AMC Update Wednesday 2/25/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/25/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Erica is standing on her patio with a drink in her hand, and her back turned to Jack. He asks if she is o.k. She tells him that she is certainly o.k., knowing that neither she nor either of her two daughters are going to prison for murder. She sounds happy. She tells him that this happy occasion deserves a toast. She pours them both drinks and tells him she wants to have a celebration. But he tells her that he wants to talk about the court hearing they’ve just been through, whether she’s up for it or not. She tells him she’s simply relieved that it’s finally over. He asks her what’s on her mind. She says that now she is refocusing. Before the trial, she had so much on her mind, she tells him. But now she is ready for unchartered territory. She tells him she first thought she wanted a new company. But now she believes she wants a whole new challenge. Jack tells her that there are some things she needs to deal with. Only a day ago, she, herself confessed to murdering Michael Cambias. On this very day, she heard Bianca confess and finds out for the first time that Bianca really killed him. He tells his fiance that she’s been in major denial, burying herself in business and acting like everything is o.k. ever since she found out that Bianca is still pregnant. And he demands that she starts talking and being real. Erica urges Jack to see that there is nothing to be stressed over. Jack tells her he’d like to believe that but he’s a little concerned that his niece, her daughter, who is very much like his own daughter just confessed to murdering a man in self-defense. Erica admits that that shocked her too but now it’s over. And she inquires just what Jack’s problem is with the mood she’s now in. He tells her he has no problem with her. He loves her. She’s the woman he wants to marry. And he asks her if they are still going to get married.

In the courtroom, Kendall calls out to Ryan. She can tell he’s really spaced out and wonders what’s up with him. He looks at her and sees Greenlee’s face again. He asks her if she’s seen or heard from Greenlee. She tells him she does not know why he’d ask such a thing, nor care about Greenlee, nor believe she would. She asks if he thinks she’s done something to Greenlee. He asks her if, in fact, she did. Bianca overhears their argument, and for the first time the revelation that Ryan has Greenlee on the brain. When Kendall leaves, Bianca urges Ryan to reconsider ending his and Kendall’s relationship. But Ryan insists he will not talk about lost causes like him and Kendall, and tells Bianca she has enough on her mind in her own life and shouldn’t worry about them. Bianca tells Ryan that she will never forget all that he has done for her and for her sister. He tells her that she can call him if she needs anything. She gives him a hug. But right as he holds her, he sees her as Greenlee.

Still in the mineshaft, after the avalanche has fallen upon her, Greenlee is lying down, believing this is the end for her. But, suddenly, she discovers an opening, and much to her own surprise, rejoices that she is finally safe. She has a vision that she awakens in a meadow, wearing a white gown. And Ryan comes to her wearing white clothing. She tells him she loves this place. It’s so peaceful. He tells her it’s what she deserves. She wonders how he can say that and tells him after all she’s done, it’s the last thing she deserves. He says to her she must feel the breeze and hear the birds sing and inquires why she does not believe she deserves it. She tells him it’s obvious. But she tells him that if she could stay here forever, she would never be afraid again. He asks just what s he is afraid of. She says letting her guard down, being hurt, hurting other people, and being invisible. All those things scare her. But he tells her she is not invisible. He will always see her and be there for her. He gives her a box and tells her that this is all she needs to be happy. She inquires how a box can make her happy. Meanwhile, the real Ryan keeps having unwanted flashbacks of his interaction and bonding with Greenlee, although he keeps saying that she must get out of his head. In Greenlee’s dream, while in the meadow with Ryan, after he gives her the mysterious box and she goes to open it. But once she begins to trust Ryan, he suddenly disappears and she notices the box is locked and there’s no key. She calls out to him, in the dream. While in the mineshaft, she keeps saying: “Don’t leave me, Ryan.”

In the courtroom, after everyone else has left, Bianca and Lena are still there. Bianca walks through the empty courtroom and says that there’s something she needs to find. But Lena urges her to realize that she’s been cleared of all charges, she’s free to go. It’s over. And shouldn’t she be happy about that and forget all about it? But Bianca tells Lena that something is telling her that it is not over yet. Lena tells Bianca that she is the strongest, bravest person. Bianca tells Lenaa that she does not believe that Lena can be unbiased about her. Lena admits that her own tendency is to run away from a problem, while Bianca is courageous and unafraid to put herself on the line. Bianca reminds Lena that she was, not long ago, ready to leave town and run away from her life. She mentions how brave Kendall was, knowing all along that Bianca was the guilty one, yet ready to take the rap for her sister. Maggie enters and says she agrees with Lena that Bianca did an extraordinarily courageous thing today.

