AMC Update Monday 3/8/04

All My Children Update Monday 3/8/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maria is talking to Aidan at the hospital. She has asked David to talk to Edmund and tells Aidan that David may be her only hope. Aidan says David can be convincing. Maria apologizes to Edmund for dragging him into her personal drama. Aidan tells her he wants her to be happy. She deserves it. Maria thanks Aidan for helping the night Edmund was shot. Aidan tells her that Aidan's survival that night was all due to her. Inside Edmund's room, Edmund has something to say to David. He wants to say thank you. He restarted his heart after he flatlined on the surgery table. David says he's not there for followup. He knows he's considering spinal surgery and he wants to talk to him about other options. Edmund says this has nothing to do with his heart and realizes Maria sent David. David says Maria asked him to help him consider his situation. Edmund tells him to save his speech. David asks him to shut up and listen, then he can tell him to get lost. He explains the heart complications that could result and the surgery could lead to heart attack and death. Edmund sarcastically asks David if he brought pie charts and diagrams. David says those are the facts. Do with them what he will. Later, Maria goes into Edmund's room and momentarily plays dumb about David's visit. She soon acknowledges she sent David and Edmund tells her he didn't influence his decision. He will, however, postpone the surgery. He'll wait to see how it goes. Maria is relieved and hugs him.

Ryan tells Greenlee he wants to go wherever a tank of gas will take them. Greenlee is crying and tells Ryan now she knows it's for real. He has forgiven her. She asks him where they are going and what will they do when they get there. Ryan says if she wants to know that, she's uninvited. This is about adventure and reckless abandon. He asks if Greenlee trusts him and she says she trusts him with her life. She agrees to go with him wherever the road takes them. But she says she will need to go shopping for the right clothes, and she wants pizza. Ryan agrees and gives her a helmet, joking about the helmet hair she can expect.

Erica asks Bianca if she's really going to name her baby after her mother. Bianca says yes, she wants to name her daughter Miranda Mona. Mona is one of the best women she has ever known. Erica, looking unhappy, asks Bianca if she wants to know what she really wants. Bianca says yes, she wants to know. As the spotlight is on Erica, she looks around the room at the shower gifts and at Bianca's ballooning tummy. She backs off, saying only she wants a powder room to remove the stain from her suit. As Erica leaves the room, Bianca tries to follow but Kendall stops her, telling her not to push her. Bianca says she was stupid for springing this on her mother like this. She worshiped her mother and she had no right to chose Mona's name. Kendall tells Bianca not to worry because there is nothing that would ever stop Erica from loving her. Bianca says that while Erica is present, she's not really there. Kendall says she made the effort to come and that was a good sign. Kendall tells Bianca to be happy because everyone is there to celebrate her child. She's already blessed.

Bobby gives Anita a present, saying it is for Valentine's Day since they weren't together then. Anita tells him he should have called. Bobby says he needed to see her. He tells her he found a new job and it is the right job. He convinces Anita to open the candy box, and she finds a necklace inside. He tells her he wants to give her whatever she wants. He needs her and to be with her. Anita says she needs to be in Pine Valley right now. She asks him to leave and says she'll call him. Babby says he wants to straighten this out. Anita tells him to just go, but Bobby says he's not leaving. Aidan approaches and tells Bobby to listen to what the lady says. Bobby asks who this guy is. Anita tells Aidan this is her husband.

At the baby shower, Bianca is opening gifts. Bianca asks Kendall why their mom isn't down yet. Kendall tells her to give her time. Erica is looking distraught in the bathroom. Babe comes in to see if she can help. Erica says she doesn't need help but Bianca does. Someone has to stop her. Babe says there's nothing to worry about. Erica tells Babe that when she sees her baby, she'll fall in love and see the love she has for her husband. But Bianca will just be reminded of her rapist and the pain and bruises. She won't feel joy or love. Babe asks if she can call someone for Erica. Erica says Bianca's life will be a tragedy. She asks Babe to save her. Krystal enters the room and asks what's going on. Erica tells her Babe was helping her get the stain out of her suit, and she leaves the room. Babe tells her mother she won't believe what Erica said. She relates what happened and Krystal tells her that the Kane women have a lot on their minds. Babe is worried that maybe she made a mistake in having the shower. Krystal says this is just what Bianca needed. Erica returns to the shower and says she's sorry she missed the gift opening. She gives Bianca her present, which is a silver cup and spoon. Bianca thanks her and Erica promptly leaves. Kendall asks Erica not to go, but Erica says she has a lot of work to do. Opal quickly excuses herself as well. Bianca asks Babe what Erica said, but Babe says only that Erica was talking about the stain in her suit. Bianca asks Kendall to be her Lamaze coach. Kendall gladly accepts.

David goes to the clinic and is informed he has a patient waiting for him. He goes into a room and sees Erica lying on a table waiting to see him.

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