AMC Update Wednesday 3/17/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/17/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee and Ryan are in a hotel, soaking wet. She asks if he plans to take his clothes off in order to stay dry. He says he’ll do what he needs to do but he is also concerned that she is shivering so shortly after her accident. He strips down to his shorts and grabs the bedspread while she undresses in the bathroom. He puts the bedspread on her. She notices that he is shivering so she puts the bedspread around him and they are huddled together. The both make conscious effort not to have romantic contact. He stubs his toe and is afraid that he might have broken it. She thinks it’s funny. Then, again, by accident they fall together. He pulls himself away from her, telling her that the storm may have killed the heat. They check into another room but both find that sleeping accommodations are not very comfortable for them.

JR is waiting for Babe and Bianca to return. He gets a knock on the door hoping that it’s Babe. It’s Kendall. She informs JR that she is very worried about Bianca after Erica did such a number on her and she’s afraid that Bianca might never come back. Kendall calls Bianca on her cell phone and urges her to call as soon as possible. JR calls Babe and leaves a message. They both try to sound as though they know that the two pregnant young women will be o.k. and can handle their situation.

Erica is sitting on the couch with Jack. He holds her and for the first time in a long time she expresses her vulnerability. He builds a fire and tells her that they will get through this. She says she wishes she could believe that. He says it will happen but it might be hard. She says she wishes that things could be the way they were before all of this happened. He tells her that if she just lets him in, the worst is over. He tells her that they must realize all that Bianca, Kendall, Reggie and Greenlee have gone through and what it’s done to both of them. He also tells her that he will find a therapist. She assumes he means the therapist is for Kendall and Bianca and the fantasy life they’ve created for themselves. She has no clue that he believes that she needs a therapist. As soon as he tells her that she might be able to get some insight into her drinking, she demands he repeats what he just said, and their cozy moment ends. She defensively tells him that she has just had a few glasses of wine and she wishes he would stop having this attitude. He tells her that he is scared for her. He tells her that is not just his own opinion, he discussed it with Tom Cudahy who told him that a few glasses of wine is a warning sign for someone with Erica’s history. She is shocked that he would talk to one of her ex husbands about her business. She tells him that she knows that Tom Cudahy is a full-blown alcoholic and believes all the program jargon but she wishes he’d stop stereo-typing her. She tells him it’s not enough that he talked to Opal, but he’s going behind her back with Tom Cudahy. She tells him, at that point that she wants him out. She gives him the wine bottle and asks him to leave. But they both know he cannot go anywhere in the storm. She tells him he cannot hold her prisoner in her own home. She tells him that she already knows how many drinks she’s had, but she doesn’t need to count them because he can do that for her, with his spies. He protests that Opal and Tom are scared to death for her. She protests that she is not a common drunk and resents people judging her. He tells her that she may feel like she’s in control, and now she may believe that booze can help her. But when she crosses the line with drinking, it will completely make her lose control. She tells him she resents him believing that she is weak and cannot make her own decisions. He tells her he’d like to know what is happening to her. She reveals to him that a few days ago she met somebody, a total stranger, who seemed to understand her better than anybody in her own family.

Babe and Bianca are stuck in the car worried that since they are close to a river, the heavy rainstorm might push the car into the river and sink. At that moment, they spot a cabin and Babe insists that she goes in the rain alone. Bianca expresses she does not like waiting alone. She tells her baby that she knows she is not alone but she hates waiting. Babe returns and tells Bianca that it’s a nice cabin where they can stay and they both decide to make a run for it.

Adam Chandler is with Liza. He informs his ex wife that he wants to congratulate her. She inquires why. He tells her he knows she finally conquered Tad and he tells her that he spied upon them through a window. Liza reminds her ex-husband that they know each other too well and he cannot keep secrets from her. He informs her that he knows that Tad and Krystal have some sort of secret going on. He tells her he can use her help. She is the perfect person to get the goods on Tad for him and find out what’s going on. Adam gives Liza a drink and tells her it’s a ray of sunshine in the storm. He urges her to do it for JR, if she cannot do it for him. She reminds him that JR loves his wife. He tells her that nobody knows what Babe’s secret is. He tells her he’s worried that their own daughter, Colby might not be safe with her. Liza says she may not agree with everything Babe has done, but she is not suspicious of her and believes that Babe is a sweet girl, so Adam is on his own with this one. Adam reminds Liza that Tad is messing around with Krystal. But she tells him that she has first hand information that as far as Tad is concerned, Krystal is out of the picture.

