AMC Update Tuesday 3/16/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/16/04

By Jenn
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Ryan discovers Greenlee has just gotten herself a motorcycle. He demands to know where she’d get the notion to do such a thing and he’s very worried that she could hurt herself, since she has no experience operating motorcycles. She tells him she has been practicing, knows how to ride a motorcycle and it’s no big deal. He asks her why, if she knows what she’s doing, did her motorcycle come to a stop. He asks her if she knows anything about a motorcycle, what type of engine this thing has, what kinds of mechanical functions it has, etc. He asks if she even has a motorcycle license. He tells her the only reason he is safe on a motorcycle is because of his extensive experience. She tells him he does not need to scare her. He tells her he just wants to keep her out of intensive care. She assures him she will take a crash course in motorcycle safety. But right before she’s ready to prove that she can ride without his need for worry, they both discover that the rainstorm is too heavy and they both need to take shelter.

Kendall confronts her mother about the way she just spoke to Bianca about her pregnancy. Kendall urges Erica to support Bianca, not discourage and horrify her, the way she had just done. Erica tells her daughter that Bianca has many people there to support her. Kendall says that is not the same as having her mother. Erica tells Kendall that what she told Bianca was the truth and reminds Kendall that she has a problem with the truth. Erica says she believes that Kendall must have persuaded Bianca to have the baby, only for her own selfish need for acceptance. Kendall tells her mother that that is not true. Erica reminds Kendall that not long ago, Bianca could not stand to be in the same room with her, and now all of a sudden, Kendall has become her hero. She tells Kendall that the reason they have suddenly “bonded” is because she has taken advantage of Bianca’s feeling vulnerable and scared and she must know what she did. Kendall tells Erica that she will not listen to this nor let her mother put this guilt-trip upon her. Erica reminds Kendall that she encouraged Bianca to have her rapist’s baby. Kendall tells her mother that it was Bianca’s own decision and Erica sounds like she believes Bianca must be pretty stupid if she cannot decide that for herself. Erica says that Bianca was fragile and confused and Kendall took advantage of that. Kendall tells her mother that she needs to realize that Bianca is not a little girl. She is an adult, she knows what she’s doing and she’s her own person. But Erica keeps telling Kendall that she is so blinded by her own selfishness that she does not even know what she has done to Bianca or to her family. Erica tells Kendall that Bianca wants to prove herself to her mother and to the world, and prove that she is better and stronger than Erica could ever be, faced with the same situation that Erica was in all those years ago. She tells Kendall that she knows since she failed by giving up her rapists baby, it may have been Bianca’s own decision to do what she did and not Kendall’s fault, but she also believes that Kendall has had a part in persuading Bianca to have the baby, whether intentional or not. She tells Kendall that she knows both she and Bianca may have good intentions, but the person who will suffer most of all will be that baby and that is what she is concerned about. She also reminds Kendall that she knows how much she must have suffered the same way Bianca’s baby will. She excuses herself and goes out to her car, in the storm. While alone in the room, Kendall breaks down and cries.

Babe is driving Bianca in her car while there is a storm. Bianca tells her new friend that she is very upset and wants to get out of this area. She also reminds Babe that her mother was raped in a storm, remembering hearing all about it. Babe pulls over and urges Bianca to talk to her. Bianca tells Babe that maybe Erica was right. Maybe she is very foolish to believe that she could make it work giving birth and raising a rapist’s baby. For the very first time, morbid doubt comes over Bianca and she regrets what she now believes could be a serious mistake. She asks Babe how she will explain to her baby what happened to her daddy. Babe assures her that she had no choice except to shoot Michael Cambias. But Bianca says that no matter what she does or how much she loves her baby, she cannot protect her from knowing the truth, nor from hating herself because of what her father did to her mother. Babe assures Bianca that when the time comes, she will find the words. She asks Bianca if she regrets her decision to keep the baby. Bianca replies no. She says she wants this child and loves her so much already but she never considered that her choice could hurt to many people, especially the baby. And she concludes that she has to do what she had originally planned. She must leave town and have her baby where nobody knows how she was conceived.

