AMC Update Thursday 2/26/04

All My Children Update Thursday 2/26/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

JR goes to talk to Jamie and Tad, telling them that he wants to find out the true paternity of Babe’s baby.

Back at the Chandler house, Babe is eating ice cream. Krystal tells her daughter that she’s overeating. She says she can tell that it’s not just a pregnancy craving. There’s another reason. She knows Babe is eating because she’s worried about something. The phone rings. It’s Paul Kramer. Babe asks if he has the paternity results. He tells her he’s got it right there in his hand. She urges him to tell her that JR is the father. But, he doesn’t seem to want to tell her that.

Outside, near the hole where Greenlee is stuck, Ryan believes he’s heard Greenlee call out to him. But at that moment, Kendall appears out of nowhere. He asks her why she’s followed him out there. He tells her that he’s already given her the keys to his penthouse and asks what more she wants. He tells her that nothing has changed. She is delusional to believe otherwise and he admits that he is also, for his believing that they had a chance. Right when he’s ready to get back on his motorcycle and depart, she urges him to wait and asks what it would mean to him if she wanted to try again to make their relationship work.

Babe loses her phone connection with Paul. Unknown to both her and Krystal, Paul is at the hospital, getting a “better bribe” from Adam Chandler. Adam offers him an envelope with a check and informs Paul that he’s willing to “negotiate” in order to get Babe out of his son’s life. Krystal tells her daughter that she must not worry nor let Paul upset her. She assures her that she will handle everything.

Back at Tad’s, Jamie inquires why JR cannot trust his wife. JR tells Jamie that if he is so concerned, why doesn’t he just come to the hospital to see the results. Jamie says he will be there and he hopes JR is not the father of Babe’s child because she deserves better. JR leaves and Tad tells his son that he wishes he would not be so rude to JR, but he commends his son for caring about Babe. He tells Jamie that he is willing to help him. Jamie tells his father that he does not want him digging up dirt on Babe. But Tad tells his son that he does not intend to back off until he finds out what Babe and Krystal are up to.

At the hospital, an security guard tries to prevent Brooke from entering. Adam Chandler orders him to leave Brooke alone and let her enter. The guard eventually goes away. Adam asks Brooke what kind of trouble got her thrown out of the hospital. She admits it’s about Edmund. Adam inquires of Maria got Brooke thrown out over jealousy that Brooke may be making moves on her husband. But Brooke tells Adam it’s over another matter which she does not plan to discuss. Adam asks her how Jamie is. She inquires why he’s asking about Jamie. He informs her that Jamie and JR will both find out the paternity results of Babe’s baby. Brooke firmly informs Adam that she knows he’s hoping that Jamie is the father of Babe’s child, just so that he can break up her marriage with his son. And Brooke tells him that even if he is a grandfather in the best of circumstances, he will make the same mistakes again and die a lonely, bitter, nasty old man.

Babe is at home, with a bassinette, talking to the baby. She tells him or her all her memories of her mother taking care of her as a child. She tells the baby that she knows of so many people who don’t want to bring babies into the world with all the hate and killing going on. But she believes that she and JR have enough love to give to the baby to enable it to be strong and a good person. She sings a lullaby. Unknown to her, JR is by the door, hearing her.

Ryan tells Kendall that he knows she still does not trust him nor trust her feelings for him. He urges her to be honest. And he tells her that trust is part of love. She tells him she wonders how she can trust him when he’s ready to pack up and move out. He tells her that he’s leaving simply because he cannot keep trying and failing to make it work when she makes it impossible. He also informs her that he has disposed of the ring she gave back to him by throwing it down the mineshaft. From inside, Greenlee, half conscious, is mumbling that she wants Ryan to save her and is afraid she will die there. Ryan is on his motorcycle and ready to leave. But Kendall jumps on the back of it and urges him to give them another chance. He tells her that he knows what she wants but inquires what they can build it upon. He tells her he knows she still does not trust him and asks what can change. He reminds her that he was completely behind her and ready to help both her and Bianca during the trial. He was ready to rescue her but she just would not let herself see that. She tells him a major problem she had was Greenlee. He asks her to leave Greenlee out of this and just stick to the two of them. Kendall says she knows that Ryan intended to go to the very place where Greenlee comes to talk to Leo. He tells her that he was just there to say good-bye to Leo and could care less about Greenlee. But Kendall protests that ever since he came back into town, Greenlee has been all over him and he’s loved every minute of it. She taunts him telling him that she knows Greenlee wants Ryan and says Greenlee can have him and she is out of here. Unknown to both of them, Greenlee is underneath them, stuck in the mineshaft.

