AMC Update Friday 3/5/04

All My Children Update Friday 3/5/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall goes to the falls and thinks back to when Ryan rode his motorcycle out of her life. David arrives and asks if she's waiting for Ryan. Kendall tells him Ryan has run off with Greenlee. She admits she came here hoping Ryan would show up. She admits she still loves him.

Ryan is in the cabin with a sleeping Greenlee. He sees the ring he gave Kendall and slips it into his pocket. Greenlee wakes up. Ryan tells her he's getting cabin fever. Greenlee sees he wants to leave and is getting bored after dumping his Cambias fortune. She tells him he can leave but he says he won't leave until she is 100 percent well. Ryan admits he had more to do before he gave the fortune to Bianca. Greenlee tells him he's staring his pot of gold in the face and doesn't know it. She says she has all the money he needs for his next venture. They could be partners. Ryan asks her to remember the last time they went into business together. He won't make that mistake again. Greenlee says she could be his silent partner, but he refuses. Ryan leaves the cabin and Greenlee is afraid he's going to leave. She takes a thermometer he gave her and holds it over the stove to make it hot. Suddenly she sees the good version of herself, who says "so much for the new and improved Greenlee." The real Greenlee tells the good Greenlee that faking a fever is not a crime. She needs more time with Ryan. She asks her good self why can't she deserve happy time with Ryan. The good Greenlee tells her that Ryan deserves better.

Babe is putting stuffed animals around Chandler mansion in preparation for Bianca's bridal shower. She's moving Mary's floral and basket decorations, upsetting Mary. Babe tells her it looks like a funeral and the flowers should be taken to the senior center. Mary calls Babe smug and tells her to wait till after her baby arrives and she'll see how long JR keeps her around. Mary leaves and Babe tosses an arrangement of flowers outside toward her.

JR goes to see Jamie. He wants to ask Jamie for a favor. He asks Jamie if he'll come on board at Chandler Enterprises. Jamie says he's not interested in seeing JR rub his face into his happy marriage every day. JR tells Jamie he needs a job and needs money. Jamie tells JR he doesn't have to hire him to watch him. He'll stay away from Babe. JR says he's not afraid that Jamie will try to take Babe from him.

Bianca arrives for the shower and Babe is thrilled to see her. Babe comments about the decorations and Bianca says the decorations are the least of her worries. Erica meanwhile is shopping for a shower gift. She picks up a doll and looks at it, but is startled when the doll talks, saying "I love my daddy." A young man approaches her and she tosses the doll at him. He manages to get the doll to stop talking. She tells him she's looking for a shower gift. He asks her what she would like for the happy occasion. She tells him it's not a happy occasion, it's a tragedy. At the shower, Bianca admits she hasn't yet celebrated her pregnancy. Krystal walks in with a camera and starts snapping pictures. Liza and Simone arrive and Krystal tells them to imagine all three of them there without Tad. Liza asks Simone how she has felt since she lost Tad. Simone says she didn't lose Tad. Krystal tells them she's bowed out so they can battle over Tad. Babe hears Simone talk to Krystal about the document they found, and Babe is worried that JR knows about the annulment. Krystal tells Babe not to worry and that she's got it covered. Guests arrive carrying gifts. Opal brings a gift from Brooke, who couldn't attend because she's looking for surgeons for Edmund.

At Edmund's hospital room, Maria arrives with a surprise. Maddie and Sam run into the room, thrilled to see their dad. They jump on Edmund's bed and give him a hug. Maria leaves the room momentarily to make a phone call. She dials a number and hangs up, then returns to the room. Maddie asks Edmund to go with them to see some triplets in the nursery. Maria tells Maddie that her dad needs to stay in bed. Maddie then sees the wheel chair and asks Edmund if he can't walk. Edmund says it's just temporary. He'll be back on his feet soon. Isabella is at the hospital with Anita, telling her she shouldn't get a job in Pine Valley when her husband is elsewhere. A husband and wife belong together, she says. Anita tells her to save her concern for Edmund and Maria. Bobby can take care of himself. Isabella goes into Edmund's room and takes the kids for some ice cream. Maria asks Edmund if it was wise to tell the kids that. Edmund says he won't be in that damn chair. He won't let this beat him.

The young man at the store tells Erica he doesn't work at the store. But he does have a gift for her. He gives her a small pink gift bag and says it will be perfect for a bridal shower. He refuses any money and Erica says she doesn't have time to argue with him.

David is paged and leaves Kendall at the falls. Ryan sees Kendall from a distance but doesn't let her know he's there. He quietly leaves. He returns to the cabin, where Greenlee tells him that she feels fine and he's free to go. Ryan is glad. He can't wait to get out of here. She says she won't say goodbye because she hates goodbyes. Ryan says they can skip the goodbyes. "Come with me," he says.

Kendall arrives at the baby shower and she and Bianca share concern about Erica's presence at the shower. Bianca is asked to open her gifts but Bianca says they should wait for her mom. Erica arrives and Bianca says now the party can start. Champagne and sparkling cider is offered at the shower, and Erica takes a glass of champagne. Kendall offers to give a speech and stands up to say that she is in awe of Bianca, calling her beautiful, brave and loving. Opal notices Erica has a glass of champagne and makes her way toward her. Bianca makes a toast to Babe and her baby. Opal asks Erica for a mint, and when Erica is distracted Opal switches glasses so Erica has cider. Erica takes a drink and tells Opal that she got her glass by mistake. Opal tells her not to do this. Erica says she's not her keeper. She thought she was her friend. Erica walks away.

Anita walks in and Maria leaves to check on the kids. Edmund asks Anita why he and Maria can't be on the same side on this. Anita tells him Maria just wants him to be alive. David finds Maria and asks her why she paged him. She says he may be her only hope. She asks him to talk to Edmund about the surgery. David says this is not his field of expertise, and besides, Edmund would do the opposite of anything he says. Maria reminds him that his daughter died during a surgery he opposed. She pleads with him, and he goes into Edmund's room. Edmund tells him not to even breathe until he's finished. Outside the room, Anita runs into Bobby, who is the same man who talked to Erica at the store.

At the shower, JR arrives with a gift. It is a baby monitor that will allow Bianca to hear and see her baby from another room. JR excuses himself, and the women start to play a name game, and Bianca mentions that she has selected a name for her baby. The baby will be named Miranda with a middle name of Mona after her grandmother. Erica is visibly disturbed and almost loses her balance, causing Winefred to drop a tray full of glasses

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