Jack inquires, again, why Erica has taken off the ring he’s give her. At that moment, she is saved by the bell, and does not have to answer that question. She gets the door. It’s Kendall. She says she’s come to make sure her mother is o.k. tells her daughter and her fiancé that she wishes everybody would stop fussing over her. Everything is fine, she says. She is so happy that Kendall is cleared of all charges and there’s nothing for anybody to stress over. She also informs Kendall that she has signed Enchantment over to her. She sounds happy, telling her daughter that she is ready to pursue many other possibilities in her career endeavors. She can tell that Kendall is not as happy to hear that, as she’d hoped she’d be. She tells Kendall she always thought that’s what she wanted. But Kendall is still concerned about her mother. Erica tells Kendall that she has earned ownership of Erica’s company with all she’s done for her sister, and with all she’s put herself through. Erica also tells Kendall and Jack that she is going to go to Europe and take some time off. But Kendall urges her to see that she cannot leave now. She must stay and be there for Bianca and the baby. Erica asks Kendall of there is a problem? Kendall says that Bianca has had a baby under very traumatizing circumstances and she just, today, admitted that she killed a man. And Kendall says she would only assume that Bianca needs her mother at a time like this. Erica inquires, simply, if there is any medical problem involved with Bianca. Kendall says not. Jack tells Erica he agrees with Kendall about Bianca’s needing her mother and there shouldn’t have to be a medical problem. Erica tells them that she knows Bianca has many friends who care about her. Kendall tells her that there is still no substitute for her mother. But Erica tells them, bluntly, that Bianca has made it clear that she does not want or need her mother with the secret she’s kept from her. And she again, evades the issue by telling Kendall that she is very proud of her for all she’s done for Bianca. She also tells Kendall that she needs to stop distrusting Ryan. She urges her daughter to see that she will lose something really special if she allows Greenlee’s petty jealousy to come between her and Ryan. Kendall inquires whether her mother really believes that Ryan cares for her. Erica assures her that she certainly does. She tells Kendall that she will be alone, without the man she loves, by not trusting him. Kendall leaves. Jack tells Erica that he knows that all of her talk about what Ryan did for Kendall is supposed to be about what Jack did NOT do for Erica.

Bianca, Lena and Maggie all go to Michael’s abandoned condo. Bianca tells her two friends that she needs to face this by being there. They wait outside the door while she goes inside. She rehears her conversation with Michael the night she went to confront him, and wound up killing him. She rehears his taunting and harassing, and telling her that she wanted to have sex with him. The very interaction she relived and told the judge and her family about, the previous day, is replaying in her mind as she walks through his home, right where she was the night it took place. When she stops hearing their conversation, in her mind, she says to herself: “breath, just breath”. And she says to Michaels’s spirit that he cannot trick her any more. And she envisions him sitting on his couch not daring to speak. She tells him she knows what she did. She pulled the trigger and watched him fall down dead. She tells him she’s not proud of what she did. But she did what she had to do. When she saw him coming towards her, she thought: “Not again!” She’s not going to let him hurt her or anybody else ever again. She’s not sorry that he’s gone. She only regrets that she did not pull the trigger sooner. Because she could have saved a lot of people a lot of pain. But there is one thing she got form this whole disgusting nightmare. She is a survivor. She’s done. She’s over him and he is a dead man and he has no more power over her. She tells him, while she sees him sitting, silently, that this is her baby, only her baby. She will keep her baby safe and loved. She will have a good life and make sure that her baby does too. And he must stay right where he is: dead. He must get out of her life. He still sits silently, in her fantasy. She keeps saying to him: “Go away!” And then, her vision of him disappears. At that moment, Lena and Maggie enter to make sure she is o.k. They find her sitting on the couch, looking exhausted. She tells them that he’s gone. They wonder what she’s talking about. She tells them she is very happy. She made Michael Cambias go away. She is now free. And as they all walk out the door, she says she never wants to see this place again.

Kendall goes to talk to Ryan. He first sees her as Greenlee. But knowing who she really is, he tells her that she will never again change his mind. He tells her he’s leaving town and they are through. Although she wants to talk, he tells her he’s done. He gives her the key to his house, telling her he knows she always wanted to own the place he lives, that he will no longer need it, and he leaves. But she tries to protest to him that she does not want to simply have material offerings without love in her life. She remembers the conversation where Erica told her the same thing, and remembers that Ryan’s offering of his house to her is as empty as Erica’s offering of Enchantment to her.

Back at Erica’s, while she just wants to indulge and avoid the issue with Jack, he tells her that he’s not going let her do that. He tells her that he loves there and he will bee in it for the long haul, whether she likes it or not. She tells him she’s tired and not ready to deal with what he wants to talk about tonight. But he tells her they will deal with it, whether she likes it or not. She turns her back again and goes to her room, as if he’s not invited to come with her.

Kendall sits in Ryan’s empty house. She relives their happy, intimate interaction before Christmas, remembering her fascination with pine cones, that that is where they first met, and since this is their first Christmas together, she wants it to be special. She has a flashback of the two of them lying by the fireplace in each other’s arms. And at that point, she says: “You will not leave me again, Ryan. I will not let you.” And she goes out the door.

Strangely enough, Ryan stops his motorcycle, although not knowing how or why, right by the mineshaft where Greenlee is. He talks to somebody about Greenlee, remembering the conversation he had with Juan Pablo where he heard from her “other man” that she is complicated. Ryan tells his deceased father that there is nothing in Pine Valley for him anymore. And the sooner he blows this place, the better. But, at that moment, the strangest thing happens. He hears Greenlee’s voice, saying: “help me Ryan”. She is unable to get herself out of the mineshaft; because of the big rock he put over the hole, a week ago, when he was there, assuming it would prevent somebody from falling.


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