AMC Update Tuesday 2/24/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/24/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maria asks Brooke and Edmund what their private conversation has been about. She knows something has been going on without her knowing. Edmund informs her that he has been consulting with Brooke on the possibility of surgery. Maria does not sound happy to hear that. Maria’s sister comes to talk to Edmund. Outside his room, Maria expresses her anger toward Brooke. She tells Brooke she knows nothing about this situation. She also tells Brooke that if she wants to write a story about this, that’s fine. But Brooke is not a doctor. Maria also implies that she believes that Brooke is still in love with Edmund and wants to take him from her. And she demands that Brooke does not come near her husband again. But Brooke inquires, to Maria, whether it matters to her what Edmund wants. She tells Maria that she must see that Edmund is a risk taker. That’s who he is. It’s in his blood. Maria will not listen and she instructs the attending physician to make sure that Brooke is never on the hospital premises again. But Dr. Joe Martin tells Maria that he cannot go along with her demands to keep Brooke away from Edmund. He urges her to trust in the other doctors and let Edmund make his own decision about the surgery.

In the courtroom, when everybody is leaving, Bianca unilaterally informs the judge that Kendall did not kill Michael Cambias. She announces that she did. The judge informs her that she has first amendment rights against self-incrimination. Livia and Jack urge her not to go through with this. Kendall and Erica stand in awe of what they are hearing. But Bianca looks straight at the judge and tells her that she shot Michael Cambias and she has to pay for what she did. The judge reminds her that she has granted a mistrial to Kendall. She also tells Bianca that there is currently no case to be tried against her, that she must be grateful for that and not say another word. The judge tells her that although she is not interested in Bianca’s confession of murdering Michael, the prosecution, who is standing right there listening to what Bianca’s saying, might be. So she admonishes Bianca to consult with counsel before incriminating herself. But Bianca makes an announcement to the entire courtroom. She tells them all how they have done so much to protect her. She has been so grateful and so proud for all that her friends have done for her mother and Kendall and herself. She acknowledges that so many people have turned their lives upside down for her. She tells everybody that if she had just known,-and they must believe her- she would not have let everything happen the way it has. She says is so sorry for everything she put Kendall through. She asks her mother if she can ever forgive her. Kendall goes over and puts her arms around her sister. Bianca secretly tells Kendall that it is amazing that she would have never told anybody what she knew all along, about Bianca killing Michael. Bianca tells her sister that nobody deserves that kind of love and loyalty and sacrifice. She announces that now there is something that she can do to make it right for everybody and for her baby. She then takes of her coat to reveal that she is pregnant. She announces that Michael Cambias did leave behind a child. But it’s not Kendall’s it’s hers’. Bianca tells everybody that she wants her baby to grow up loved and not ashamed of anything She says that she was able to tell, at Michael’s funeral, how powerful love is. And she says that she believes that love will get her through all of what she will have to go through now. Reggie goes over to her and tells her he wishes all the mothers in the world were like her and he gives her a hug. So do Lena and Maggie. Bianca walks down the aisle and tells David that he has saved her baby so many times and she will never forget. She goes to Ryan and tells him that she will never forget all he’s done for her. The judge announces that she needs Bianca to meet with herself, Livia and Jack in her chambers. Instantly both Kendall and Reggie insist that they be there also.

Still stuck in the mineshaft, Greenlee gets a visit from her fantasy of a “body double” of herself, the improved, better Greenlee that she has failed to become. Her body double grabs her diary. She demands that the other Greenlee gives it back to her. But the other Greenlee announces that she had a goal to have a great wardrobe. Greenlee says she already did it. The other Greenlee announces a great marriage with a great husband. Greenlee admits she had it and lost it. The other Greenlee lists a cool mom. The real Greenlee admits that she never had that. Greenlee tells the other Greenlee to go away. But the other Greenlee tells her that will not happen. Again, the “fantasy” reminds the real Greenlee that her best friend is sleeping with her man. And she gives her a multiple choice quiz as to what Greenleee does in response to the situation, one of which is sending Kendall to the gas chamber for a murder she did not commit. Greenlee protests that that is not what happened. But the other Greenlee reminds her that maybe they should ask Kendall. The other Greenlee asks the real one just what her tantrum of undressing Kendall in the courtroom is all about. The real one confesses that she is rotten and awful and mean. Is that enough, she asks? The other one tells her that it’s more complicated than that. She is in love with Ryan. She says that she is not really evil. She got a rotten deal and wants everyone to believe she is evil. The other Greenlee tells the real one that she is very afraid of being unloved and inquires to the real one, just what she is going to do if she wants her father in her life. The real one screams, throws rocks and demands that the “fantasy” gets out. But after she disappears, there appears to be an avalanche in the mineshaft.

