AMC Update Tuesday 3/2/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/2/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall walks into Enchantment and is stunned to overhear Erica tantruming on the phone and smashing a vase against the wall. Erica does not know what to say in response to what her daughter has just observed. She tells Kendall she did not expect anybody there. Kendall asks her mother if she is o.k. Erica tells her if one more person asks her that, she will scream. She smiles and tells her daughter that she is fine. But Kendall tells Erica she knows she is anything but fine. She puts her arms around her mother. Erica tries to respond, but it’s obvious something is up with her.

Bianca appears happy while eating her meal in her apartment with Maggie but she knows that her mother is not well, with the news she’s gotten about her choice to have the baby which resulted from being raped by Michael Cambias. And she has a secret, which she cannot even tell Maggie.

In Dr. Joe Martin’s office, Tad announces to everybody that he has some information, which could “invalidate” the so-called proof that JR is the father of Babe’s child. But right when he’s ready to inform everybody, Krystal says she insists that she makes the announcement first. She approaches Tad, trying to charm him so he will not “drop the bomb-shell” which could hurt her and her daughter. Tad announces that something has happened. But right before he spits it out, Krystal tells them that she and Tad are getting married. He announces to everybody that Krystal is lying. But she insists he goes outside with her to discuss something privately. He tells her that he intends to go back into the room and let everybody know that Babe and JR are not legally married, whether she likes it or not. Krystal protests that if he does that, the only person who will win is Adam Chandler, something Tad does not want any more than she does. Adam goes to the door and eavesdrops upon their conversation. Right when he’s ready to open the door, JR grabs him. Adam tells his son that he just planned to go and get some coffee. Jamie tells Adam he knows that his intent was to eavesdrop upon his dad and Krystal. Adam sits in Joe’s chair and tells them all that he is going to send Babe somewhere far away where she will stay away from his son. JR demands that his father takes that back. At that moment, Babe has a contraction and needs to lie down. Right when everybody is ready to leave Joe’s office, Tad and Krystal suddenly end their argument and Krystal attempts to appear to everybody as though there is nothing really intense going on. But Tad tells Krystal he is not through with this.When everybody’s gone, she pulls him into the office and tells him that she doesn’t believe his claim that he cares about JR and Jamie. He tells her that he’s tired of the lies. She tells him that she at least raised her daughter to be a good loving person. He tells her he knows that Babe is still legally married to Paul Kramer and he believes his son has the right to know that.. But she protests that it does not matter what is on a piece of paper. JR and Babe love each other. They believe they are married. And that’s all that should matter. She also protests that her daughter intended to sign the annulment papers with Paul Kramer, but unintentionally put it off. She tells Tad that the two of them need to get along, stop being at odds about this, and maybe have a good time together. She tells him that maybe they can work together to plan a party for Babe and JR. She also reminds him that his son, Jamie, is being very foolish in not being able to let go and realize that Babe loves JR. And she mentions that Adam Chandler has a problem with it, but they should not. She urges him to have a heart for her daughter and his stepson.

When Adam returns home with his son and daughter in law, Mary is waiting for them. He speaks silently to her, revealing that that two of them have a secret which they do not intend for JR or Babe to know about. Adam plays nice to them and says he welcomes Babe into his family. But when JR and Babe are distracted, he rejoins with Mary and reveals his unhappiness to her, while their backs are turned to the young couple. Adam and Mary have a private conversation which cannot be overheard until Babe asks Mary what she thinks of her having a baby shower. Mary faces her, looking happy. Babe tells Adam and Mary that she has an idea of having a double baby shower with Bianca. But Mary puts her foot in her mouth, offending Babe by characterizing Bianca as the sick daughter of Erica Kane who murdered the man who raped her and who’s baby she is carrying. Babe tells Mary she likes Bianca, Bianca is a great girl, and she resents that hateful comment Mary made about her.

