AMC Update Monday 3/22/04

All My Children Update Monday 3/22/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Greenlee appear at the door of the Chandler house. Kendall stares speechlessly at them. Mary rushes to her daughter and hugs her. Jack goes behind Mary to encourage Greenlee to come in. Erica tells Ryan that she wants this despicable young woman out of here after what she has done to Erica’s family. Ryan assures everybody that they will leave but he tells them that he has some information about Babe and Bianca. He tells them that he discovered Babe’s car and he shows what JR can identify as Babe’s purse. But he tells them that he found no trace of either of them. Jack inquires whether Ryan is certain that they were together. Greenlee hands over Bianca’s purse which both Erica and Kendall are able to identify. Maggie and Jamie depart with a plan to find them. Opal says she cannot believe how the two of them could have gone out in the storm and disappeared. Kendall confronts Erica, asking her who could hurt and intimidate Bianca so much that it would cause her to go out into a raging storm so shortly before her due date. Staring at Erica, not listening to the others urging her to leave her mother alone, Kendall asks again, who has been causing stress and grief and taunting Bianca for weeks and making it impossible for her. Jack tells Kendall that that’s enough. Kendall says no, Bianca’ has had enough. She keeps telling Erica that she has gone too far and demands that she says something for herself. Erica stands speechless unable to face her daughter or defend herself and buries her head. Kendall tells her mother that she killed Bianca. She says Erica killed her sister and her niece before she even got into Babe’s car. Jack and Opal urge Kendall to stop taunting Erica. She doesn’t listen. David Hayward tells Kendall he wishes she wouldn’t go on like this. She faces him and cries in his arms. Erica also cries silently, hiding her face. Krystal puts her arms around Erica.

JR speaks up and says that he will find them and knows they are alive. Ryan goes with him. Greenlee offers to go but Ryan tells her it would be best if she stays behind.

In the cabin, Bianca is holding her baby, but she is exhausted and falls asleep. Babe gets on the phone and calls Paul Kramer at the hospital. She urges him to help her and Bianca. She tells him she is going into labor and Bianca needs a doctor. He laughs at her, telling her he is not a doctor, does not care about her and he will never let her play him again. But she urges him that she needs his help. She tells him that she is in labor and having contractions. He tells her she needs to call her husband because it is not his kid. She tells him she is so sorry to lie to him and have him believe the baby might be his. He tells her he no longer believes a word she says. But she tells him that he can take his chopper and she needs him to use it to rescue her and Bianca. At that moment, not knowing whom Paul is talking to, Dr. Joe Martin tells him he cannot tie up the hospital phone; it’s only for emergencies. Instead of explaining to Dr. Joe that this is an emergency, Paul chooses not to argue and hangs the phone up.

Babe still believes that Paul will come. She lies down on the couch and assures her baby that he will be there. Sure enough, at the hospital he secretly calls they guy who will help him operate the chopper. At that moment, Jamie and Maggie enter. Right away, Jamie discovers that if Paul has a chopper he needs to use it to save Babe.

Babe makes another call to Adam Chandler’s. Her mother answers but the phone goes dead and Krystal has no clue that she’s called nor where she is. David comes up with a plan. Krystal contributes. Then Jack. Then Opal. Erica asks where she can go to search. Everybody is silent. But at that moment, Opal tells her she needs to stay there and not stress. She tells Erica and Krystal that they will bring their girls back and that is a promise. She goes with Jack. Greenlee tells her father how sorry she is for what she’s done and tells him she wants to come with them. Reggie approaches Erica. She asks what is on his mind. He respectfully tells her that he knows that she loves Bianca and did not mean any harm but why couldn’t she just let her be and respect her decision to have her baby. Otherwise this might have never happened. Erica does not know what to say except to urge Reggie to find her daughter.

Jamie urges Paul to help him find Babe. Paul tells him he could care less. He privately tells Jamie that he’s sorry about Babe but he cannot hijack a hospital helicopter.

JR and Ryan search the abandoned car with flashlights. A rescue crew is also there. Tad and David arrive on the scene. Tad asks his stepson if he is o.k. Ryan informs him that there is a search party by the river. JR tells Tad and Ryan that he remembers when he got that car for Babe. He remembers telling her that he had a surprise for her and that she was so excited. He remembers walking her down the stairs to the door and telling her to wait, and remembering how she hates to wait. He remembers how happy she was about that. He says that when she’s happy, it’s like fireworks. He holds the fuzzy dice that she kept by her dashboard remembers how they were there for her so that lady luck could always be on her side. Believing that he has been defeated and his wife is dead, he takes the dashboard dice and angrily throws them into the river.

Adam privately reveals to Mary how upset he is and that he does not want to lose his grandchild. He gets on the phone announcing he’s going to call the governor and this time the governor must not refuse to talk to him.

Krystal shares with Erica how she knew all about Babe’s passion for stuffed animals as a child.. She asks Erica if she knows of passions that Bianca has always had. Erica doesn’t say much and remains expressionless but replies yes. Krystal also remembers Babe as a child with her cravings for chocolate milk. Erica faces Krystal and touches her hand.

Noticing that Bianca is probably unconscious, Babe knows they both need medical care. She assures Bianca that Paul will be there soon. She falls to the floor, gasping from another contraction.

Greenlee goes in Jack’s car with him. She assures her father that Bianca and Babe will be o.k. She reveals to him, for the first time that shortly after the fiasco in court where she attacked Kendall, she went to her hiding place to talk to Leo and fell in a mineshaft. Jack is shocked to find this out for the first time. She assures him she’s not telling him this to cause more stress and grief, but she wants him to know how the near-death experience encouraged her to change her life.

David and Kendall return to his house. David notices the window Babe broke in order to get inside and use the phone, yet has no clue what caused the damages. Kendall gets into a big tirade about how she will never forgive Greenlee and that she cannot believe that Ryan would be with her. David urges her to stop trashing Greenlee and tells her it’s not doing any good for her to think about that. But she tells him it’s a lot better than thinking about what’s happened to Bianca. She speaks about her sister being stuck in a car, with all the water, flooded, drowning, with no way out and she cries. David tells her that Bianca and Babe will be o.k. But when he picks up his phone, he discovers that the wire is broken and realizes that somebody must have been there.

At the cabin, right when Babe is ready to deliver her baby, Paul arrives. He helps her give birth. She holds her baby boy.

JR is still with Ryan and Tad searching for his wife and calling her name. He tells Tad that he must be thinking that Babe will end up like his mother, a pregnant woman in the car, who dies that way and assumes his stepfather has given up. Tad tells JR he has not given up. JR tells Tad that Babe will not die the way Dixie did and he will never give up.

Krystal tells Erica that nobody is stronger than their girls. She says Babe can make the world spin backwards and she knows Bianca is the same way. She says she can just see them walking in the door wanting something to eat. Erica opens her wallet and observes a photo of herself and Bianca.

At the cabin, with Babe and Bianca, Paul notices that Bianca has lost a lot of blood. Babe urges him to help her. He tells her that he will get some incubators to transport the babies. She thanks him for taking such good care of them. But right when he’s out the door, he has a flashback of his sister Kelly demanding that he steals a baby for her, after her miscarriage. And he has a plan. He gets on his cell phone. He calls Kelly and tells her he has good news for her. He has a baby for her.

Back at the cabin, Babe and Bianca both lie comfortably with their babies having no clue what Paul is about to do.


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