AMC Update Friday 2/20/04

All My Children Update Friday 2/20/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is at a dive of a bar passing around a picture of Erica, asking people if they saw her there the night of August 28th. He is confronted from behind by Krystal, who threatens to kick in his teeth if he keeps this up. Krystal asks Tad why he is showing a picture of her little girl around this bar. Tad holds up the picture of Erica and asks if this looks like her little girl. "Open mouth, insert foot," Krystal says. She asks why he's showing a photo of "America's sweetheart." She thinks Tad is trying to find an alibi for Erica. Tad tells her that Erica is a friend. She walks away from him to get a drink, and Tad keeps talking to the bar patrons. He accuses a pool player of knowing more than he's telling. The player asks if he's calling him a liar. Tad says maybe he is. The pool player looks like he's ready to hit Tad but Krystal gets in the middle of them and flirts with the player. She pulls him away and they start dancing. Krystal later returns and tells Tad to talk to the man again. Tad approaches him and apologizes. The man admits that he did see Erica that night. But it wasn't at this dive bar. It was somewhere else.

Erica walks to the witness stand amid a stir of confusion in the courtroom. Kendall can't believe Erica is returning to the stand. She calls out to her and asks if she's sure about this. Erica nods slightly and takes the stand. Jack arises and asks for a recess. Judge Lampert tells him he has no role in this proceeding. He protests, saying Erica is his client and she can't testify without consulting him first.

As Bianca prepares to leave the hospital, flashes of memory about the night Michael was killed return. She recalls seeing Michael open his door and a woman walking inside. She hears him say "I will do what I want to with you." Maggie walks in and Bianca asks if she's seen Reggie. Reggie was supposed to come to the hospital. Maggie has not. Bianca tells Maggie that she's afraid that the killer is ... the scene cuts away.

Erica says she's ready to testify. Jack tries to stop her but the judge tells Erica to take her seat. Olivia says she understands that there are portions of Erica's testimony she would like to clarify – that she left out certain facts when she testified before. Alan Singer stands up and objects, accusing Erica of theatrics. He says that since she was his witness before, Olivia can only question her about statements she made in prior testimony. Lampert allows Erica to proceed, and Erica says she just wants to tell what really happened. The judge says that's all she wants. Erica says she wants to make this right. Olivia asks her what she's leaving out and Erica replies "the truth." Olivia reminds Erica she testified that she and David Hayward went to Michael's condo to give him the castration drug, and that David knocked Michael out and Erica pointed the gun at him but they left. Erica says that's not true. David, watching from the audience, says under his breath "Erica, no." Erica says she told David to move so she could kill Michael Cambias. The audience stirs and the judge asks Erica if she's aware that she's moving into the area of self-incrimination. Erica doesn't seem to care, saying only that Michael hurt her daughter and she couldn't let him get away with it. Olivia asks Erica if she shot Michael with his own gun. She says no, David wouldn't let her. She ran out of the condo. Olivia asks her where she went, but Erica says she doesn't remember. She lost time and isn't exactly sure what she did. Singer again objects and tells the judge Erica is making this up as she goes along. Lampert says the rules are being followed – barely. She allows Erica to continue. Erica says she remembers returning to the condo alone and waiting outside for what could have been minutes or hours. She recalls her hand was becoming cramped from holding the gun for so long. She says Michael's door opened and he came toward her. She raised the gun at him and fired. "Kendall Hart did not murder Michael Cambias, I did."

Bianca tells Maggie that everything is clearer now, but she can't see the woman's face. It was a woman with dark hair and a black jacket. She went into the condo and she and Michael really had it out. Then she heard a shot. Lena walks in and Bianca leaves to go to the nurse's station. Maggie glares at Lena and asks her if she knows that Bianca was remembering things. She remembers a tall, dark mysterious woman going into Michael's condo. Maggie grabs Lena's arm and suggests that Lena was that woman. Lena says she didn't shoot Michael. Where is this coming from? Maggie tells her that she's letting Erica or Kendall take the rap, then she'll be free to be with Bianca. Lena continues to deny Maggie's accusations. Maggie says if she finds out that Lena did it and is letting someone else be punished for it, she shouldn't worry about the cops, she should worry about her. Bianca returns and notices that she has walked in on something. What, she asks, a nuclear explosion? Lena tells her they were having a discussion. Bianca asks if they want to fill her in, but Maggie says it was boring. Maggie looks at the sheet of instructions Bianca got from the nurse and notices that Bianca is to have no exertion or stress. She suggests they go home. Bianca insists she needs to go to the courthouse. She'll be more stressed if she doesn't know how her mother is.

