AMC Update Monday 3/15/04

All My Children Update Monday 3/15/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall enters the Fusion office and tells Simone and Mia that she wants them to work with her and be shareholders in the company. They sound like they are happy, although they have reservations. Mia tells Kendall that they can work together as long as they no longer fight over Aidan. Kendall tells her that’s cool with her. Simone reminds Kendall that Greenlee is also a consideration since she knows nothing about Kendall’s plan. Kendall tells her colleagues that she does not want to hear Greenlee Dupree’s name mentioned. But Simone tells her she needs to face the entire hideous event of what Greenlee did to her. Mia says she doesn’t want to hear all the gory details. But they both agree that they feel terrible over what Greenlee attempted to do to Kendall and assure her that they are her friends and are there to support her. Simone admits that Fusion originally got off the ground because of Greenlee. Kendall reminds Simone that had Greenlee not maliciously attacked her in the courtroom to expose that she was not pregnant, Bianca would never have had her privacy violated and be put through more suffering the way she has.

Greenlee is in the hotel room with Ryan. She tells him that she has enjoyed their little adventure. But he wants to assure her that he does not intend to use her. She tells him she does not feel used or abused. She tells him she realizes he is not yet over Kendall, and admits that she may be responsible for ending their relationship. He assures her that it is not her fault. But she owns responsibility for her behavior and she tells him that she believes the best thing she can do now is walk out the door and keep going. He asks her to kiss him. She is uneasy with that. He reminds her that since they are friends, it’s an old custom. And they don’t know when or if they will see each other again. She reaches up and kisses him and tells him good-bye. She is first speechless but she tells Ryan that she wishes him everything good. Before she leaves, he remembers to give her the box, which she previously symbolized as love. She tells him that it should stay there and hopefully it will be luckier for the next person who finds it. She walks out the door. When he’s alone, he opens the box.

Brooke returns home with Tad, telling him that she knows Jamie has his own life and they maybe shouldn’t be so concerned about it. Right then, they run into Jamie packing boxes. He announces to them that he’s ready to move out. He sounds very casual asking his parents what they wanted to talk to him about. Brooke reminds him that this morning at breakfast he asked her if there was anything new and she told him they were out of cereal. She tells him that she had no clue that he was looking for an apartment. She asks Tad whether he knows. He tells her he had no clue either. She asks if her son’s new place to live is out of state. He tells her that it’s only a few miles away. He tells them that he can work and earn and is able to share the rent with somebody else. They inquire with whom. He tells them Maggie. Brooke asks what his involvement with Maggie is. He tells her he does not plan to marry Maggie. They are just friends and roommates. He admits that he has had casual sex with Maggie but there’s no cause for alarm. Tad reminds his son that not long ago, he was obsessed about Babe, ready to marry her, have a baby with her and take her from JR. And now he’s ready to move in with Maggie, which may indicate he’s jumping into this too fast. Jamie tells them that he has a “non-committed” relationship with Maggie. And he tells his father that if he wants to focus his energy on unstable relationships, he should look at his own life. He says he knows all about his father juggling several girl friends and having a much more unstable love life than he does. Jamie reveals to Brooke that Tad has been messing around with Krystal, due to his investigation with Babe, and she announced, at the paternity hearing, that she and Tad were engaged to be married. Tad tells his son he’s not about to discuss Krystal with him. Jamie tells his father he’s not about to discuss Babe or Maggie or his moving out with him either. But Brooke reminds Jamie that he will need them to co-sign his lease. But Jamie sounds like he can handle his decision without his parents. When Brooke and Tad are alone, she sounds like the concerned mother, but he tells her that maybe they need to let go and realize that Jamie is a young adult and they should not worry about his decision to move into his own place. Brooke tells him that she does not have a problem with Jamie moving out, but she does with his choice of a roommate. She also tells Tad that she’s very surprised to hear Jamie mention that Krystal announced that she and Tad were engaged. Tad tells her that’s not true. He and Krystal are keeping a secret for JR, and that’s all there is to it.

Bianca tells JR what her plans are for her baby. Babe enters and informs them that she just found out that Erica Kane is doing an exclusive interview. The interviewer asks Erica how she feels about her daughter choosing to give birth to her rapist’s baby. Erica hides her negativity about that, smiles and says that she is not dwelling in the past, but instead wants to move forward to a positive future. The interviewer then asks Erica how she feels about her other daughter scheming to get her hands on the Cambias fortune and take over Enchantment. But Erica keeps saying that all the negativity of the past is over. She suggests that anybody can change their life by removing the clutter out of their homes or wardrobes. She says that she wants to encourage all women to create new lives with new looks and new fashions. The interviewer just cannot give up. She asks how Erica can hide from the terrible tragedy that has happened in her life and she says she wants the real story. At that moment, Bianca walks in with JR and Babe by her side and announces that if the woman wants the real story, she will give it to her.

