AMC Update Wednesday 3/3/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/3/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Bianca stand speechless, overhearing their mother having a phone conversation where she tells somebody that she can never forgive them for what they have done to her. Her back is turned to them and she is unaware she is being overheard. She tells the anonymous person on the other end that it means nothing to her that they say they are sorry. She tells them that they can take all their phony regrets and go straight to hell and she hangs up. When she turns around, and notices her two daughters overhearing her conversation, she tries to distract them, by telling Bianca that she notices her cheeks are flushed and by talking business with Kendall. But they demand to know what the phone conversation she just had was about and whom she was talking to. She tells them that she was talking to her father. Bianca inquires why, all of a sudden, Erica’s father would call her now, after all these years. She tells her daughter she could care less why. Bianca picks up the phone and tells her she must call Jack. But Erica slams the phone down and tells her she does not want Jack or anybody else knowing. She tells Bianca and Kendall that she wants no further contact with her father and will never forgive him for what he did.

Jack visits Edmund in the hospital. Edmund says that he believes he can survive the surgery and be able to walk, although Maria is certain he cannot. She is standing outside knowing that her husband is having a private conversation which he does not want her to be a part of. She goes into Dr. Joe Martin’s office and is able to tell that her sister, Anita wants to support Edmund’s decision, against Maria’s will. Maria demands to know what her sister is doing working in the hospital. Anita tells her that she chooses to be in Pine Valley, she is a physician’s assistant, that’s what she does, and there’s nothing to worry about. Maria inquires about Anita’s husband, Bobbie. Anita says things are fine between them and Bobbie has encouraged her to come to Pine Valley. Maria calms down and tells her sister she is very happy to have her there, but she and Edmund will work things out on their own without her help. Anita inquires what Maria will do if Edmund goes through with the surgery against her wishes. Maria assures her that Edmund will see things her way. But Anita tells her sister that she knows her brother in law is determined to go through with the surgery and sees it as his only hope. Anita informs Maria that she knows she wants to convince her to talk Edmund out of the surgery, but Edmund wants her to convince Maria to accept his decision to do it. Maria apologizes for getting her sister in the middle of it. But she cries when she tells her how she cannot live without her husband in her life. Whether in a wheelchair for life or not, she cannot lose him. And she needs for him to see things her way.

In Edmund’s room, Jack tells him that the reality is that even if he is able to walk again, he will never be the same. The bullet wound was too deep. And Edmund must face up to reality.

Babe inquires to her mother about what happened in her conversation with Tad. At first she has no reason to assume there’s reason to sorry. But noticing Krystal’s less than confident expression, she is able to tell that Tad found out that she is still legally married to Paul Kramer. Krystal tries to assure her daughter that she needn’t panic. Krystal also inquires what might be on Jamie’s mind about her daughter. Babe tells her mother that she knows that Jamie is still in love with her. Krystal implies to Babe that if her marriage is over with JR, and the baby is Jamie’s, she at least has somebody who loves her. But Babe says, no, regardless of who is her baby’s father, she only loves JR.

Mary inquires, to Adam if it is really true that Babe’s child will be a Chandler. She asks him what he plans to do. He angrily tells her that he has no choice other than to accept that “little tramp” as the mother of his first-born grandchild. Mary tells Adam that she cannot bring herself to respect Babe as the mother of a Chandler heir. But Adam tells her that she must, at least until the child is born. He tells her that after the baby is born, he will find a way to get Babe to disappear from the picture. Mary tells him that will not be an easy thing to do. But he tells her he must find a way. He needs her help. He tells her he wants to throw a baby shower. She tells him that they cannot do that at the last minute. They need to send out invitations and have formal planning. He also asks that she respects Babe’s wishes to organize a double shower for both Babe and Bianca. Mary protests that Erica Kane is the reason she and her daughter have both lost everything that is rightfully there’s. Adam demands that Mary cooperates and does what he asks or else she is out of his house.

