can erase the pain she and her baby will live with. Krystal does not argue with Erica’s feelings about her daughter’s decision, but reiterates that they are both good mothers to their daughters.

At David’s, Adam Chandler gets on the phone and demands that some top officials help him find Babe and Bianca. David says he remembers something very similar happening a few years ago when they tried and failed to find Leo and he died. Adam protests that nobody will die from this. The two of them get into an argument, which is interrupted by Jack demanding that they stop. Reggie enters and is frustrated at his final futile attempt to find the two missing new mothers. At that moment, David gets a call from Kendall informing him that Bianca and Babe have been found and tells him where they are. Kendall cries hysterically as she holds her unconscious sister, not knowing what anybody is going to do. Ryan shouts that somebody needs to call 9-1-1. Greenlee gets on the phone and makes the call. Jamie and Maggie rush and join them, shocked at the sight before them. At that moment, hearing Miranda cry interrupts them all. They discover for the first time that at least one of the two pregnant young women has already given birth. David, Jack, Reggie Tad, JR and Adam rush to join them. David takes Bianca’s pulse. He notices that she’s lost a lot of blood. But Kendall directs him to the baby. JR rushes to Babe and holds her. She is conscious and wonders where her baby is. They all are able to notice that although Babe has given birth, there is only one baby and they wonder where Babe’s is.

Krystal prays to God, alone in Adam Chandler’s office, telling Him that those two girls are innocent and should be protected. She says that they are two angels who need an angel to look out for them. Erica sits silently, still depressed. But she also prays, acknowledging that we sometimes say things we regret to the people we love, not knowing that it could be the last time we see them. She asks God to please keep Bianca al right so that she can see her daughter again, hold her, and tell her how much she loves her and how sorry she is. Krystal tells her that God must have heard her prayer.

At the crime scene, Maggie asks why Bianca is still unconscious. David informs her it’s because she lost a lot of blood. At that moment, JR spots Paul Kramer. He instantly tackles him, knowing that he has kidnapped his baby and demands to know where the baby is.

Maria tells Edmund that since they have already had the appetizer, they can now move onto the main course. He reminisces about their trip to London. He tells her he’d like them to go back and ride bicycles in Ireland. She tries to sound encouraged but cannot hide the tears knowing she can no longer do that with her husband. But he encourages her to at least dream with him. She admits that she does not understand what she knows will be his decision to have the surgery and says she’s tried for a long time to delve into the mind of Edmund Gray. But she sounds like she can make peace with his decision. She is ready to leave the room. But he catches her hand and asks her to stay and sleep with him tonight.

Anita enters the room for the surprise dinner Bobbie has planned for her. She makes a joke about believing the anonymous admirer was somebody else. She asks how he did all this. He pours what she assumes is wine and tells him she cannot have any because she’s on call. But he informs her it’s sparkling cider, revealing that he remembers all of his wife’s needs. She asks why he’s planned this sudden surprise. He tells her it’s because he’s going back to Vegas. But she wonders why he’s making this attempt to impress her. He tells her he always wants her to remember the guy that will always love her. He gives her the next surprise of lobster tails and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. She remarks that she knows that he knows all her weaknesses. He tells her that she must also know that he cannot live without her. Then there is music and he asks her to dance.

JR tells Paul that he will make him pay for almost killing his wife and his friend. Paul protests that he made an attempt to save their lives and asks what his problem is. JR says the problem is that there are two women who have given birth and there is only one baby. JR says that if Paul does not come clean he will kill him in the most brutal way. Adam puts his arm around his son and tells Paul, who he not long ago tried to entice with a bribe to lie about the baby, that he will not be as merciful as JR has threatened, if he finds out Paul had anything to do with the disappearance of his grandson. Knowing he will not get away with kidnapping Adam Chandler’s grandchild, he tells them that the baby they see, who is Miranda, is JR and Babe’s child. The other one, who he alleges is Bianca’s, died in the crash. Hearing that, Kendall cries hysterically and David and Jack stare coldly at Paul ready to ruin his life for what he has done to Bianca.

Krystal answers the phone. It’s Jack. He informs them that they found both Babe and Bianca. But the line goes dead, which gives no information to either of them about the babies. With confirmation that both their daughters have been found, Krystal and Erica cry with joy. They rush to the hospital where Erica asks Dr. Joe what he knows about their daughters and the babies. Joe tells her he doesn’t know much but plans to do everything he can. Krystal tells Erica that she understands how she feels about Bianca’s circumstances of having her baby. But Erica surprises Krystal, for the first time saying that all she feels is relief to know that Bianca and her baby are al right.

JR asks Paul if he knows that he and Babe had a girl. Paul replies yes and congratulates him. At that point, Babe awakens, which alarms Paul, knowing that she knows they had a boy. Jamie approaches Paul and tells him they are not done with him yet. Babe demands to know where their baby is. JR carries the incubator to her and tells her that their baby is right there. She puts her arms around the incubator and puts her head upon it, much happier now that she believes her baby is alive and well.

While the rescue team comes and puts Bianca, Babe and the one baby in the rescue chopper, Jack, Reggie, David and Maggie are distraught at not being able to find the baby they believe is Bianca’s. Jamie tries to console Maggie but cannot. When the rescue chopper leaves, Jamie and Reggie confront Paul. Jamie demands to know what he did to hurt Babe and tells him he knows he cannot trust him. Reggie says he also knows Paul is up to no good and demands to know how he could lose Bianca’s baby. Tad interrupts them and tells them they are not helping anything and asks Jamie and Reggie to go help the rescue crew. Alone with Paul, Tad tells him that he believes that he is a very unique individual although they’ve never met. He reveals to Paul that he knows that he is still legal married to Babe and tells him he will keep the secret for her sake. And Tad reveals to Paul that he can tell, just by his expression that he is behind what has happened, demands that Paul cuts the crap and that he starts telling what really happened tonight.

At the hospital, Krystal rushes to her daughter, who is unconscious and lets her know that everything will be o.k. She hugs JR and tells him that she is so grateful to him for saving Babe’s life. Then Miranda is rushed in. And JR informs his mother in law that this is Babe’s baby girl. Krystal is happy although surprised to learn that Babe had a girl, instead of a boy. Erica rushes to find Bianca, and surprisingly also remembers the baby. But when she asks, the sullen expressions of Jack, Maggie, David and Reggie reveal to her that something is not right.

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