After Bianca is with the judge, Maggie apologizes to Lena for accusing her of killing Michael. Lena admits that she wishes she had so that she could spare Bianca from what she could be going through now. In the judges chamber, Bianca tells the judge that when she failed to get Michael charged for raping her, she did not want to retry the case. She knew she could not put her family through that. And she could not stand to look at his smug impression one more time. But she realized there was something she could do to get Michael out of the way. Although she wasterrified of the thought of what she contemplated doing, she noticed Reggie’s gun and picked it up, believing that by carrying it on her, she would have the courage to confront Michael. So she went to his home. He let her in the door. We see her flashback of Michael’s sarcastic comments about Bianca being out past her bedtime. She informed him that she is pregnant by being raped by him. He laughed and sounded like he could care less. She told him that with the pregnancy, she could prove that he raped her. And this time, he wouldn’t get away with it. But he kept being sarcastic, kept taunting her and acting like everything was funny. He told her that she was talking to a billionaire. And although his father was two seconds away from cutting Michael out of his Will, he announced to Bianca that his father was going to will all his money to Michael’s baby. He told her that the rape allegation would be her word against his. He told her he would say that the sex was consensual. Although she protested that nobody would believe him, he asked her just who would believe that she would not love the father of a baby she is carrying? He told her that she would do as she was told because she had already been bought and sold. He kept taunting her. And right when it looked like he was undressing and ready to rape her again, reminding her of the “fun” they had the first time he raped her, she pulled out the gun, aimed it, demanding that he backed off. But he didn’t. He kept taunting her and moved closer toward her. At that point, she fired the gun and he collapsed to the ground and died.

After Bianca’s done telling her story, Kendall rushes to her to comfort her. Livia tells the judge that this is a clear case of self-defense. But Alan Singer tells her that this is grounds for first degree murder. Justin McCoy wants to corroborate that it could look like bianca deliberately killed Michael and has lied. But Livia insists that Bianca only carried the gun for self-defense with no intent to shoot Michael, unless it was absolutely necessary. And when he attempted to rape her again, she acted in self-defense. While Singer and McCoy keep up their allegation that Bianca went to get “revenge” on Michael. But Kendall protests that their “allegation” of that would not hold much water when there is undisputable proof that Bianca covered for her. Erica tells them that if they put Bianca on trial she will confess that she killed Michael, no matter how many times they implicate Bianca.

Edmund urges Maria’s sister to help Maria see that he needs to go through with the surgery and cannot give up. Maria’s sister says she understands where he’s coming from but that she must also respect Maria’s wishes and feelings. Edmund apologizes for getting her involved in his and Maria’s issues and admits that this is a conversation, which the two of them must have amongst themselves, in order to resolve the situation. He then, reminds her that he knows some of the “Santos secret language” and asks Maria’s sister if things are going o.k. between her and her husband.

In the courtroom, Simone confesses to Tad that she really feels bad about what happeed and wishes could have done more. Tad tells her that he believes Bianca will be o.k. and he puts his arms around Simone.

The judge announces to all the people in her chambers that she believes that Bianca acted in self-defense and she does not believe any of the accusations the prosecution is making against her. Alan Singer realizes he can no longer consider pursuing charges against Bianca, but he says that anybody else involved in this will get what he intends for them. When Livia is ready to get up and leave the chambers, Kendall and Bianca offer their gratitude for all she’s done for them. Reggie comes over to join his sisters, assuring them that this is finally over and they are all o.k. Jack is happy with the outcome. But he can’t find Erica.

When Bianca re-enters the courtroom, everybody is there, waiting for her, in order to make sure that everything has gone all right for her. Kendall turns to Ryan. She looks at him, but he turns his back to her, then views her and sees Greenlee.

From inside the mineshaft, an avalanche occurs and dirt and rocks are all falling upon Greenlee while she screams: “Ryan”

Jack enters Erica’s home. He tells her he’s happy to be able to find her and assumes she must be happy about the outcome of the trial and about the future. But her back is turned to him, and she is holding a drink in her hand.


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