AMC Update Thursday 3/4/04

All My Children Update Thursday 3/4/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is sleeping on the bed in the cabin where Ryan has taken her. She has a nightmare of remembering the avalanche when she was trapped in the mineshaft, of discovering a box there, and the dream she had, while there, about Ryan giving her the box and telling her it was the secret of love. She awakens and says she must find the box. She gets dressed, discovers that Ryan is gone, notices a note from him telling her he’s out for a while and needs her to wait until he’s back. She tells him that she must get out and find the box right away. Ryan comes back to discover Greenlee has left, He panics to find her gone and wonders where she went. She goes back to where the mineshaft was. She has her flashback. But right when she’s about to go down the shaft and find the box, she hears Ryan’s voice. She’s weak and ready to pass out but tells him she must get the box. He tells her she’s not going anywhere and he picks her up and carries her out of there. When they are back at the cabin, she tells him that she must go back and get the box. He tells her she’s crazy to be obsessed about that and tells her that after she’s in a padded cell in a loony bin, she’ll be o.k. But she protests that she must find the box. He pulls out another box, similar to that one, and asks her if she means this one.

Jamie and Maggie are at his house playing video games. He asks her what was going on with her and Bianca, when he first came by to pick her up at their apartment. He asks if she had an argument with Bianca. She says he will not distract her from winning the game by talking about that. He tries to get her to talk about what’s going on in her life, which she won’t tell him. She only wants to talk about the video game and tells him he’s afraid of getting his butt kicked by a girl. He tells her he doesn’t want to ignore the fact that when he went to see her only a day ago, she was crying her head off. She tells him that Bianca plans to move and she doesn’t know where she’s going to live. He tells her that his life is not perfect either. He’s in college and still lives with his mom. She comes up with a plan. She now needs a roommate. And she tells him that maybe he should live with her. He asks her why she would have such a plan. Does she want to commit to him? She tells him she is not in love with him. Sex is great, but it’s just casual and she needs a roommate. She reminds him that when he’s living on his own, he has no curfew and more freedom. And she can cook. And they have the convenience of seeing each other more often without the complications of commitments.

Kendall enters Jack’s office and asks what he believes will happen, now that he has been served with a subpoena along with her and Reggie. She asks if he has a plan. He replies that he always has a plan. Reggie enters and asks his father where the firing squad is. He tells Jack that he does not apologize for what he did for Bianca. Kendall says she feels the same way. Jack tells his son and his future step daughter that he expects them both the behave in a courteous way when they are questioned by the authorities for their roles in covering for Bianca, knowing that she murdered Michael and not reporting it. Alan Singer and Justin McCoy enter and ask Jack, Kendall and Reggie if they are represented by counsel. Jack says he will represent Kendall and Reggie. Jack informs Alan that Reggie is a minor and Singer cannot charge him as an adult. Singer informs them that he knows that Reggie is currently on probation and has an extensive rap sheet, which he recites each occurrence. He also recites Kendall’s past police record. He also tells Jack that if charges where filed against him for planting drugs in Michael Cambias’ condo, he will be disbarred and in big trouble. He lists very grim consequences for all three of them if they are convicted. Jack protests that the only “victim” involved in their case was Michael Cambias. Singer informs him that the victims are all the citizens of the community. Justin also protests that all three of them have obstructed justice and broken the law. Singer tells Jack that Kendall and Reggie should be grateful to have a prison sentence which the DA which can be reduced for good behavior. Jack says no way. He recommends community service and reminds Singer that these two people acted to protect the sister and cousin that they love. And he tells Singer that if he agrees to offer them community service, he will agree to plea to a felony and accept a prison sentence. Instantly Kendall and Reggie protest to Jack that they will not let him do that. Singer tells Jack that whatever theories anybody has, it is about people paying their debt to society. Jack tells him he will not let these two people be punished. Justin says they should have thought about that before they broke the law. Another DA enters and Singer informs him that former DA Montgomery has just offered to plead guilty under certain conditions. The DA tells Singer that he knows that Singer is very motivated to be elected as future DA. He also informs him that he knows that the DA office has royally screwed up on this case. The governor is watching and does not put a lot of credence in his obsession to prosecute Jack, Kendall and Reggie. For the first time, Singer has nothing to say. But Justin demands to know why he is backing down. He tells Singer that if he steps down, He, instead will be DA. And he will prosecute all three of these people. But Singer knows he needs to keep his mouth she and give up. Justin leaves Singer tells Jack he needs to clean out his office but makes it clear that he knows he’s been defeated. After Singer leaves, Kendall and Reggie put their arms around Jack and tell him they love him.

