AMC Update Tuesday 3/23/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/23/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Outside, JR searches with a flashlight for his wife, calling out her name. Ryan and Tad also search. Tad steps in the raging river to see how deep it is. Ryan informs JR that the flashlights they are using are not adequate for being able to see anything in the dark. JR is getting frustrated at still not being able to find Babe. Tad tells his stepson that he must calm down and believe that Babe will be found.

David talks to Krystal on the phone. She tells him she does not want to be jerked around and needs to know if he has any news about her daughter. Erica also listens as Krystal talks to David. David informs Krystal that he can tell it’s very possible that somebody has been in his home, which is evidence that Babe and Bianca must have gotten out of the car and did not drown in it. But he disappoints them by telling him he has not found either of them.

The two new mothers are in the cabin. Babe awakens, holding her baby and talks to Bianca who is still unconscious. She assures her that everything will be o.k.

Outside the cabin, Paul Kramer talks to his sister Kelly on the cell phone, telling her that she needs to stop asking questions and not be afraid to let him find a baby for her. He tells her it’s now or never. It sounds like he wants to kidnap Babe’s baby for his sister.

JR gets a call on his cell phone from Kendall who is at David’s. She informs him that she and David have discovered that if Babe or Bianca were able to get into David’s cabin, that must have meant that they were able to get out of the car. Kendall still inquires to David, that if they got into his home, why did they leave? Why are they not there now? David tells her there’s no point in questioning that. Kendall says she is not o.k. with the fact that she has still not found her sister. David gets a call from Jack and is still not able to tell or find any more information. At that moment, Kendall rushes out the door while David calls for her to come back.

Krystal and Erica tell Adam that they know that their girls are out there and they must find them. Adam tells the two women that he will find them. Krystal protests that she will not sit still. Erica seems to agree and wants to get out and find them. But Adam tells them both that they cannot go out there and get themselves missing as well. He says he will find Babe and Bianca and get a search party to help him. He walks out the door. When Krystal is alone with Erica she tells her that she knows that her daughter is a survivor. Erica doesn’t have much to say. But Krystal asks her what her mother’s intuition is because she could sure use some “back up”. Erica says that she knows that they both have to be al right. Krystal says that the two babies have to be o.k. too.

When Paul arrives at the cabin, he brings in two incubators, which looks very strange to Babe. He assures her that he will keep both hers’ and Bianca’s babies safe if she will let him put them in the incubators. She gives him her baby. He holds the baby looking like he will protect him. Already Babe can sense that there is something not natural or right about the baby being taken away from her. But he’s able to get her to trust him, taking care of both her and Bianca. She informs him that Miranda is a very special baby, that Bianca really needs some care, revealing to Paul that Bianca was raped and her own mother has abandoned her because of her choice to have the baby. But while Paul is “playing doctor”, he pulls out a needle to inject Babe and make her fall asleep.

Kendall goes out by herself to where the search party is. She yells at Bianca, urging her to give her some indication that she is out there somewhere. She hears another woman’s voice. She sees that it’s Greenlee. She tells Greenlee she remembers the malicious behaviors she has exercised upon her, does not trust Greenlee nor want her help. But Greenlee informs Kendall that there is a “hole” nobody knows about which they are walking near, which Kendall might not want to step over, if she does not want to be in the same predicament Greenlee found herself in for almost a week, not long ago. She informs Kendall that she fell into the mineshaft and was stuck there not knowing if she’d live or ever be found. And one reason why she came out there was to make sure that neither Babe nor Bianca could have fallen into the mineshaft. Kendall tells Greenlee that she does not believe that she could care less about Bianca and she expresses her suspicion of both Greenlee and Ryan. But Greenlee informs Kendall that she made some major changes while in the “prison cell” she fell into. She tells Kendall that Ryan saved her life but they are not sleeping together and if Kendall does not believe her, she can ask Ryan herself. Ryan appears and asks what the two women are talking about.

Ryan arrives at David’s. David informs Ryan that if this were not an emergency he would not let Ryan into his home. Ryan tells David that he should not be engrossing in this when they need to find two pregnant women. David confronts Ryan for the emotional pain he has caused both Kendall and Greenlee and urges him to stay away from both of them. Ryan tells David he will not listen and walks out his door.