While Kendall and her Fusion partners are discussing what they all know about Erica and Bianca, Mia announces that she was just informed that Erica is in a television interview and Bianca has just appeared, ready to tell all. The malicious interviewer asks Bianca about her situation, inquiring what kind of a life she plans to have, and what it will mean to her baby, knowing it was conceived by rape. She also asks about Bianca shooting and killing Michael Cambias. Bianca confidently tells the interviewer that she shot Michael in self-defense and believes she is doing the right thing having the baby and she knows everything will work out. But when the nasty, malicious interviewer keeps grilling her, Erica first moves away from the camera, and then suddenly yells at her, demanding that she stops harassing her daughter. At that moment, Kendall enters and the interviewer is ready to attack her, asking her about her falsified marriage and pregnancy and how she almost got convicted of murder. But JR demands that she stops or he will contact Liza who is his friend and former stepmother, and they will sue her. He tells her that he is the president of Chandler Enterprises and she will be sorry if she messes with him or his friends. The interviewer shuts off the camera and cancels her interview but tells JR that she is only exercising free speech and there are many stations that will let her do her job and not care about his former step mother. Erica sounds like she wants to continue the interview, sounding positive and telling her daughters that she wants to start a movement to encourage people to turn their lives around. But when she sees her mother holding a glass of wine, no matter how much Erica wants to ignore her, Bianca keeps interrupting her to tell her that she should not be drinking. Erica tells her daughter it’s just a little glass of wine and she needs to leave it alone. Bianca approaches her mother and is ready to take the drink out of her hand. But Erica snaps at Bianca asking where she thinks she would get off telling her what she can or cannot do. The interview starts up again, with the nasty woman asking more malicious questions of Erica, Kendall and Bianca. Ryan turns on the television and hears it. At that moment, he departs, ready to confront what he has just heard.

Babe and JR go outside of the room where Erica is being interviewed. He tells her he will leave as soon as he knows that his friends are o.k. He tells her he’d like to go in there and run that woman out of that room. She tells him that she knows what a great person he is to care about Bianca and her family. He admits that he might not have cared so much about others a year ago. But he knows he’s changed and part of that is her and the baby. He knows that he feels stronger and he knows there’s nothing he will not do for her or the baby.

At the Fusion office, while Mia and Simone watch the interview in horror until they are ready to turn it off, Jamie appears announcing that he is looking for a job. He tells them that he’d like something more prestigious that stocking books at the student book store. He tells them that he has computer experience and has worked with Greenlee. Mia tells him that they probably won’t have any work for him. But Simone encourages Jamie to apply and tells him she’d like to work with him. When he leaves, she reveals to Mia that her motive for hiring Jamie is to score points with his father.

Maria and Anita arrive at Wildwind and frantically ask what happened. Edmund informs them they had a timely visitor. Anita is surprised to see Bobby. She asks what is he doing there. He kisses her and Maria warmly greets Bobby, telling Anita that she bets she's happy to see him. Edmund describes how Bobby showed up to rescue Maddie and Sam when a tree branch came through the window. The kids enter the room and Maria hugs them. Sam tells his rescuer that he rocks. Bobby introduces himself as their uncle. He and Anita take the kids upstairs and Maria asks Edmund how he's doing. "How the hell you think I'm doing?" he snaps. He says his kids were trapped upstairs and all he could do was listen to them scream. Maria says no harm was done. They need to be grateful and let this go. Edmund says they've played a lot of what if games since he's been in this chair. He agreed to come home to make his decision if he's ready for surgery. He says he's made that decision.

In the hallway, Bobby tells Anita that Sam is a great kid. He let two great parents raise a great kid. He brings up the idea of having a child with Anita and tells her he wants her back. He urges her to go back to Vegas with him. She wants to know about Tracy. "What about the woman you cheated on me with?" He asks why she had to bring that up. He is trying to get them back together. Anita asks if he wants a baby to save their marriage? Because if he does that's a terrible reason to have a baby. Bobby asks what more can he do? He left his job. She tells him he left it because everyone knows he was sleeping with his co-worker. She tells him to go back to Vegas without her. He says he won't go anywhere. He kisses her but she backs away and tells him she needs time.

Danielle is asleep in the arms of a sleeping Reggie. They are leaning against the back of a couch in Greenlee's home. They wake up when Jack walks in. Reggie gets up and acts casual. Jack is not in the mood for this. He wants to know where Reggie was all night. With Danielle hiding behind the couch, Reggie apologizes for not calling last night. He came to Greenlee's place and just crashed. Jack asks him if he's seen Bianca and Reggie has not. Jack says he's going to go to the Chandlers and Reggie wants to go along. First he wants to clean up a little. Jack leaves, telling Reggie he has two minutes. Danielle stands up and tries to reassure Reggie that Bianca will be found. She urges him to leave and find her. She'll clean up the mess and she'll be there when he gets back.