JR enters to talk to Babe and tells her that there’s a possibility that they can work things out. And if it’s just between the two of them, with nobody else involved, then they won’t have to take the test. But she tells him that if it is proven that he is not her baby’s daddy, then she will go away. But she tells him he must know that she could never love anybody the way she loves him. She says that they could be as happy as they were when they first met, if he will just let them. Unknown to both of them, Jamie is there, overhearing their conversation. She asks if he wants the baby not to be his. He screams no. He never wants to stop loving her. She tells him that she wants things to be the way they were. He says it was the two of them against the world. She says that it can be that way again. But right when he’s almost ready to drop his guard, he tells her that they will have plenty of time to decide their future, once they find out the results of the paternity test.

At the hospital, Brooke tells Adam that he has insulted and disrespected Babe from day one. And he’s going to be isolated form his grandchild and regret it. And he needs to rethink his attitude.

Ryan stops again while en route on his motorcycle and speaks to the spirit of Leo. He tells him that he knows that something is drawing him back and not preventing him from leaving Pine Valley. He has a flashback of his conversation with Kendall where she tells him she knows he’s not over Greenlee. He also remembers pushing the rock overtop of the hole where, unknown to him before, Greenlee has been stuck. At that point he yells: “Greenlee” and struggles to move the big rock away from the hole as if he knows she’s there and he must save her. He uses all his strength and moves it from overtop of the hole. Instantly he knows that Greenlee is in there. He screams to her. Then he grabs a flashlight and is able to look down the shaft and see her down there.

Krystal finds Paul Kramer and demands to find out if he’s gotten the results of the paternity test. He tells her no. She threatens him, letting him know that if he does anything to hurt her daughter she will not be afraid to beat him up.

Tad is sitting in Krystal’s room and discovers her diary.. She writes, on one page that Tad Martin has gotten what he wanted the old fashioned way; He earned it.

Kendall goes to see David Hayward. She tells him that she has just said good-bye to an old friend and she could use a new one. David tells Kendall that he makes a lousy friend, or so he is told. She tells him that she makes a lousy everything. So they might be a perfect team. He asks her if she’ been drinking. She says no but it might be a good idea to start. He tells her he knows something is going on with her. But she assures him that she’s fine, Blanca’s fine, everything is great. She grabs some booze. But he grabs it before she can pour it. He tells her he has a fair trade for her; straight liquor for straight talk. And he asks her what’s going on. She tells him she would not mind getting thrown in jail and getting into trouble. She tells him that she’s wasted too much energy trying to be somebody who she is not. He inquires what that is. She replies that what she means is the good girl who does the right thing. She says she tried and all she got was a kick in the butt from her ex fiancé. He tells her that it sounds like Ryan has a lot of power to affect her mood. But she assures him she’s going to be o.k. and not affected by Ryan. She reminds him that together the two of them pulled off the ultimate pregnancy scam. And they might be meant for each other. He kind of resists. But she says he owes it to her to give her a shot and she kisses him. He doesn’t fight her at first, but later lets go of her and tells her that she needs to get a grip. She tells him that she has already tried and failed to get a grip. She is tired of being alone. She wants to be loved and cared for just like everybody else is. At that point, David holds Kendall and she calms down.

Brooke goes to talk to her son. Jamie assumes his mother is there to talk him out of finding out the results of the paternity test. She assures him she’s not there because of that, nor because anything is wrong. She just wants to visit him. She informs him that she ran into Adam Chandler at the hospital but there’s no cause for alarm. She tries to make it a casual social call and they decide to play a card game together. But she tells him that before they start she wants him to know that if it is found out that the baby is his, she will welcome it as an addition to the family but does not want it to call her: “grandma”.

While Tad is hiding in Krystal’s room, he gets fair warning, hearing her voice, that she has returned. And he hides in her closet. But as soon as she enters, she discovers that somebody has been there and has gone through her dresser drawers. She instantly opens the closet and finds him there. She pulls him out by his ear and is ready to call the police. She asks him why he’s there. He tells her he’s there because he wants to give her a necklace. He pulls one out of his pocket and puts it around her neck. He makes it look like he’s trying to seduce her. She reminds him that if he intended to give her a necklace and leave before she came back, he should have left a note for her. She tells him that she knows he is playing the field. But he tries to sound convincing telling her that he may not presently be a one-woman man, but he crept up there and gave the necklace to her. Then he kisses her. And she seems to drop her guard and forget her suspicion over the real reason why he’s there. Right when they are on the bed, ready to have a good time, He discovers a piece of paper she has between her mattresses and secretly grabs for it.

Ryan lowers himself down into the mineshaft with a rope. He discovers Greenlee unconscious and is ready to carry her out. But he demands to know what happened and how she got down there. She is still unconscious and unable to open her eyes. But he hears her say: “go away”. When she awakens, Ryan is able to show her that he is really there. She cries with joy that he is there to rescue her.

When Babe and JR are together, he is burying himself in work. She asks him if he’s tired. He says he needs to get this work done. She tells him she wishes he’d get some rest. She then goes up to bed. As soon as she’s out of view, JR gets up from his desk, no longer “pretending” to be busy, goes over to the bassinette and holds the little stuffed bunny she put there. Unknown to him, he is being spied upon by his father.


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