Kendall cries out to her mother, telling her she can't say this. Singer rises and says Erica is just trying to bring a mistrial. Olivia says she had no idea what Erica was going to say and she agrees that a mistrial is warranted. The judge calls for a recess and Jack rushes to Erica and urges her to come with him. He takes her into his office and asks her what the hell just happened. Erica insists she told the truth. Jack says she just wants go up in flames. He tells her he found her last will and testament and thought she was going to jump out a window or in front of a bus. He didn't expect this. Erica says she had to save Kendall and repeats that she's guilty. Jack tells her she's guilty of being self-destructive by pulling such a stunt. Why did she do this? Did she think it would help her forget about Bianca's baby? Why did she lie? Erica says she did not lie. She acknowledges that some things about that night are hazy, but shooting Michael is not. She tells him she hired Tad to investigate and he found a woman who saw someone who looks like her shoot Michael. She says her hand didn't even tremble. He came toward her, she aimed and pulled the trigger. Adam walks in and tells her she didn't kill Michael. There's more that he didn't say during his testimony. She did shoot someone that night, but it wasn't Cambias. She shot him.

Ouside the courtroom, Kendall tells Aidan that Erica was not supposed to confess. There has to be a way out of this. Ryan approaches and Kendall asks him if he's there because he likes train wrecks. She thought he would be somewhere with Greenlee. Ryan tells her he's there because he cares about her mother, her sister and her. He walks away.

Palmer enters Jack's office and announces that Adam is right for once. Erica asks him what he knows about this. Palmer tells Erica that her aim could have been better. She just winged the old coot. Erica says she's not making this up. She shot Michael. Adam tells her what happened, and the scene flashes back to that night. He and Palmer enter Michael's condo but Michael isn't there. As Adam turns to leave he is shot. Erica is shown pointing the gun at him and telling him to stay away from him. Erica asks him why he won't die. Adam tells Erica that she's talking to him, not Michael. Erica drops the gun and runs away. Adam picks it up and kept it. Palmer says he took the bullet out of Adam's shoulder then they concocted their story about Palmer accidently shooting Adam to protect Erica. By this time Kendall and Reggie are in Jack's office as well. Jack tells Erica she must have had a blackout and thought Adam was Michael. Erica says she is certain she shot Michael. Bianca walks in just in time to hear her mother confess her guilt. Stunned, she asks to talk to Erica alone. Everyone leaves except Kendall. Erica and Kendall tell Bianca she should be home resting. Bianca says there is no way she's leaving. Erica tells her it's done. Everything is taken care of. Kendall tells Erica she can't do this to protect her. She has to recant. Bianca asks Erica if she's doing this because of her promise that she would not let Kendall be convicted. Erica says she confessed because it was the right thing to do. Kendall tells her that there's still time for Jack to fix this. Erica says she killed the bastard and she would do it again. She will take the consequences. Bianca sadly tells her mother she didn't want it to be her.

Outside the office, Reggie tells Jack that Erica can't go down for this. She didn't do it. Jack asks him how he knows this. Reggie says only that Erica didn't do it. Jack tells him that he knows something. What is it? Inside the courtroom, Opal tells Myrtle she won't stand by while her best friend gets hauled away in cuffs.

In Jack's office, Kendall tells Erica that she couldn't have done it. There was blood stains inside the condo but Erica claims to have shot him outside. Erica says she must have shot him inside then returned later and shot him again outside. Kendall says that doesn't make sense. Erica would not have gone back if she had shot him. Kendall says she is so close to a mistrial. They could all be off the hook. Erica says she's going to plead guilty. Kendall then turns the tables, saying she thought she had pulled it off. "I did it. I murdered Michael," Kendall announces. She says she's been lying all these months. Erica tells Kendall that she didn't kill anybody. Kendall says she shot Michael with Jack's gun and had everyone fooled. Bianca tells them that this is wrong, all wrong. Bianca says she can remember it and the woman she saw wasn't Kendall. As Kendall and Erica argue about each one of them being guilty, Bianca has flashbacks. She remembers seeing a shadow of someone approaching Michael's door, getting a gun out of her purse, knocking and being let inside by Michael. She remembers hearing Michael say, "I will do what I want to with you." Then she hears a gunshot and the woman flees the apartment. The woman's face is shown, and it is Bianca. Her mind returns to the present situation and she hears Erica say "I did it." Bianca tells them both, "No, it wasn't you. It was me."


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