Tad and Simone return to his house. He tells her that he does not want to end their involvement. But she wonders what his plans are when he cannot make up his mind. He tells her he wants to take a temporary hiatus. She says she does not know what he’s talking about and believes he’s just making excuses and is flip-flipping. Right when they are in the middle of an argument, Liza enters. Simone says Liza will not be her “mid-season replacement.” Simone tells Tad that he is just using her for sex and because she was ready to hire Jamie to work at Fusion. Liza tells Simone that she knows Tad better than Simone does. She tells Simone that she cannot expect a commitment from Tad, and Liza makes a snotty comment about one reason everybody loves about Tad is his “kindness to the world’s dimmer creatures”, implying that that means Simone. Simone is ready to physically attack Liza until Tad restrains her. And just like it’s always been before, Krystal enters and Tad is surrounded by his three competing women. He tells the three of them that he knows that his behavior has to stop. Yet, it seems they are all finding this more humorous than he is. He asks them why they all find this so funny. He admits that he might have reason to feel lucky living every man’s dream, surrounded by three of the most beautiful women in the world. But he tells them that he needs to do the right thing and that this does not feel right to him. Simone says it feels right to her. Liza says the same. But Krystal says that she has already agreed to bow out of this situation and is ready to excuse herself and leave, until she finds that she has to hear more of what he’s saying. Tad urges them all to take him a little more seriously and offer him some support. He tells them that they all deserve so much more love and commitment than what he can give them. Liza says she understands and leaves. Krystal shakes Tads’s hand and leaves. Simone is the only one who stays and the only one unwilling or incapable of accepting the fact that Tad cannot commit. She kisses him. He lifts her up but then puts her down, telling her that he must resume his hiatus. She walks out the door but looks very flirtatiously at him.

Erica returns to her home and believes she is alone until Jack comes out, holding a bottle of wine and asks her if she’s looking for “this.” She asks him what he intends to do now? Lock up her booze cabinets? Empty out her bottles? Keep her out of her own home? He tells her no, he will not be doing anything like that. He will leave her alone, but he has something he wants to tell her and he wants her to listen to him. Jack tells Erica that he knows she’s pulling away form him, there’s nothing he can do to make her change but he wishes that in her time of hardship that she would hang onto him. She coldly tells him that so many people are hanging on to him and she has reason to believe she must be a very unimportant priority in his life. He’s almost ready to walk out her door but he urges her to believe him when he says he loves her but doesn’t know what to do, except tell her that what she is doing is hurting them both. He sits silently. She asks him what he’s thinking. He tells her he’s thinking of how beautiful she was the night they were about to be married and how beautiful she is now. He urges her not to turn her back on all the memories they’ve had. She sounds independent and uncaring, while listening to him talk. But at that moment, there is loud thunder which they both already know is an obligation for Jack to protect her. She tells him she is not weak. She does not need him to take care of her. She is not an alcoholic, is not afraid of thunderstorms nor needs him to be obligated to her. But he finally gets through to her. She looks out the window and then sits on the couch with him and they hold each other.

Kendall goes to David Hayward’s home and urges him to tell her whatever he knows about what Bianca might have said and done before choosing not to go through with the abortion. He tells her, as he’d previously told Erica, that Bianca is a patient and he is bound by doctor-patient privilege. But she tells him she just had a very negative confrontation with Erica, where Erica accused Kendall, just like she’d previously accused David, of persuading Bianca to have the baby. At that point, David sounds interested in what Kendall is saying and is ready to discuss it with her. She tells David that she needs to know why Bianca has decided to have the baby. She wonders if it was because of her. David tells Kendall that he does not believe he is breeching confidentiality when he tells her he believes that it was solely Bianca’s choice to have the baby, and Kendall in no way pressured her. But Kendall emotionally tells him that since she remembers running into Bianca at the hospital right before Bianca was ready to have the abortion, it may have just been a “manipulation ploy” for her to see Kendall right at that moment, so that she decided against it. But David asks Kendall when it was that she first discovered that Bianca was choosing to have the baby and why she thinks Bianca kept it a secret from everybody, most of all Erica. Kendall admits that Bianca wanted to keep it a secret from everybody and she herself found out by accident, which means it might very well have been an independent decision on Bianca’s part. And the fact that after almost everybody else knew, Bianca still knew she’d better not tell Erica, and the way Erica has reacted knowing now, is an indication that only Erica sees the negativity in it and refuses to understand that it was Bianca’s own decision. At that point, Kendall feels a lot better. But right when she leaves and gets in her car, David turn on the weather forecast to hear about flash flooding and dangerous road conditions and yells to Kendall not to drive in these conditions.

Bianca informs Babe that Erica has started drinking again and that her mother cannot drink, since she’s is a full-blown alcoholic and is addicted to prescription pain medication. Babe says that Erica seems like a very strong person. Bianca says that she knows Erica is suffering because of the decision she made to have the baby. She admits that her mother is willing to accept many things but she knows she will never accept Bianca’s child. And she says she never thought she’d have to choose between her mother and her child. She says that every time she goes out in public she’ll have to deal with this, as will Erica. Babe concludes that if Bianca leaves town, she and her baby will miss them something fierce. While the rainstorm will not stop, Babe attempts to pull over but the car will not stop and goes out of control.


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