AMC Update Tuesday 3/9/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/9/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

David Hayward discovers Erica in the room where Bianca would have gone to have an abortion, lying on the very table where Bianca would have lied upon. Erica tells David that she knows this is where Bianca would have gone. She tells him how she feels betrayed; never having been told by anybody that Bianca chose not to have the procedure and is still pregnant. David informs Erica that Bianca is his patient and he will not breech doctor-patient confidentiality. She tells him she respects that. But she urges him, as a friend, to tell her just what he could have possibly said or done that would encourage Bianca to be pregnant and give birth to the child of that despicable rapist. David tells her he is very disappointed that she would ask him to get involved in that or blame him for Bianca’s decision. He tries to urge Erica to see that Bianca made her own decision and he had nothing to do with it. But she tells him that she believes that he urged Bianca to keep her baby, because he lost his baby, Leora. She says that because of his grieving over the loss of Leora, he persuaded Bianca to have the baby of a rapist. He tells her that she is in real dangerous territory to say something like that to him. He tells her that she has crossed the line. She tells him that he is the one who has crossed the line. He has convinced her daughter to have her rapist’s baby, to somehow compensate for the loss of his baby. He tells her that Bianca is not a little girl. She is not the 14-year-old that Erica was when she got pregnant from a rape; Bianca is an adult who has made an informed choice. He also informs her that it is clear to see that Bianca is happy about the choice she made. He asks if Erica wants him to feel sorry for her, about what happened to her so many years ago. He asks if he should feel sorry for her because of the two people her daughters have turned into. He also reminds her that Bianca is alive and well and she should be grateful for that. He reminds her that his daughter did not get to grow into an adult the way Bianca and Kendall have.

Krystal appears at Jackson Montgomery’s apartment. He doesn’t seem to recognize nor know who she is. She tells him she knows who he is and she also knows that he is Erica Kane’s fiancé. She informs him that there is reason for concern about the state Erica has been in, recently about Bianca’s choice to carry her pregnancy to term. Jack asks Krystal if Bianca or anybody told her what Erica said or did or if they would have any information. She informs him that Babe had an interaction with Erica but she would not tell anybody and Bianca doesn’t know any more than she does. Jack tells her that she did the right thing coming there and telling him what’s going on with Erica. At that moment, Reggie enters, seeing his father with a woman whom he first assumes is Erica. But when he views Krystal and notices she is not his future step-mother, he asks why Erica is not there. Reggie sounds like he is assuming his father has a new girlfriend. Jack asks his son if he can offer him and Krystal some privacy. Reggie goes to his room but reminds them that he will keep the door wide open. When he leaves, Jack apologizes to Krystal for his son. She laughs and tells him that she can see that Reggie is very protective of his father. When Krystal is ready to leave, she asks Jack if he could do her a favor because she has a friend who could sure use some corrections. He reminds her that his “legal advice” might not be worth much, given that he’s going to be disbarred from practicing law soon. She asks him if his advice would be confidential. He tells her absolutely. She talks about her “friend” who has not yet signed annulment papers after getting pregnant. She assures him she is not talking about herself, that she is not in any trouble as long as this conversation does not go anywhere.

At Adam Chandler’s house, Babe and JR are cleaning up after the party. Stuart appears and gives her a gift. It’s a board that was used for him and Adam, during their childhood to measure their height and their growth. He tells her that when Adam bullies her, she can remind him that he was once a little boy too. She tells him he’s really sweet and confides in him that if it were not for the baby, JR would probably not still be with her. Stuart encourages her not to live in fear. He tells her that love can conquer fear and that if she shows JR how much she loves him, all the fear will go away. JR joins them. Then Adam enters with what looks like gifts. Although Babe and JR look suspicious of Adam, he tells them that he wants to reconcile and put the hostility behind them. Babe opens the box and discovers what looks like a piggy bank or piñata. When it looks like JR is going to go and confront his father, Babe tells her husband that she does not want him to have any more confrontations with Adam. She tells him that she wants them all to have a loving family for their baby. When Adam runs into Mary, away from JR and Babe, he expresses how humiliated he is to have his son and daughter in law treating him like a servant. He reveals to Mary that he’s going to be very courteous to Babe and her mother until the baby is born. And when that happens, he will send them both packing. She reminds him that Babe might be pregnant by Jamie. But Adam tells her that there has got to be something else much more substantial, that will send that little tramp back to San Diego for good. He reminds her that when Dr. Joe Martin declared that JR was the baby’s father, he lost all equilibrium. But he does remember a secret, which Tad Martin and Krystal revealed they were in upon. He just doesn’t know exactly what it’s about. Mary encourages Adam to let her help him while she attempts to seduce him. He tells her that he remembers her attempting to seduce Jamie Martin. She asks him if he is jealous. He, then, discovers another strategy, which he can use, and leaves. She asks him what he expects her to do now. He tells her she should stay and play nice to JR and Babe. He will be back soon, hopefully with something good.

JR tells Babe that Adam is a very tough individual. But he tells her his father has one weak spot: children. When the baby is born, he will change his attitude, or so JR believes.

At the hospital, Anita explains to her husband, Bobbie that Aidan is a good friend of Edmund and Maria’s and he should not be angry at him for asking him to leave her alone. She urges him to see that Maria and Edmund are her family, they are in a crises and she needs to be there for them. He urges her to see that he is also her family. She notices he no longer is wearing his wedding band. And she urges him to leave because there is nothing he can do for her right now. He tells her he will leave under one condition. He needs to give her the necklace he got for her so that he can let her know that his heart is all hers. She tells him she is not ready to deal with his feelings right now and tells him he needs to go. When Aidan enters and asks what happened, she tells him he needs to know that this is none of his business.

Erica enters a low-life bar and runs into Bobbie, remembering that he is the same guy she met in the baby store who witnessed her irrational behavior, while picking up a doll and hearing it say: “I love my daddy.” He instantly asks her if there is anybody he can call for her, as if he knows that she is somewhere she is not supposed to be. She explains away that she was simply clumsy to have dropped that doll. He tells her that she does not look like the clumsy type to him. He asks her, again, if there’s somebody she’d want him to call. He reveals to her that he knows she’s Erica Kane. He also reveals to her that he knows all about having to cut one’s losses. She tells him that her life is more complicated than that. He asks her if the gift he would up selecting for her, at the baby store was o.k. She smiles and tells him that it was almost perfect, due to circumstances that were not his fault nor hers’.

Jack calls Erica and leaves a message for her, telling her he has no clue where she is but he needs her to call him. He tells Reggie that Krystal is gone and he may come out of his room. He tells his son that he wishes he’d have more respect for Jack’s guests. Reggie tells his father that he knows he is under stress, from being about to lose his job, and asks if Jack can blame him for jumping to conclusions when he sees him with a strange woman, dressed the way Krystal dresses. Jack assures his son he is not about to hook up with Krystal. He also tells Reggie that he does not know Krystal and should not judge her. Reggie says he doesn’t have to know her. He’s seen enough of her type. Reggie also tells his father that he wants to be there at his hearing. Jack tells him he cannot go. Reggie says he will go whether Jack likes it or not. He needs to be there for him. At that moment, Jack gets a call from Opal who informs him tha6t she has seen Erica at the S.O.S. bar and she is very worried about Erica.


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