Maggie inquires what names Bianca is considering for her baby. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Lena. She informs Bianca that she’s found the perfect house for her. Maggie is stunned and says she never heard that Bianca planned to be moving. Lena tells them both that their apartment is nice but it’s too small.. She knows of a house in a residential, family neighborhood and sounds as though it’s not anywhere nearby. Bianca kind of surprises her friends by telling them that she does not plan to hire anybody to take care of her baby. She plans to raise her herself. Lena tells Bianca all about the house and the accommodations and the plans she can have for the baby. Maggie is excluded from their conversation and disappointed. She has a flashback of when she and Bianca first moved into their new place and she is reminded that they had only planned to live together temporarily. Bianca wakes her out of her daydream and asks what she thinks of the house, which she and Lena are discussing. Maggie hides from Bianca and Lena that she is completely distracted from their conversation and very upset that Bianca plans to move. At that moment, Jamie appears at the door to see Maggie. Although she is not so concerned about him, she makes it look, to Bianca and Lena, as though she is ready to hook up with her new man. When she and Jamie are outside the door, he asks “what that was about?’ She reveals to him that she is distraught with what was just going on and she needs to get out of there for a while.

At Enchantment, Erica attempts to explain to Kendall that she’s a little under stress but there’s no cause for alarm. Everybody needs to blow off steam now and again. Kendall tells her mother that she does not believe that it’s right for her to take over Enchantment. She tells her that she can sign back Erica’s shares to her. Erica goes to her desk and relives a memory where she hears Bianca telling somebody that because that psycho rapist got her pregnant, it can never be over. She slams a picture frame against her desk. Kendall asks what that was about. Erica tells her daughter that she wants to give her the opportunity to run Enchantment. Although Kendall keeps telling her that that is not right, Enchantment is Erica Kane, Erica keeps telling her that she no longer needs to be the CEO. She also mentions that she is not comfortable being noticed everywhere she goes. Kendall inquires why she would not be happy with being a celebrity. She also tells Erica that she knows the reason for her volatile behavior, and what caused her to smash the vase, was because of Bianca. Erica acts as if she did not know what she’s talking about. While on the floor, picking up the pieces of the vase, Erica tells Kendall that she is not weak or emotionally fragile. She just wants to start something new, find a new project. Kendall asks her just what her specific plans are. Erica says she hasn’t really come up with any specific plans yet. Kendall tells her mother that she knows that it would not matter what it is. It’s just an excuse to take her mind off of Bianca. She reminds her mother that she knows that what is going on with Bianca very much hits home for her, and it might be a struggle for the both of them. Erica reminds Kendall that she has observed changes in her and that means something to her. Kendall tells Erica that all her life, she fantasized about having the perfect family. Erica tells her that she believes she’s been reasonable with her daughter. Kendall says she wants the three of them to be close. Erica tells her that she knows that Kendall has bonded, all on her own with Bianca. She also reveals that Kendall and Bianca have both shut her out. She tries to sound calm and not emotionally damaged. Right then, the phone rings. She answers it. Somebody tells her something that shocks her.

After Maggie leaves and Bianca is alone with Lena, she admits that she can tell that Maggie is upset about something. She confesses that the only reason she’s stayed in this apartment as long as she has, was because she wanted to be there for Kendall during her trial. She thought Maggie knew that and was o.k. about it. But she admits that she is sad and feels bad about hurting Maggie.

Babe protests to Mary that Bianca is choosing to have her baby and will be an excellent mother. JR supports what she says and tells Mary that Bianca is a friend of his and he does not appreciate Mary speaking bad of her. Adam even defends Bianca, informing Mary that he cares for Erica and for Bianca. Mary attempts to smooth the conversation over, by simply telling them that she thought Bianca might not be comfortable having a shower, and announcing to everybody that she is pregnant, due to the circumstances. But everybody knows what she really meant.

Jamie takes Maggie to his father’s house and asks her if she wants to compare horror stores. She asks him what has gone on in his life today. He tells her his day cannot be any happier than hers’. It sounds like neither of the want to relive the negativity in their lives and they sit on the couch and hold each other.

At the Chandler house, Tad enters and takes JR outside to have a private conversation with him. He tells his stepson that he does not know how to tell him something but he believes he must. Krystal goes inside and attempts to tell her daughter about the conversation she has just had with Tad.

Right when Erica is having her mysterious, angry phone conversation, with Kendall standing right by her, Bianca enters the room and is stunned to overhear her mother telling somebody that she will never again trust or forgive them after what they’ve done to her.


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