AMC Update Monday 2/23/04

All My Children Update Monday 2/23/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maria and Anita go to a bar, where Anita wants to order some food. Maria just wants to get out of there. This place has special meaning, she says. It used to be a country bar but now it's full of Harley hogs and hip-hoppers. Anita won't let her leave and sits her down at a table. Maria starts to tell Anita that it seems like yesterday that she and Edmund were here. She stands up to leave but Anita sits her down and says they need to talk. Maria tries to change the subject, asking Anita how married life is. Anita doesn't answer and turns the subject back to Edmund and Maria. She wants to know what Maria was starting to say. Maria tells her this is where she and Edmund had their first dance. Maria tells Anita that Edmund wants this risky surgery. She asks Anita to discourage him.

At the hospital, Edmund is frustrated when he tries but can't move his legs. Brooke walks in with an armful of books and papers. She says this is all the stuff she could download, and Edmund's not going to like it. Brooke says she has learned that the surgery is risky and there is no guarantee he would walk again. Edmund says this is the same thing he heard from Maria and he doesn't want a lecture. Edmund still is not discouraged, but Brooke says she has information about this doctor's surgery survival rates. Edmund isn't listening. He can't live like this. Brooke tells him she doesn't want him to die. He tells her he's not going to die. There are too many things he needs to do. Trying to be encouraging, Brooke tells him about one case she learned about where the patient defied the odds. Just then Maria and Anita walk in.

Mary tells Ryan that she is worried about Greenlee. He tells her that he thinks she's fine and just went off somewhere. Mary says she would not do that today of all days -- her birthday. Meanwhile in the mineshaft, Greenlee looks at her electronic calendar and realizes it is her birthday. "Happy birthday to me," she says. Ryan tells Mary he is surprised she remembers Greenlee's birthday. But he doesn't want anything to do with this. He tells her that Greenlee messed up big time and he wants Mary to leave him alone. He walks away.

Greenlee's imagination is carrying her away. She imagines seeing her mother with a large gift box for her. Inside is a beautiful fur-trimmed coat. Their warm moment quickly turns into bickering and Mary disappears. Then Greenlee sees Jack and hugs him. Calling him daddy, she is thrilled when he gives her a teddy bear. He promises that he'll make up for all the times he missed her birthday. Suddenly Jack is gone and Greenlee sees Mia and Simone dressed in party hats and carrying a gift. Inside the box is Fusion makeup. Greenlee is distressed to see it is nothing more than free samples given away at the stores. Mia and Simone disappear and Greenlee sees Ryan with balloons wearing a party hat. He gives her a present and then disappears. She tells herself that if she gets out of here she'll be new and improved. Nice will be her middle name. She then sees a nicer version of herself.

Ryan has some cosmic sensation of Greenlee again. David is nearby and he asks him if he's seen Greenlee. David snaps that Ryan needs to stay out of Greenlee's life. He is the last person she wants to see. Greenlee looks at the ring Ryan threw into the shaft, and Ryan suddenly has a feeling of pain in his finger. He can't imagine where Greenlee is.

Inside the courtroom Mary finds Jack and tells him it is Greenlee's birthday. He promises to make some calls to find out where she is.

Jack is demanding Reggie tell him why he is so certain that Erica is innocent. Reggie tells Jack to leave it alone, but Jack is insistent.

Inside Jack's office, Bianca repeats to her mother and sister that she killed Michael. Erica and Kendall don't want to hear it. Kendall says she's going to tell Olivia to change her plea to guilty. Erica tells her not to do this because the judge may toss out the case because of her testimony. Bianca tells them she remembers shooting Michael. Erica asks her why she is saying this. Has she lost her mind? Bianca says she is just remembering things now. She didn't remember it before. Kendall says she didn't remember because it never happened. Bianca says no, she can see it. She remembers in her mind seeing Michael come toward her and try to kiss her. That's when she shot him. "It's all coming back," she says. Erica tells her to stop this. She will not let Bianca sacrifice herself because of her. Kendall tells her she's making the story up. Bianca says she's not saying this to save either one of them. It's the God's honest truth. Kendall tells her she can't do this. Bianca realizes Kendall knew that she did it. There is a knock on the door. It's Tad wanting to talk to Erica about the case. Erica tells him she confessed in court to killing Michael. He asks her why on earth she'd do such a thing. He knows she didn't do it and she can prove it.

