AMC Update Monday 3/1/04

All My Children Update Monday 3/1/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Simone seems proud of herself that she found an important document for Tad. "Your welcome," she tells Tad, who is distracted by this paper and angry about what he sees on it. Tad says this paper could mess up Babe's life. Tad says Krystal lied, cheated and out-snaked him. He leaves and refuses Simone's requests to go along with him. He says this is going to get ugly real fast.

Babe and contingent are waiting for the paternity results in Joe's office. She is especially nervous. She stands up and nearly faints. Adam accuses Babe of faking a fainting spell but Babe says she's OK. Joe looks at the test results and announces that JR is the baby's father. JR looks relieved and hugs Babe, saying "our baby!" Adam insists that this is a mistake or a lie. Joe tells him the margin of error is practically non-existent. Adam accuses Joe of tampering with the records to protect his grandson. Joe tells him the only person in this room who has ever tampered with records was Adam. He warns Adam to shape up or he'll lose his son and his grandchild. A dejected-looking Jamie starts to walk out but Babe tells him to wait. Babe tells Jamie and her husband they need to forget about the meanness and focus on what's important. They're brothers and they need to let go of the misunderstandings and fights. JR extends his arm to Jamie, and Jamie shakes his hand. Tad barges in and asks someone to fill him in. JR tells Jamie to tell Tad that he's happy to be an uncle. Jamie walks out of the room, and JR tells Babe that Jamie will come around. Krystal tells Tad that all is right with the world. Tad tells her that she went out of her way to fix things good.

JR tells Adam that they need to talk. Adam asks what they have to say. How about an apology for starters, JR says. He tells his father if he can't acknowledge his mother and child that he'll take his family and leave. If he's not careful he'll lose his son and his grandchild. A relieved Krystal tells Babe that JR is the father in every way that counts. Jamie Martin doesn't exist anymore, she says. Jamie goes back to the hospital nursery and stares at the babies. Tad asks him if he's all right. Jamie tells him this makes him sick. He wanted to give this baby a normal life. Now the baby will be stuck in that family forever. "Maybe not," Tad says. Later, Adam tells JR and Babe that he is sorry and he was wrong not to make Babe feel more welcome. He wants to be in their family's future. Babe tells him if he wants to start over she'll give it a try. She gives him a hug. Tad walks in and says there's something they need to know. There is more than one secret floating around. He reveals the document and Krystal looks very nervous.

At Erica's penthouse, Jack tells Erica that they deserve some "us time." He wants them to spend the day together. Erica resists, saying she has too much work to do. Besides, this is the day she starts her new beginning. She's letting go of the past. Jack tells her one thing he won't allow is for her to let go of him. Erica says she has to put Kendall in place as head of Enchantment and has back-to-back meetings. Jack, who slept in Erica's guest room the night before, says he looked into the hallway during the night and saw Erica pacing and deep in thought. She asks if that's why he stayed over – to spy on her. Just then Opal arrives and Erica greets her warmly. She pours herself and Opal a glass of wine. Opal watches disapprovingly as Erica drinks her wine. Erica talks about her new plans. She wants to reinvent the concept of total beauty while she reinvents herself. She talks about going to Milan and Paris. Opal tells her she has not said one word about what is happing now. She tells Erica she's not OK and shouldn't be drinking wine. Erica says people drink wine all the time. What's the big deal? Opal tells her she shouldn't be drinking while she's in recovery. Erica says she was addicted to prescription drugs, not alcohol. Opal doesn't buy that excuse and tells her that if she's drinking wine like it's no big deal she can bet her trip to Betty Ford that she has a problem. Opal says it's killing her to see her like this. Erica says only that they have just come through a painful time and it's a new day. She leaves. Jack asks Opal if he's reading the wrong thing into this. Opal tells him he's dead on. Erica is in serious trouble.

Kendall tells David they can have an affair with no trust or no pesky emotions getting in the way. "What the hell, I'm game if you are," he tells her. They kiss passionately, and Kendall cries out "Oh, Ryan." David tells her of all the dirty words she could call him, that is the worst. Kendal apologizes and asks what's wrong with her. She walks to a door and looks out, telling him she's stuck. She doesn't know where she's supposed to go. She doesn't know what to do with herself. David tells her there are other things to live for. It's time to move on. Kendall tells David that Ryan left Pine Valley and David says he hopes he never comes back. Kendall is upset and prepares to leave. She tells David that she has Bianca and her upcoming niece, so she has a lot in her life right now. David asks if this means their planned affair is not going to happen. Kendall tells him she won't show up on his doorstep again.

Ryan tells Greenlee he heard her calling him. He had flashes of her that would just appear. Greenlee tells him that he knew she needed him and he found her. "Can you still read my mind?" she asks. She tells him to tell her what she really wants. "A quart of oil," Ryan replies, explaining that he's getting her vibes mixed up with what his bike wants. Greenlee admits she's pushing her luck and changes the subject. She realizes that since he was leaving town, he and Kendall must not be together any more. She offers to call Kendall to tell her that Ryan didn't betray her. Ryan tells Greenlee to forget Kendall. Ryan turns away from Greenlee, and she knows he is mad at her for bringing up Kendall. But she says she still can't understand why he won't let her call Kendall. Ryan tells Greenlee that she didn't break it and she can't fix it. Greenlee says she doesn't understand why Kendall doesn't trust Ryan. Maybe there's more to it. Ryan tells her if she doesn't want to end up back in the hole she needs to stop talking about Kendall. Ryan cooks some food for Greenlee and tells her that he gave all the inheritance to Bianca and her baby. Greenlee asks him if this is what he wants – no money, no Kendall and no Pine Valley? She says he's turning his back on everything he cares about. As Ryan sits looking dejected, Greenlee tries to cheer him up with some bad jokes. Finally a smile washes across Ryan's face and Greenlee tells him it's good to see him smile again.

Kendall goes to Enchantment and tells Boyd she's sorry and can never make it up to him. She asks if they can start over. Boyd asks what's the point in having him around now. Kendall says now that she's in charge, they can make over Enchantment. The two of them make an amazing team. Boyd tells her she never took him seriously. She knew she could play him because of how she felt. She saw chump written on his forehead but now that sign is gone. He tells her he's leaving. He has hooked up with a lab that works with burn victims. Boyd leaves angrily.

Erica goes to her Enchantment office and says to herself, "How dare you, Jack Montgomery." She grabs a vase and throws it across the room, saying "you can go straight to hell." Kendall is there to see this.

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