AMC Update Thursday 3/18/04

All My Children Update Thursday 3/18/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

When Krystal and Tad are at Adam’s looking for Babe, Krystal confronts JR and blames him for her daughter being stuck in the rainstorm pregnant. Adam tells Liza that she better do something in order to get Tad to trust her so she can find out the secret he has about Babe and Krystal. Liza tells her ex-husband that Krystal is justifiably worried about her daughter and it’s not the right time to be concerned about that. Kendall tries to assure the others that Babe and Bianca are o.k. because of strength in numbers. But Krystal says she’s worried that they are both stranded somewhere in some mudslide and nobody will find them in the storm. JR says he will call the police to find them. But Adam snaps, saying that Derrick Frey couldn’t find his own butt with a map.

At the cabin, Bianca has a contraction and believes her water is breaking. Babe tells her that she must not worry that she will give birth right now. Babe speaks words of encouragement, assuring Bianca that they will be found. She also suggests fixing some food with the cans they have I the cabin. She tells Bianca that she saw a television program about birthing which was much more real than any book. Bianca asks if that would make Babe an expert. Babe says yes, and she also remembers her neighbor’s dog having puppies. Afraid that she cannot risk giving birth right there, Bianca tells Babe she must leave and go to a hospital. Babe inquires how she will get there. Does she intend to swim? Bianca says she will if necessary. She knows she is going into labor.

Edmund is having difficulty with his paralysis and being dependent on Maria and Anita to take care of him. Anita excuses herself and leaves her sister and brother in law alone. Edmund tells his wife that he does not want her life to be coming to a screeching halt because she needs to stay home and take care of him. She assures him that she is not presently on call at the hospital. But he assures her that he knows she loves what she does and would be more needed at the hospital than staying there. She agrees to make the rounds at the hospital at her husband’s insistence.

While Jamie moves into Maggie’s apartment, he asks about the unattractive form of art, which Bianca insisted upon having although Maggie didn’t like it. He senses that she is having second thoughts about this new living arrangement and that she’s missing Bianca. She informs him that she has so many memories of her friendship with Bianca. Jamie informs her that he has many memories of his friendship with JR, and he knows how it has suddenly taken a turn and ended. She says she knows that she and Bianca will always be friends but Bianca needs to get away to have her baby. He asks where she sees herself fitting in to all of this. She doesn’t know how to answer that. He informs her that he is ready to move on with his life and Babe and her child are no longer a concern for him.

Reggie looks for the strange girl whom he invited to Greenlee’s. He finds her. They have a meal together and she tells him that this place is so much better than living at her mom’s house. He tells her he likes this place but he has a problem with his sister who lives there. She asks why he is trashing Greenlee. He replies because Greenlee is bad news. She almost ruined his cousin Bianca’s life. He tells the girl that Bianca is a good person who will always be there when you need her. He also informs her that Bianca has beat some incredible odds while carrying her baby and she will be an awesome mother.

Babe keeps trying to encourage Bianca to believe that she will not give birth until there is a rescue vehicle. She goes and finds a deck of cards. She senses that Bianca is still very scared. Babe says everything will turn out just fine. Bianca inquires how she knows that. Babe assures Bianca that life always throws us rocks, but we are stronger than we realize. Bianca asks Babe whether she believes she’s having a boy or girl and what JR wants. Babe tells her she assumed that JR would want a boy, but he surprised her telling her he’d like a girl.

JR and Kendall leave to go and find Babe and Bianca. Tad and Krystal stay at home. Adam panics and Liza gets on the phone. Tad reminds Krystal that she told him something about the encouragement she always had that her daughter would be able to come through anything. Krystal is still worried. But Tad assures her that she will not lose Babe or her grandchild. Liza asks Adam how he can be concerned about his grandchild if he could care less about Babe. He tells her he wants Babe out, along with her mother, but he won’t be able to accomplish that until the baby is born. She inquires of he just wants to take the kid from Babe. He tells her that once Babe and Krystal are out, he’ll be happier. And he reminds her, with anger and jealousy in his voice, that if she can milk Tad for information about Krystal’s secret, then she and Tad can mess around all they want. Liza goes to the door to inquire what Tad’s secret with Krystal is. He does not tell her. Krystal approaches him, knowing he’s going somewhere. He tells her he wants to go to the hospital to check on his father. She says she knows he’s worried that Babe is fighting for her life and she insists on going with him.

