AMC Update Thursday 3/11/04

All My Children Update Thursday 3/11/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan asks Erica what she is doing there when he and Greenlee accidentally run into her and Bobbie. She tells Ryan it’s nice to see him too, but she excuses herself and tells them she’s busy. At that point, Greenlee tells her they need to talk. Erica tells Greenlee that she needs to back off. Greenlee tells Erica that she regrets what happened in court. And she urges Erica to believe that she did not mean to hurt Kendall or Bianca. At that moment, Ryan asks Erica to come into the room to have a private conversation. He says he can tell that she is hiding. She inquires isn’t he also? Greenlee confronts Bobbie and tells him he must leave Erica alone. She says she knows he’s up to some scam. He inquires what she will do if he does not leave Erica alone. Erica asks what Ryan is doing with Greenlee when is supposedly in love with Kendall. Bobbie asks Greenlee where she gets off judging him when she does not know him. Greenlee says she knows his type. He likes to play with women. He expresses to her that never before in his life has he met a woman he does not like up until now. Ryan reveals to Erica that his relationship with Kendall is over. Erica tells Ryan that she realizes that Kendall has major trust issues. But she tells him she knows of one person whom Kendall trusts with her life. He tells her he knows that’s Bianca and asks Erica if Bianca is the reason why she is here. Erica tells Ryan that the reason she is there is to forget everything. She reveals to Ryan that she wanted, just for one night, to forget that she was Erica Kane, and that’s why she’s with Bobbie. He asks her how that worked. She says pretty well. She made some new friends, played poker and has no regrets. Ryan sounds encouraging and tells Erica that if she needs anything, she must call him on his cell phone. She rejoins Bobbie right when he’s in the middle of an argument with Greenlee. Greenlee panics, although Ryan has no problem with what he’s seen. She says she doesn’t know what to tell her father about what Erica has just done. Greenlee demands to know whether Ryan really cares about Erica and shouldn’t he prevent her from being with that lowlife man?. Ryan tells Greenlee she needs to mind her own business. Greenlee says she’s just trying to help. She later concludes that Ryan’s attitude is not about her or about Erica. It’s about Kendall. Greenlee concludes that in Ryan’s conversation with Erica, she must have told him something about Kendal that got to him. He goes to bed alone and has a flashback of an argument he had with Kendall where she makes it impossible to trust him and keeps believing he wants Greenlee. He remembers himself urging Kendall with all his might to believe he wants to marry her and nobody else and be with only her for the rest of his life. But Kendall reminded him that she has a little problem believing that when she is faced with 30 years to life in prison.

Bianca is at a Lamaze class with Kendall as her coach, while Babe and JR join them. Both pregnant young women express their worries about giving birth when they see a video. The instructor gives the Lamaze participants a pamphlet to read, after having them view the video. Babe expresses that it was scary to hear the birthing woman in the video scream. Bianca also seems a little panicked. Kendall assures her sister that she can meditate. Babe nudges her husband in the belly. He asks her what that was for. She tells him that that is what she will need to do each time she has a contraction. Bianca admits that she is very happy to have a friend going through the same thing so she needs not be scared out of her mind. Babe takes her aside and tells her of an idea she has. She remembers that her mother told her that she got her mind off of pain during labor by counting bottles. She also tells the others that all the pain they have both gone through will be worth it when they are able to hold their babies. Bianca is encouraged and no longer afraid when she hears that. When Babe and JR leave, Bianca expresses to Kendall how incredible this whole thing is. She also informs her sister, for the first time, that she’s going to move into a house. Kendall tells her sister she has a better idea. She tells Bianca to the courtyard outside of Ryan’s vacated house. She tells her of the fireplace and encourages her to consider living there. She tells Bianca that in the morning there is sunlight and the fresh smell of rain.. Bianca asks Kendall, why if this place is so great, does she not live there? Kendall says she already has a place. Bianca reminds Kendall that her place is right across the sidewalk from Michael Cambias’ home. Does Kendall want to relive memories of Michael Cambias? Wouldn’t she rather live somewhere else? Or is the reason Kendall does not want to live in Ryan’s place, because of memories of Ryan? Again, Kendall tries to change the subject, telling Bianca about the washers and dryers she can use at Ryan’s. But Bianca firmly tells her sister that she knows she still has feelings about Ryan. And she urges Kendall to stop denying her feelings and get Ryan back before it’s too late. Bianca asks Kendall what happened to that sister of hers who fights for what she wants. At first Kendall is silent. But Bianca demands to know. Kendall tells Bianca that she asked Ryan whether he was still with Greenlee, but he did not answer. He just challenged or dared her to trust him, as though it was a test. Bianca asks if Kendall did not have the courage to take a chance trusting him. Kendall tells her sister that she has no reason to trust Ryan. Bianca urges her to see that their mother has made that very same mistake too many times in her life, and Kendall needs to learn from that. She urges her older sister to put the pain aside and have a new life of love with her, her baby, and with Ryan, if that’s what she wants. But she tells Kendall that she will never have what she wants until she works through the bad stuff and has the courage to move on. Bianca asks Kendall just what she would do if Ryan showed up right now. Kendall tells Bianca that it’s a non-issue and she believes he is with Greenlee. Kendall also tells her sister that as long as she never has to see Greenlee’s face again, she could care less about the whole thing. Bianca urges Kendall to see that being rid of Greenlee will not end Kendall’s feelings about Ryan.

