AMC Update Friday 3/19/04

All My Children Update Friday 3/19/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Maria and Anita arrive home and realize something wrong has happened. Edmund tells them he had a timely visitor. Bobby. Anita asks Bobby what he's doing here. Bobby kisses Anita and Maria hugs him.

Sam tells them that this man climbed over a tree branch to rescue him and
Maddie. Bobby introduces himself to Sam as his uncle. He and Anita take the kids upstairs and Maria asks Edmund how he's doing. "How the hell do you think I'm doing," he snaps. Edmund says the kids were trapped upstairs and all he could do was to listen to them screaming. Maria says no harm was done and it's over now. Edmund says he came home to make a decision about surgery, and he's made it. Bobby tells Anita that Sam's a great kid. He brings up having children with Anita and tells her he wants her back. Anita says she's wanted children as long as she can remember. Bobby tells her to go back to Vegas with him. She asks about Tracy. What about the woman he cheated on her with. Bobby asks why she had to mention that. She asks if he wants a baby to save their marriage. Bobby asks what more can he do. He's left his job for her. She says that's because everyone knew he was sleeping with his co-worker. She tells him to go back to Vegas without her. He says he's not going anywhere without her.

He kisses her but she pulls away. She says she needs time.

Reggie and Danielle are sleeping in Greenlee's apartment when Jack walks in. He doesn't see them, as they are behind a couch. Reggie gets up but Danielle remains hidden. Jack asks Reggie where he was all night. Reggie apologizes for not calling. He says things got crazy and
he just crashed. Jack asks if he's seen Bianca but Reggie has not. Jack decides to go to the Chandlers and Reggie wants to go with him. But he says he'll need a couple minutes to clean up the mess. After Jack leaves, Danielle stands up and tells Reggie that Bianca will be found.

Ryan and Greenlee approach some raging waters and see a car. Ryan goes to the car and finds it empty.

He finds Bianca's purse. They realize this is not Bianca's car, however. Greenlee sees something in the water and Ryan tells Greenlee to call 911. Ryan goes into the water and retrieves a pink backpack belonging to Babe. Rescue crews arrive and a worker says they'll start the recovery effort. When Greenlee asks him if he means rescue effort, the worker says no one could survive this torrent. Ryan asks rescuers to hold off on notifying the family. They would want to hear it from him. He gets on his motorcycle and Greenlee goes with him. She says she needs to be there for Jack.

Kendall goes to Erica's penthouse and asks her to tell her that Bianca is there. Erica asks where Bianca is. Kendall says Bianca took off with Babe yesterday to get as far away from Erica as she could. That was before the storms. Kendall accuses Erica of drowning Bianca with
her "child of rape" neurosis. Kendall says it always comes back to Erica and her endless pain. If she's lying in a ditch somewhere, those will be the last words Bianca will remember. Kendall leaves.

Bianca is in labor. Babe urges her to push and not poop out on her. The baby is born and Babe says she's gorgeous. She hands Miranda to Bianca and Bianca cries with joy. Bianca tells Miranda that she's perfect and she loves her. It's a miracle, she says. She tells Babe she did a great job and Babe says they both did great.

Bianca tells her she's Miranda's guardian angel. Babe leaves the cabin, telling Bianca she wants to give them some alone time. Bianca tells Miranda she'll always love and protect her. She sings to her.

Bianca loses consciousness while holding the baby. Babe is walking through the woods and looks weak.

Adam is worried about the missing women. He talks about the good times he had with JR as a boy and says he was hoping they would have that kind of laughter in the house again with a new Chandler. He asks what if he never gets the chance to see his grandchild.

Erica is alone in her penthouse staring at a picture of Mona. She's crying and asks her mother to keep her baby safe.

Family and friends of Bianca and Babe begin arriving at the Chandler mansion. Tad tells them they need to plot their moves.

Erica arrives and says she wants to help find her daughter. They decide to split up and search. Ryan and Greenlee come to the door and Kendall answers

Babe arrives at David's cabin and breaks glass to get inside. She is relieved to see a phone and calls the hospital. She reaches a nurse who tells her to call 911. Babe asks if Paul Kramer is there, and he is standing nearby.

Paul gets on the phone and Babe begs him to fly his helicopter to her to help them. She doubles over in pain.

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