AMC Update Friday 3/12/04

All My Children Update Friday 3/12/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is sleeping on the couch in the hotel suite as Ryan tries to sneak out. She wakes up and stops him. She apologizes for getting in his face about Erica the night before. Ryan isn't upset, but thinks it's time they part ways. Greenlee tells him it was a hoot and a half while it lasted. Two men come to the door. One is a hotel employee. Ryan tells him that he will give the hotel a glowing review. The employee says the other man may have something to say about it. This other man is the real Tony the Traveler, the employee says. The employee is ready to call the police. Ryan says this guy is a phony and is only trying to score a free meal. Greenlee comes out dressed in a white terrycloth robe and asks the men if they recognize her. Tony says he recognizes her as that lipstick girl. Greenlee tells them they just blew their cover. She points out that Ryan won the Fusion makeover contest and part of the program was to see if he could con the hotel. Tony tells the hotel employee that if he reports this, he will be seen as someone who let himself be conned and as someone who ruined a national campaign. The employee lets Ryan and Greenlee stay for the remainder of their visit. They leave and Ryan tells Greenlee he's impressed. She says she learned at the master's knee. Later, Greenlee prepares to leave but Ryan tells her to wait.

Erica is preparing for a television interview during which she is going to reveal her new company. An aide brings in a huge arrangement of flowers and she tells him it is too much. It will overwhelm the camera. She wants to be the center of attention, not the flowers. She picks up a newspaper and sees Jack on the front cover with a screaming headline saying he may be disbarred today. The aide brings in a smaller flower arrangement and she says it's perfect. She also asks that the champagne be chilled. She looks at the paper again.

Jack is preparing for a hearing before a disciplinary board when Judge Lambert comes to see him. The judge asks if he has character witnesses, but he says he'll be speaking for himself and will hang or not hang on his own. He walks into the room and faces the panel. A panel member tells him he is an embarrassment to the office of district attorney and calls him a loose cannon vigilante. He tells Jack he has the right to defend himself. Jack says that's not necessary. He has no excuse for what he did. He's guilty. If he were sitting on their side, he'd pull his license real fast. He says if he were a braver man he would have waived this hearing. But he loves the law and he believes in the law. He asks them not to look solely on his indiscretion but on what he's done in the past. The board prepares to make its decision when Erica walks in. She asks to make a statement. The board is hesitant but allows her to do so. Jack tells her she doesn't have to do this, but Erica proceeds. She says Jack made a reckless decision to keep his family safe. He was doing it to protect Bianca. He had to choose between the law and the child he loves as his own. Afterward, Jack thanks Erica and she says she hoped she helped. He asks if they can talk privately but she says she has her TV interview and needs to leave right away. He asks if they can talk tonight and she says they'll get together as soon as possible. The board returns and recommends Jack's license be suspended for one year. If he violates terms of his probation he will be permanently disbarred. Jack says thank you. The board tells him not to thank them, thank Erica. Jack turns and sees that Erica is gone.

Bianca goes to the park and sees JR, Stuart and a young boy. Stuart introduces the boy as a member of pee wee basketball team. After Stuart and the boy walk out of the scene, Bianca tries to be friendly with JR, but he is visibly angry at her. She can't understand why. He tells her he is unhappy about her conversation with Babe in which she said JR was raised by a domineering maniac. Bianca says she wasn't trying to diss him. Babe came to her for help. He tells her she has no right to crawl into his head. She says she probably was talking a little about herself. After all, she was raised with a domineering person as well. They have a heart-to-heart about their childhoods and the way they were raised, and JR admits he's afraid to be a father. Bianca tells him he doesn't have to be afraid. They pledge to not be like their parents were to them with their own children. Stuart returns and tells JR and Bianca that he was terrified when he became a father to Scott. No one starts off knowing the rules. It's scary helping make a person, he says. He tells them to make sure they listen when their children talk, and don't worry. He has good feelings about them and their babies.

Maria goes into Edmund's room to help him but he yells at her not to touch him. Maria tells him she is a doctor and she knows what to do. But he yells again at her not to touch him. He tells her to look at him. He's lying in bed with tubes and wires coming out of him. Aidan and Anita are listening from the hallway. They enter the room and Anita asks Maria to come downstairs to look at something sent home from the school. Edmund and Aidan are alone and Edmund isn't happy, asking if Aidan being in his room is his penance for doing something wrong. Aidan pulls up a chair and tells him he's awaken a bit cranky. He tells him that Maria loves him with or without his legs, and he grabs a couple beers for them. He says he wants to talk about something important – American politics. They shoot the breeze about the American political system and Edmund is warming up to Aidan. Downstairs, Maria tells Anita she is trying to help Edmund but he won't let her. Anita tells her sister she needs to stop being everything to Edmund. She can hire someone to assist him but she can't hire anyone to be his wife. She gets a mirror and asks Maria to look at herself. Maria, dressed in sweat clothes with messy hair and little or no makeup, says she sees herself. Anita asks her where is her makeup and sexy hair. Anita takes Maria upstairs and they return with Maria looking beautiful. Aidan wheels Edmund into the room and he is in a much better mood. Maria wheels him away and Anita tells Aidan he was wonderful.

Erica is being interviewed by a TV station to unveil her company, which she says not only addresses fashion and beauty but a whole new way of life. The interviewer compliments her for putting on a brave front but says what she really wants to know is how does Erica feel about her daughter giving birth to her rapist's baby.

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