Erica tells her daughters that throughout her childhood, she loved her father more than anybody on this earth and he abandoned her. She inquires how she could possibly forgive such a betrayal. She says that the worst part is that she was important to him. She tells them that her father wounds her to the very core after what he has done and how he can now apologize and expect her to forgive and forget. And she tells them that perhaps by shutting him out, that may give him a chance to feel the way she has. Kendall asks if that is the way she feels about the two of them. Bianca also asks if her mother feels betrayed by the secret they kept from her and tells her that she and Kendall do not want what happened between Erica and her father to happen between her and them. Kendall tells Erica that she never wants her mother to feel shut out. Bianca tells her that they both love her and asks if she will please let them in.

Suddenly, Mary Smythe enters the Enchantment office and interrupts the emotional moment between Erica and her two daughters. Kendall tells Mary that she cannot come here and harass her mother. Mary says she is actually here to see Bianca, on behalf of Babe Chandler. She tells Bianca that Babe wants to throw a baby shower for both of them. Mary tries to make nice with Bianca and her mother and sister. Bianca tells Mary that the invitation from Babe is very kind but she must decline it. However, Erica tells Mary that she may inform Babe that they will accept the invitation. Bianca inquires whether she really means that. Erica sounds happy and tells her that a baby shower sounds like so much fun. After Mary leaves, Bianca tells her mother that she does not “have to do that”. Erica says that she is fine. She tells them she has a lot of work to do and leaves. When the two sisters are alone, Kendall asks Bianca what she makes of Erica’s interaction with her father and whether that is similar to the way she feels about them. Bianca tells her sister that she is not worried. Erica is trying to get past the pain and love both of them as well as the baby.

Outside Adam’s home, Tad has a “heart-to-heart” with JR, inquiring what he would do if he believed that Babe would betray or lie to him. He hesitates to deliver the devastating news he’s discovered, to his step-son, realizing that JR loves Babe. JR seems to have no clue of what Tad is considering telling him and he shares with Tad, how he and Jamie have had their differences, but Jamie is still his brother and Tad is like his father. Tad, again, tells his stepson, that he might have some major obstacles to overcome in order to get past what he and Babe have been through. JR tells his stepfather that they can make it work as long as the baby is his. When Tad realizes his stepson has no clue about Babe still being legally married to Paul Kramer, nor how he’d react if he knew, he tells him that there is somebody else they need to talk about. It’s somebody who was in the picture long before JR and Babe met. JR assumes Tad is talking about Dixie.. After JR gives his stepfather a hug and goes inside, Tad discovers he cannot get up the courage to tell JR the devastating news of which he has no clue. When JR is gone, Tad privately tells Dixie that he apologizes for not spitting it out to JR. He tells her he just did not have the heart. Krystal overhears him talking and tells him that he certainly has a heart. She knows that he would not hurt her or her daughter. But he tells her that he only did it for his two sons. Not for them. And he demands that she keeps her word in never telling JR that his wife is a bigamist, because it would break his heart. Krystal tells Tad that she knows Adam Chandler wants to end her daughter and son-in-law’s marriage. And it’s not in an attempt to help his son. Tad says he knows Adam cannot be trusted. But Dixie is still there in spirit to look out for JR. Krystal looks sensitively at Tad and tells him that she wants for them both to be on the same side out of love for their kids. She gives him a hug. And he asks her if this is the part where she sleeps with him in order to get him to keep his mouth shut. He tells her she is as subtle as a heart attack. She inquires whether he thinks he knows her. He says he does not want to. He knows that she has said many times that she will stop at nothing in order to protect her daughter, no matter who has to get hurt. She tells him that she knows what pain and suffering means, more than he could ever realize. She tells him that she has been out on the street, begging for food and doing whatever it takes to take care of her daughter. She tells him she’s slept with disgusting men and degraded herself in many ways throughout her life, and doing whatever it takes to provide for her daughter and keep her safe. And sleeping with him is not as low as she will stoop. She is ready to break down in tears telling him that if all he can do is judge her and see her as a manipulator and not understand how she loves her daughter, then he can go straight to hell.

Inside, JR tells his wife that he wants to be the perfect father and husband and make everything as easy as possible for both of them. She tells him she loves him and she knows that ever since he’s found out the baby’s his, he’s been the sweetest, most loving husband ever. And she strangely brings up, to him, the scenario of what would be happening right now, if he knew that the baby was not his. JR inquires why his wife would even bring up such a thing. He knows the baby is his. At that point, Adam enters with a big present in a box and tells Babe it’s a peace offering for her.

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