After Adam Chandler leaves Krystal and Erica alone in his home, not knowing about Erica’s situation with alcohol, Krystal expresses that at a time like this, she could use some tequila and asks Erica if she’d also like a “nip”. When Krystal decides she really shouldn’t be drinking right now, Erica agrees that alcohol will not help either of them or their situations. Krystal is able to sound encouraging to Erica in her state of mind. Erica tells Krystal that she believes she is a sweet person but Krystal is mistaken if she believes that they are in the same situation with their respective families. Erica reminds Krystal of what everybody heard Kendall say to her. She repeats that she killed Bianca and chased her into the storm, and knows that Krystal cannot be living with what she is living with in regard to her daughter and her grandchild. Krystal tells Erica that although they do not know each other very well, she knows that a baby can be the best thing in the world, regardless of how it’s conceived. But Erica protests that people will always judge situations like what has happened to conceive Bianca’s baby. Krystal tells Erica she does not judge her, she’s made parenting mistakes herself with Babe and everybody says and does things to their child that they don’t mean and wish they could take back. Erica cries and tells Krystal that she wishes that she could take back what she said and did to Bianca and that she could not go on living if she thought that those would be the last words Bianca heard her say.

Jamie finds JR and apologizes to him. He tells his stepbrother that he wants to make things right. Tad tells him that he can start now by helping JR find his wife.

Babe asks Paul for the first time if he really did change the paternity results and if so was the father of her baby JR or Jamie?. He frustratedly tells her it was JR because she wanted it to be JR. When she asks more questions he tells her that she is dehydrated and needs to rest. He picks up Bianca and carries her out the door. Babe feels herself getting drowsy from the drug he just gave her. He carries her into the chopper. While he comes back to the two babies, he addresses Babe’s child, telling him that Uncle Paul will take him to his new mommy. Paul gets into the chopper but leaves Babe, Bianca and Miranda lying on the ground, while he keeps Babe’s baby back at the cabin to wait for Kelly. Just then, he gets a call on his chopper from somebody asking if he reads them. He throws something in a tantrum. At that moment, Babe awakens, wondering what has happened. He tells her that there has been a mechanical failure and her baby’s incubator has gone in the river and her baby is gone.

Kendall informs Ryan that Greenlee informed her that she and Ryan are not a couple. Ryan wonders why Kendall would bring that up at a time like this and why she’s asking for his confirmation about himself and Greenlee? He tells her he does not want to argue about that nor should she be out by herself and their job is to keep looking for Bianca and Babe. She asks if he really believes that they are still alive. He tells her he wouldn’t still be out searching around if he did not believe that they were. He tells her that she must look forward to the future and believe that they will find Bianca and know that her baby is o.k. He tells her that it must mean something that they would both find themselves back at the very place where they were when they broke up. Greenlee suddenly joins them

Fighting the effects of the drug, Babe cries and urges Paul to bring back her baby. But she passes out. Bianca lies on the ground and her baby is in the incubator near a tree. And Paul goes back in the cabin and tells Babe’s baby boy that he has not forgotten him and his “new mommy” will be there for him. But at that moment, he can see several people whom he knows and does not want to be seen by, walking and carrying flashlights. He hides in the cabin, unable to be seen by Jamie and Maggie. But they enter the cabin and Jamie is able to notice that somebody has been there and he wonders if it could be Babe or Bianca. He calls out to Babe. Maggie discovers Bianca’s sweater. She calls out to Bianca. But right when she and Jamie leave the cabin, Paul comes out of hiding and tells Babe’s baby that Kelly will be there for him.

At David’s home, Tad, Adam and JR appear. JR rushes off and his father demands to know where he’s going but gets no answer. JR goes out by himself and begs God to take him, instead of his wife or his friend, Bianca, if somebody has to pay. Unknown to him, the two mothers and their babies are lying on the ground not far away.

Greenlee informs Kendall and Ryan that she discovered a helicopter from where she was walking.

Paul finally gets a knock on the door and Kelly is there. He asks if anybody saw her. She says no. He lifts the baby out of the incubator and gives him to Kelly. But it looks like Kelly is a little apprehensive to take a baby away from it’s real mother, knowing she has no clue where or how Paul got him.

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