AMC Update Wednesday 3/10/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/10/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Adam Chandler is outside Tad’s home eavesdropping upon Tad’s conversation with Krystal. When he hears the door open, he hides. Krystal tells Tad that she had a conversation with Jackson Montgomery and confirmed that Babe’s “little secret” can stay that way. She tells Tad that Adam will not know to look for proof of the not-yet-annulled marriage of Babe and Paul. So that will enable them to get un-hitched, Babe and JR can stay married and have the baby and everybody can be happy. And she urges him to see that just because her daughter made a mistake in the past, she does not need to be punished for life because of that. Tad sounds like he’s on the same page with her, ready give up the fight with her and says he will keep Babe and Paul a secret as long as nobody hurts him or his family. From outside, Adam hears them talking, although maybe not about what he’s trying to find out. Tad gives Krystal back the kama sutra book she gave him. She returns a stone she borrowed from him. It looks as though their sexual relationship is over. She tells him it was fun while it lasted and leaves. But he looks as though he might be depressed. And right before he has any time to think about it, Liza enters and kisses him.

Jack enters S.O.S and meets Opal. When Erica sees them, she lets Bobbie drive her home. He asks who this “strange guy” was. He asks her if he’s a stalker. She replies yes. She says the guy, meaning Jack, won’t leave her alone. She also tells him that she wants to get away from all the people she knows.

Ryan and Greenlee enter a hotel. She tells him that she will pay her way. He tells her that he wants to do it his way, with his own resources. She tells him the $100 he has on him will not pay for a broom closet in a place like this. But he informs her that he can get them a free room. He tells her that he has a plan about how to sneak them both into a room. She informs him that she once talked her way into an R rated movie as a child and might be able to help him with his plan. But he has a different plan.

Reggie is playing basketball outside and is noticed by an attractive girl his age. She tells him he is really smooth. He stops shooting baskets and turns to face her, speechless. He asks if she wants to play some one-on-one. She successfully shoots a few baskets. Noticing his speechlessness, she asks if he has a problem with her trashing him. He says he has a problem with the fact that he is so taken by her that he cannot concentrate. He asks her if she has a home, a family or friends. She says she does not. He tells her that he cannot believe that someone as fine as her would not have anybody who cares about her. He tells her she cannot be on the street alone and asks her to let him help her.

Opal demands that Jack does something to prevent her best friend from going off with some stranger. Jack tells her that he cannot get through to Erica and there’s no use. He tells Opal that he loves Erica with all his heart but it’s impossible for them to communicate. But Opal tells Jack that she’s going to do something to prevent Erica from being with this strange man, whether Jack wants to help or not.

In Bobbie’ car, Erica and Bobbie are having a respectable conversation, yet neither telling the other their entire story. He asks if she wants him to take her home. She replies no. She says she is tired of being Erica Kane, the way people know her. She reaches in his visor compartment and finds a baseball cap and puts it on. He tells her that he can find another name for her. He calls her Desiree. She seems to like the name and asks him what Desiree does.

Greenlee distracts the hotel clerk in a conversation about an ATM, while Ryan picks the lock to the desk drawer. When she rejoins Ryan, he shows her that he’s uncovered a very interesting document. But right at that minute, Erica enters wearing the baseball cap although she cannot see nor be seen by them. Ryan tells Greenlee that he has just uncovered a memo from a very important and rich person whom nobody would know, and whose identity he can use to get them a penthouse suite. Erica and Bobbie are in another part of the hotel. She tells him she needs to go to the ladies room. He waits outside for her and sees Greenlee, who he doesn’t know nor knows him. Ryan and Greenlee still do not notice Erica. She’s wearing a baseball cap and glasses. Bobbie asks her if she’s ever played poker. She says she has once or twice, but reminds him that she is assuming the identity of Desiree.

While Jack is staying at S.O.S. he runs into an old friend, Tom Cudahy. He informs his friend that his days as a practicing attorney are numbered in hours. Tom tells Jack that he and Livia are behind him. Jack tells Tom that he can use some legal advice. He also reveals that he’s having problems with Erica. Jack asks Tom, revealing that Tom is also in alcohol recovery, what he should do in regard to Erica drinking again. Tom tells him that if somebody is going to drink, they’re going to drink and there’s nothing anybody can do. Jack tells Tom that maybe he should not get too upset. Erica is only drinking occasionally and has not yet exhibited a problem. Tom informs Jack that when a recovering addict uses again, no matter how minor it may seem, they are playing with dynamite.

Bobbie invites Erica to the room where he plays poker. A friend of his answers the door. There are a few guys that are wearing cowboy hats and clothing ready to play poker. Bobbie introduces Erica to them as Desiree. The host of the party asks her what brought her to the poker game. He tells her that when the night progresses, they will turn the heat up. He offers her what she wants from the bar. She sounds happy, and as though she is enjoying herself and participates in the poker game. When she’s alone with Bobbie, he tells her that he thinks it’s really great that people like her, not knowing that she is Erica Kane. She tells him she cannot remember when she ever had such a good time.

In the hotel, Ryan wears a disguise, looking like a geek, with an Englishman’s cap, glasses and a bow tie. Greenlee comes with him to embark upon his plan. He seems to believe he’s got everything covered and will succeed in getting a free room. But unknown to him, the desk clerk is eying him suspiciously. Ryan and Greenlee approach the desk. He tells the clerk that he has a room reserved under the name of Smith. The clerk checks on the computer and cannot find a reservation for Smith. Greenlee plays an employee of his who is afraid she will be fired. When Ryan leaves, after telling the clerk that he needs to go to his car and check his wallet, Greenlee seems to have a trick up her sleeve. She manages to finagle a way to get the two desk clerks to offer her a free suite. Ryan returns and sounds like her rude, ungrateful employer. The clerks inform him that they have a free suite for the two of them.

Anita is in an expensive restaurant by herself, without Bobbie. She asks the waitress if she can get a slice of a deluxe cake. The waitress tells her she already served it to another customer. Anita turns around and sees Aidan sitting at another table, by himself, eating the cake that she wanted. He apologizes for being rude to her husband in their last exchange. She tells him it’s o.k. But she also affirms to him that she does not need rescuing. She sits with him at his table. He senses that she is not being treated right. But she tells him he doesn’t know the truth. Bobbie would never mistreat a woman.

After having sex with Liza, Tad follows her out the door, looking disappointed that she’s leaving. She tells him they went to the moon in 20 minutes, sounding like she could care less about him. She tells him she has to run and heads out the door, showing no emotional attachment to Tad. But he looks like he feels empty. He picks up the rock Krystal borrowed from him.

At the hotel, right when it looks like Ryan and Greenlee are happily in their room, and Erica and Bobbie are happily departing from the poker game, they suddenly come face-to-face with each other. Erica notices that with her hair down, she is unmistakably viewable by two people she knows and does not want to be seen by.

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