Maria wheels Edmund home in a wheelchair. When they are right outside the door, she realizes there are stairs, which make his paralysis and wheelchair a big problem. She tells him he need not worry about the stairs and that there will be a construction crew there the following morning. Anita enters. Maria tries to sound upbeat, telling Edmund that the two of them can help him. Together they lift his wheelchair up the steps.. When they get inside there are more steps where they need to move the wheelchair down into the living room. Anita surprises her sister and brother in law with a surprise dinner, which she says is for their anniversary. She tells them that Aidan arranged this for them, so that Maria and Edmund can be together without the kids. Edmund views a wedding picture of him and Maria and looks depressed. While they have their romantic dinner together, Maria expresses to her husband that she cannot believe they have been together for 10 years. He reminds her that they lost a good portion of those years when she suffered from amnesia. But she tries to brighten the situation by proposing a toast to no more lost time. Together, they watch a video of their wedding.

While Jack and his friend, Tom are in the bar, Brooke walks in and gives Tom a hug surprised to see him back in town. She expresses to the two men that she is there to check up on her son who left her an indirect note that he would be “out and about” but without telling her where. Tom assures Brooke that all teen-agers go through their phases. Jack admits that he knows about that also. Tom says that he knows that Jack has adopted a teenager. Jack tells him that Reggie is a good kid, although a handful. Tom leaves and Brooke and Jack are alone. She expresses to him that she’s happy for JR and Babe. He tells her that he can sense she has other things on her mind. He knows that she has some secret going on with Edmund. And he says he can relate to Edmund and Maria’s secrets similar to his and Erica’s

Right when Edmund and Maria view the end of their wedding where he carries her off into a coach, he shuts off the video, tells her he’s tired and has to get to bed. Alone, without the incentive to encourage her husband, Maria reveals that she’s just as depressed and worried as he is.

Reggie invites the strange girl he met into Greenlee’s house, assuming she’s gone for good. He reveals to the girl that he knows what it’s like to be in trouble and on the street. But now he is the DA’s son. He explains to her about his new family, with Jack, Jack’s fiancée Erica and her daughters. But he also mentions that he has a problem with Jack’s daughter Greenlee. The girl tells Reggie that she is on her own without a family, able to do what she wants when she wants. She tells him she must leave. But he urges her to stay. She agrees to stay there with him but also suggests they get something to eat. He tells her he’s sure they can find something besides tofu and brussel sprouts. She admits that she likes him.

Brooke tells Jack that she knows that although Maria and Edmund are going through rough times, they will never stop loving each other. But while Edmund is lying in bed, and Maria is adjusting the blankets for him, he asks that she sleep in a different room.


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