Ryan and Greenlee approach a rushing river and notice a car stuck in some brush. Ryan goes to the car and is relieved to see it's empty. He retrieves the purse from inside and finds Bianca's wallet. Greenlee is worried. She sees a backpack in the water and tries to get it, but Ryan won't let her. He tells Greenlee to call 911 and instead goes into the water and gets the backpack, which he notices belongs to Babe Chandler. Greenlee says a rescue crew is on the way. When the crew arrives, a worker tells Ryan and Greenlee that they'll start the recovery effort. Greenlee insists that he means a rescue effort. He says there is no way that anyone could survive that torrent. Ryan asks that police wait to inform the family. They would want to hear it from him. Ryan gets on his cycle and Greenlee says she'll come with him. She needs to be there for Jack.

Kendall goes to Erica's penthouse and asks if Bianca is there. Erica says she is not and tells Kendall to leave. But she soon realizes that something is very wrong. She asks Kendall where Bianca is. Kendall tells Erica that Bianca took off with Babe yesterday to get as far away from her as she could. That was before the storms and now both are missing. Kendall chastises Erica for giving Bianca a lecture about having her rapist's baby and the endless pain she's going to face. If Bianca is lying in a ditch somewhere that is the last words she'll remember Erica saying, Kendall tells her. Kendall storms out. Erica starts to cry, and holds her mother's photo. She tells Mona that she has always helped keep her baby safe before. Please do it again.

Bianca is in labor with Babe urging her to push. "Here she comes," Babe exclaims as she sees the baby about to be born. As Miranda is born, Babe tells Bianca that she is gorgeous. Bianca cries with joy and Babe puts the newborn in her mother's arms. Bianca tells her daughter that she is perfect and she loves her. It's a miracle, she says. Babe tells Bianca she did great and Bianca says that they did great together. Bianca tells Babe that she's Miranda's guardian angel. Babe decides to venture out and give Bianca some alone time with her new daughter. After Babe leaves, Bianca tells Miranda that she'll always be there to love and protect her. She sings to Miranda. Then she falls asleep with Miranda in her arms. She wakes up but Bianca fights to stay awake.

Mary serves coffee to Adam, who is a nervous wreck about the missing women. What if he never gets the chance to see his grandchild? Later, a crowd of worried friends and relatives descends upon Chandler Mansion. They talk about what they can do to find Bianca and Babe. The doorbell rings and Erica enters, saying she wants to help find her daughter. Tad informs her the police are looking for them. The group decides to separate and look at all the places Bianca and Babe might have gone. Jack suggests looking at David's cabin. Tad says if something did happen, Bianca and Babe can handle it. The doorbell rings again and Kendall answers the door, finding Ryan and Greenlee.

Babe is walking through the woods looking for help. She arrives at David's cabin and breaks the glass in the door enter. She is relieved to see the phone works. She calls Pine Valley Hospital and frantically tells a nurse that she delivered a baby in a cabin and the mother needs help. The nurse informs Babe to call 911. But Babe urges the nurse not to hang up. She asks if Paul Kramer is there because they need his helicopter. Paul happens to be there and gets on the phone. As Babe begs him for his help, she keels over in pain.

When Brooke and Tad are alone, Tad tells his ex-wife that he did ask his son if he is still in love with Babe and wanting to have her baby. He also tells her that he discussed and confirmed with Krystal that Babe is only in love with JR. But he also reminds Brooke that JR might very well kick Babe to the curb at some point, which will enable Jamie to run right back to her. Brooke reminds him that that could cause problems for Jamie and Maggie and she makes a joke about Tad’s hypothetical marriage to Krystal.

When Erica is alone with her daughters again, Bianca asks her mother why she’d go through with this type of interview. Erica tells them both that she knows that whenever somebody interviews the three of them, they want to know all the ugly, nasty secrets about who slept with Michael, who may have killed Michael. She also tells them how this affects her since she had a baby out of rape. She tells Bianca that the world is a very cruel place where people gossip and judge and talk about others behind their backs and she cannot protect her baby from that any more than Erica could protect Kendall from knowing she was the child of a rape. She admits to her that the reason she behaved as she did, after finding out that Bianca chose to have the baby, is because she remembers all too well her own experience. She reminds her that most babies are born out of love, not out of violence. She also asks Kendall to enlighten Bianca as to what it means to know that about oneself. She tells Bianca that everybody will have to live with the very bad choice she made. And her baby will have to live with that and suffer because of it.

While Simone is alone in the Fusion office, Tad enters. She sounds like she wants to believe he is there to see her as a social call. But he confesses that when they first started seeing each other, it was meant to be a casual relationship. But it grew into more than either of them wanted it to be. Right away, she assumes that he is there to announce that he’s dumping her.

Ryan goes out to the place where he rescued Greenlee and discovers her attempting and failing to start his motorcycle.

After Bianca departs from the room where her mother has given her such a morbid outlook on her choice to heave her baby, JR and Babe meet her. Sensing she is very upset, JR offers to drive her home. She tells them she wants to get out of there and could care less where she goes as long as it’s nowhere near there. Inside, Kendall confronts her mother for the way she just talked to both of them, which she tells her is unforgivable.


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