Krystal goes to see Tad. She informs him that she will get her daughter’s annulment papers completed and tells him that she is a woman of her word. He tells her he’s lived up to his end of the bargain and is a man of his word. Right when she’s ready to walk out the door, he tells her she’s not going anywhere. A news announcement says that there is a flashflood warning throughout several states and nobody should go outside. Krystal informs Tad that she knows this must mean that they are stuck. He makes a comment about her life in the trailer park. She tells him that she has many activities that she can occupy herself with, during a situation like this.

Babe and Bianca enter the cabin. Babe discovers that her cell phone battery is dead. Bianca discovers that she left her purse in the car. Babe says she will go out and get it. But when he opens the door, she discovers that the wind is too strong. They look outside and discover that the storm has completely washed the car away, into the river.

JR and Kendall are still wondering what has happened to Babe and Bianca. Kendall tells JR she can sense that he is more worried about his wife than he is letting on. He assures her that they have gotten over all of their problems. She tells him that if he can get over problems so fast, then he’s better than she is. She wishes she could do that. He tells her that he was once told by a woman that it’s not important what you believe in, but what you want.

Greenlee and Ryan end up covered in blankets in the same bed. He tells her a story of a girl discovering frog legs. He says that when the girl is grossed out eating frog legs, she discovers a gold, shiny ring. They end up tickling each other and laughing. She tells him that it’s a really good thing that they are so close, as friends. Otherwise this would be very awkward. At that point, she tells him that she needs to stop tempting them both and gets out of the bed. He agrees that sex can ruin a good relationship when they are getting along so well.

Tad and Krystal are playing monopoly in order to pass the time away in the storm. They seem to be enjoying each other’s company. She tells him she appreciates his caring about her and not letting her go out in that weather. At that point, he notices an email form JR. He discovers that JR cannot get a hold of Babe and that she and Bianca are out somewhere together and cannot be found. Krystal gets up and tells Tad she wills stop at nothing to find her daughter, although he tells her she cannot go anywhere.

In the cabin, Babe makes jokes of all the places where her car could end up. If it was in a cornfield, someone could use it as a planter. Bianca laughs with her. Babe finds cans of food for them to eat. But at that moment, Bianca has a contraction. She tells Babe that she believes her water just broke.

Erica finally confesses to Jack that she feels betrayed. Everybody that she knows and loves banded against her to keep a secret from her. He and Kendall and Bianca shut her out of their lives. She tells him he better not tell her that they only kept the secret to protect her because she does not buy that. She believes that he and Kendall and David helped Bianca make the worst mistake of her life. She tells him that Bianca’s having her rapist’s baby will ruin her life. She needed her mother but they prevented Erica from saving her daughter’s life. She tells Jack that he is the one in denial and does not want to own up to that, so he’s concocting this alcohol problem she has, only so that he doesn’t have to deal with his own reality. She goes into her room, gets the ring and shoves it in his face. She tells him he may now be rid of her, no longer burdened by this terrible alcoholic, pill-popping person whom he cannot be honest with. She demands he takes the ring although he does not want to. She tells him she does not want it and she does not want him. He tells her he proposed because he wants to be with her. She insists no, he planned the wedding, only as a distraction so that he and Kendall and Bianca could keep this secret from her. She announces that she no longer needs a diversion and no longer needs him. At that point, he walks out the door.

JR asks Kendall if she’s heard from Ryan. She says she does not want to talk about that. She does not care about Ryan. She only cares about Bianca. At that moment, Tad and Krystal enter, asking if anybody’s seen or heard form Babe. They say they have not.


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