Jack tells the two of them, that he has some things to do. Reggie inquires why Greenlee, instead of them, has not taken the rap for what has happened and inquires why nobody has heard from her. Jack informs him that Greenlee is with Ryan. Kendall tells them that that does not surprise her. When she and Reggie are outside the door, she tells him that she knew, all along that Ryan and Greenlee were in it together to hurt her.

Back at the cabin, Greenlee demands that Ryan helps her open the box. He keeps telling her that there is no point. It’s probably just an empty box with nothing really important in it. But when he unlocks it, she looks inside and notices something incredible. He looks in it and tells her what the significance of an empty box would be. He has a flashback of opening a box, by the secret boathouse where she goes to talk to Leo. And she tells him that she knows that is a gift from him. He knew that he had to rescue the box out of the mineshaft when he rescued her.

Outside Edmund’s hospital room, Aidan runs into Anita. She right away assumes that he is there to get Maria back and break up her marriage with Edmund. She informs him that her sister and brother in law’s marriage is sacred and she knows they belong together. But Aidan informs her that he was simply there to visit Edmund, to see how he’s doing and he thanks her for helping him change his flat tire, the last time they saw each other. He assures her that he, Maria and Edmund have made their peace. He tells her that he knows that Maria has acted like superwoman ever since Edmund got shot. Anita says she sees the same thing. But tells him she is used to treating people who have been injured. But when it’s the people she loves, it’s more difficult for her to deal with.

In Edmund’s room, he tells Maria that he cannot live with the idea of not being able to make love to her. She says they can still make love. They are creative. He asks who will walk their daughter down the aisle? She tries to tell him he can still live a quality life even in a wheelchair. But he keeps telling her of all the things that will make his life unacceptable if he is paralyzed for life. She protests that she does not want him to try to prevent that from happening if the surgery will kill him. He tells her that the thought of being paralyzed has already killed him. She tells him that she had a dream that she thought she was going to die but she heard his voice telling her that it would not be her that would die. It’s his voice telling her that he would die instead. He tells her he’s not going to die. But she tells him that dream scared her so much. She tells him he cannot leave her and she breaks down and cries, lying down on the bed and he holds her. She asks if he can do something for her. Because there is no “clock” on his decision, when he’s ready, can he come back with her to their home, to play with the kids, be there for just a while, before it’s time to make this life-and-death decision?

Bianca is in her apartment with Lena, watching a movie. She tells Lena that although things have not always good great, right now she feels really truly happy about her life. They hold hands. Bianca tells Lena that she knows that all her baby has ever known is the safe world where she is loved, right in her mommy’s belly. She says she knows many people will love her baby. Lena will. Also Kendall, Jack, Reggie and Maggie. Lena asks about Erica. Bianca honestly tells her that she hopes and believes that Erica will soon love her baby also. But she suddenly discovers that she has yet to obtain all of the accessories she needs for a baby. Lena tells her that that is the least of her worries when she is about to inherit the Cambias fortune. Lena tells her she must sit and pulls out her laptop to find a baby accessories website where she can shop right from her home. Lena sounds like she is o.k. about Bianca living alone. Bianca asks if that does really not hurt her. Lena assures her that they are currently dating, and she knows that Bianca needs her own space for which to bond with her baby. And she adds that if she could not understand that, she would be a complete jerk. She assures Bianca that she knows that there will be lots of time for the two of them. Bianca tells Lena how grateful she is for that.

Jack is in his office, disposing of his DA name plaque. Kendall walks in and tells him how sorry she is for his loss. He tells her that they have all suffered a loss. And they must accept the responsibility for all being careless. He tells her that some day they might allows him to practice law again. But he must be a lot more careful in the future.


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