AMC Update Friday 2/27/04

All My Children Update Friday 2/27/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is sleeping in a cabin when Greenlee approaches him and puts a blanket on him. Ryan wakes up and wonders why Greenlee is out of bed. She nearly passes out and he picks her up and puts her in bed. He notices her hands are cold and tries to warm her up. She tells him to leave her alone and go and be happy. He is confused, seeing that she is putting someone else before herself. She falls asleep and he calls a doctor and tells him to get there as soon as possible. He gets in bed with her. She wakes up and says she doesn't need a doctor. She tries to get up but Ryan puts her back down. He stares into her eyes to look at her pupils. She asks him if he can see her soul since the eyes are the window to the soul. He is even more confused by her words. She asks if Kendall is going to prison because of her. When he tells her that Kendall is free, she says "thank God." She tells him that when she was in that hole she had lots of time to think. She realized that there's no escaping from the mess she has made of her life. She figures she needs to cut her losses and go somewhere else. Ryan says that's strange, because that's what he was going to do when he found Greenlee. The doctor comes to the door and checks Greenlee over and gives her some pills. After the doctor leaves, Ryan notices the ring on Greenlee's finger. Greenlee says it was the ring he gave Kendall. She thought Kendall threw it in the mineshaft to torment her. He tells her he threw it in and then covered the shaft's hole with a rock. He tells her he had no idea she was inside. Greenlee tells him she kept calling his name and he came back. He heard her. Ryan tells her she has entered his mind over the past few days. Greenlee says she was calling for him and he says he heard her.

Kendall is sleeping in David's cabin with an empty liquor bottle next to her. She wakes up abruptly and seems confused about where she's at. David enters the scene and tells her she spent the night on his couch. She's suffering from a hangover, and says she feels like there's a stampede in her head. He tells her she can stay there, as long as she doesn't try to sell him on Ryan. She tells him she's done with Ryan. David tells her that he's sworn off relationships. There ought to be a law against falling in love. Kendall suggests that maybe the two of them could fall in love. David says the only thing they have in common is a mutual caring for Bianca. Kendall says her hangover has cleared her head. She realizes she can't love because she can't trust. So she needs to find someone who doesn't care about trust. David tells her there should be a lot of men like that and she can have her pick. Kendall suggests him, saying they are a match made in hell. "You want to have an affair?"

Anita is in Joe's office when Jamie walks in. He has heard Anita is a new hire at the hospital and has heard good things about her. He asks to get a sneak peak at the paternity tests for Babe's baby. He tells her the results inside the envelope could change his life. Before Anita has a chance to respond Joe enters the office and asks why Jamie is there. Jamie admits he is there to see the test results. Joe tells him to come back in 45 minutes. Jamie leaves and Joe talks to Anita. He says he can't believe how grown up she has become and asks how long she'll be in town. She says it depends on Edmund's recovery. Joe asks her if Bobby will be coming. She says that's still up in the air. He says he'll call resources and get an interview set up.

Jamie goes to the hospital nursery and looks at the babies. He imagines seeing Babe holding a baby in the nursery and nodding to him as if he's the father. Anita arrives and asks him what he's doing there. He says he's trying to imagine what it feels like to be a dad. He asks Anita if she wants a baby. She says she does someday, but both parents have to want to be there.

JR walks downstairs in his robe and Babe cheerfully greets him with a cup of coffee. JR looks at the mug she's given him and asks what she's trying to pull. Words on the mug say "World's best dad." He asks if she's trying to convince him that he's the baby's father, telling her she knows how to set the scene. Babe is not happy by his reaction, and asks him if he's going to be at Dr. Martin's office at 10 a.m. when the test results are revealed. He says he wouldn't miss it for the world. He pours the coffee into another mug and gives her the mug with the "dad" message on it. She angrily throws it against the wall, breaking it, and runs out of the house. Adam, who was listening to the scene from around the corner, walks into the room to greet his son. Adam tells JR that he has put up with Babe so long, but there is only so much a man can forgive. He thinks JR has reached his limit. Adam says he'll be on Babe's side no matter how the test results turn out. He'll meet him in Joe's office.

Tad wakes up next to Krystal and moves his hand over to the side of the mattress to feel for the paper that was stuck between the mattress. His movement wakes Krystal up and she asks him if he's being frisky or sneaky. He says he's being both. She angrily rolls him on his back then gets out of bed and gets dressed. She throws the necklace he gave her at him. She is angry and feels used because he was looking for something that would make her daughter's life a living hell. Tad admits he was curious about what was on the paper and apologizes. She seems ready to forgive him and he tries to kiss her but she moves away and tells him she can't trust him. She walks out of the room and finds Simone just ready to knock on the door. She tells Simone that Tad is her's, so take him. She wouldn't have him if he was stuffed with $100 bills and dipped in chocolate. Krystal storms out and Tad angrily asks what he has to do to get this document. He searches under the mattress but the paper he finds is a betting form for the Oscars. Simone asks him how playing mattress tag with Krystal is going to protect his son. Tad says the secret Krystal is keeping could affect JR and Jamie. He tells her if she can't handle it, they should call it quits right now. Simone doesn't want to do that, and instead makes some moves on Tad. He tells her he has to find that piece of paper. Simone offers to help, and they begin throwing things around the room in a hunt for the document. As Simone looks at all the clothes in Krystal's closet she becomes angrier. She tells Tad she doesn't like taking orders and demands respect. She won't be his doormat. Their interaction escalates and she grabs a vase from a shelf and tosses it at him. A paper falls out of the vase. It is an annulment document. Tad tells her she's a genius.

Babe goes to the hospital where she runs into Paul. She asks him about the DNA test. "Is JR my baby's daddy?" Paul doesn't respond, and she tells him not to think that he could be the father. If it's not JR's it's Jamie's. She asks him if JR is a match or did he fix the results to make it look like JR is the father. Paul tells her she'll find out when her husband does. Babe walks into Joe's dark office and Jamie enters soon after and turns on the light. He tells her that if he's shown to be the father, he doesn't have to take him as part of the package. Babe seems touched. She feels her baby tickling her ribs and takes Jamie's hand and puts it on her stomach. He says it's amazing. Babe tells him he's the only guy she has met to has admitted to being wrong about something. Krystal walks in and asks Jamie if she can have some time alone with Babe. He leaves and she asks Babe if she's OK. Babe says she has been fine and asks where her mother has been. Krystal says she was with Tad, who's hunting for information. She tells Babe not to worry. She has the document hidden so well Sherlock Holmes couldn't find it.

JR, still at home, looks at the broken mug and envisions seeing Babe with a little boy. JR tells them that they are his world. When JR's daydream stops, he says to himself, "my world. I guess it's all a lie." Later, Adam and JR arrive at Joe's office and Jamie follows them in. Joe arrives with the results and tells them they are highly reliable. There is almost no chance for error.

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