Outside the courtroom, Opal overhears Adam and Palmer saying that Erica shot Palmer. She can't believe it. She especially can't believe that Adam and Palmer conspired together to protect Erica. She says this might mean the Chandler-Cortlandt fued is over. Adam and Palmer are indignant, both strongly saying no, she's wrong.

Tad brings a young woman into Jack's office. She is Elise, a waitress at the Golden Coach Diner. Tad asks Erica if she remembers her but Erica is perplexed. Should she? She doesn't go to diners. Elise tells Erica that she wandered into the diner one night very confused. It was the night Michael Cambias was killed. It was about 11:30 and Elise and her boyfriend stayed with Erica until about 2 a.m. Bianca realizes that Erica couldn't have shot Michael because Kendall claims to have heard a gunshot about midnight. Erica calmly tells Tad to send her the bill for his services. He can't believe she isn't thrilled to hear this alibi. But he walks out. Kendall says Elise didn't give her an alibi, so she could still be guilty. Bianca continues to remember. She was at the penthouse that night with Reggie. He fell asleep and a gun he had was on the table. She was going to throw it away. She left and when she returned Reggie was not there. She again has flashbacks to shooting Michael.

Tad goes to Jack to tell him he gave Erica a witness with an alibi for her, but Erica barely said two words. Jack thanks him and says he'll take it from here. Reggie tells him there's something he has to know first.

Bianca tells Erica and Kendall that Michael was wearing a dark blue suit with a red tie when she shot him. There were yellow flowers on the coffee table. She can see the room exactly how it was. Kendall tells her she only knows what the scene looked like because she was following the case. Bianca doesn't listen. She says all the time she thought she was seeing her mother entering Michael's condo, she was seeing herself. Erica turns to Kendall and begs her to tell the truth about what she saw the night Michael was killed. Kendall doesn't want to say anything, but Bianca tells her they need to know. Kendall tells Bianca she would have killed for her. She says she didn't shoot Michae, Bianca did. She says she was loading Jack's gun when she heard the shot and saw a woman run from the condo wearing a black jacket with a gun in her hand. "It was you, Bianca," she said. Kendall says she wanted to protect Bianca. Reggie knows too, she says. He woke up and saw Bianca and the gun were gone so he went to Michael's condo. He helped Kendall clean up the blood and move the body. When he returned to Erica's penthouse Bianca was asleep and didn't remember anything. "We prayed you would never remember," Kendall says. Bianca can't believe what she's hearing. She tells Kendall she put her through hell. She is so sorry. Kendall says this was her choice, not Bianca's. The grasp hands. Bianca tells Kendall she took all the blame and she knew. Bianca begs Kendall's forgiveness, but Kendall says there is nothing to forgive. Bianca wonders how she could have blocked it out. She knows everything Kendall did, she did for her. Kendall says she did it for her sister and her niece and she would do it again. They embrace and Kendall tells Bianca it will be OK. She won't let anyone hurt her.

Jack and Reggie walk into Jack's office and Bianca tells Jack that she did it. Jack knows now that Reggie told him. Reggie tells Kendall that he had to tell Jack. It was getting too crazy. Kendall tells him that Bianca remembers now. Bianca asks what she should do now. Tad opens the door to tell them the judge is ready to rule on the motion for a mistrial. Bianca asks again what she should do, and Jack tells her to do nothing until they hear the ruling. Bianca thinks she should tell the truth, but Erica tells her not to say a word. They all enter the courtroom. Judge Lampert says that because of Erica's testimony, she is forced to grant a mistrial. The jury is excused the the proceedings are over. Bianca asks whether there will be another trial. Jack says that's unlikely. Kendall tells Bianca that they can all walk away and be in the clear. Bianca looks at the judge and tells her she has something to tell her. "Id did it, your honor," she says. "I killed Michael Cambias."

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