In his house, stuck in the wheelchair, Edmund notices the storm has broken the windows in the living room. His daughter screams for help from the bedroom. He tells her he will come and get her. But the wheelchair will not make it up the step without someone to help him. All alone, he feels helpless.

At the hospital, David Hayward carries in an unconscious woman who hit her head on the steering column. Maria insists that David gets himself checked out believing he might be injured also. He says he must help the woman, but she tells him it’s doctor’s orders to let them take care of him while she and the other staff take care of the woman. At that moment, Tad and Krystal rush in. Krystal runs to the woman, hoping it’s Babe. But sensing how distraught and panicked she is that it’s not, Tad puts his arms around Krystal and tells her it will be all right.

In the cabin, while trying to get her mind off of more contractions, Bianca reminisces to Babe, her memories of her mother playing with her hair when she was a child. She says she now remembers that although it drove her nuts at the time, it was Erica’s way of knowing she loved her daughter. But again, another contraction happens. Bianca lies down on the bed. Babe tells her that JR is the only thing in her life that turned out good. Bianca tells her she is very happy that their relationship has worked and tells her that Miranda will be a great joy in her life. Babe says she has not yet decided on a name for her child, but the two babies will be the best of friends, just like their moms.

At Maggie’s apartment, JR enters with Kendall. Jamie is angry with JR for walking into his new home. But JR and Kendall inform him that they are very worried and wonder if Maggie would know where Bianca is. They inform him that both Bianca and Babe are missing. Jamie rips into JR for letting his wife go out in the storm. But JR tells him he needs to find them and will stop at nothing in order to do so.

At the hospital, Tad brings Krystal some water and says he checked but found that nobody has a record of either Babe or Bianca being brought in. She told him she freaked when she saw that strange girl being rushed in. He tells her she did not see a stranger, she saw her own daughter. She tells him she cannot remember what her life was like before she had Babe and does not know what she’s going to do if she loses her daughter and her grandchild. He holds her and comforts her.

After examining David, Maria tells him he’s o.k. He asks about Edmund. She informs him, to his surprise that Edmund agreed to cancel, or at least postpone the surgery. She tells him she knows that there will be problems with Edmund not being able to walk again. But she believes things are working out for him now that he’s at home with his family.

Alone in his home, Edmund gets on the phone to call for help for his daughter, to no avail. She still screams for help. He keeps telling her he is coming. But the two steps his wheelchair will not climb and the entire staircase to her room make it impossible. He pushes his wheelchair over the steps, which only tips it over and leaves him to fall on the ground. He moves toward the bottom of the stairs, desperately trying to push himself upward. But at that moment, an unidentified person enters at the door and rushes up the stairs.

Reggie’s new friend talks about her mother and the hypocritical bad cop in her life, indirectly talking about her father, Derrick Frey. Reggie tells her he knows of a local bad cop who is incompetent. But he’s not just a cop. He’s the police chief and his name is Derrick Frey, having now clue that he is speaking to Derrick’s daughter.

Maggie and Jamie rush out the door to find Bianca and Babe.

At the cabin, while Bianca is lying on the bed gasping in pain, she asks where Babe is and what she’s doing. Babe says she’s about to boil some water and make some soup. She also attempts to encourage Bianca, telling her a story of a little girl with a perfect family that she remembered as a child. And she knows that is how Bianca’s baby’s life is going to be. She will have the perfect family. But at that point, Bianca sits up, writhing in pain and says she wants this baby out of her right now.

After the rescue person has rushed up to help Edmund’s kids, his daughter Mattie runs down the stairs and asks why her daddy didn’t come. Bobby rushes down the stairs carrying Edmund’s son on his shoulders before revealing himself to his brother-in-law.

After JR and Kendall attempt, unsuccessfully to find Babe and Bianca, JR gets on the phone demanding that rescue teams find his wife and her friend who are both pregnant. Sensing that Kendall is very worried about her sister, he holds her.

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