AMC Update Thursday 2/19/04

All My Children Update Thursday 2/19/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

In the mineshaft where Greenlee is still stuck, water is trickling into the shaft. She is asleep and is suddenly awoken. She remarks that it’s so cold. She is also afraid that she will drown. She says it’s like the Titanic, but she doesn’t have anyone there to rescue her nor who cares if she dies. But at that moment, she sees a vision of Ryan. He says: “I care about you, Greenlee.” Strangely enough, from in the courtroom, during Kendall’s trial, Ryan finds himself saying: “Greenlee”

In the courtroom, after Reggie has entered and told Kendall she must implicate him as the person who helped her dispose of Michael Cambias, the judge removes the jury from the courtroom, calls a recess and instructs both Livia and Alan Singer to approach the bench. She demands that if there is one more disruption I her courtroom, everybody who is there will be held in contempt. From outside, Jack tells Reggie he made a big mistake. Reggie tells his father that he was just trying to help, he will turn himself in, and as an officer of the court, Jack must listen to him. Livia tells Kendall that she is really losing her patience and that Reggie’s sudden outburst has not helped her case.

After Paul Kramer enters the Chandler house and attempts to seduce Babe, she tells him he must leave. He appears intoxicated and tells her that not long ago, she showed him something different. He sounds very cocky and sure of himself. He takes another drink and tells her that he will not tell JR what she is up to, nor that she is not the girl for JR, as long as she does not do him wrong. She tells him, trying to sound courteous that it’s great that they can both get what they want. He will help her and he can inherit Aunt Betsy’s money. But he tells her that Aunt Betsy’s money will probably not happen for him, so he has nothing to lose. Unknown to both of them, Krystal is overhearing their interaction, walks down the stairs, makes herself known and asks Paul if she can get him another drink. Paul falls asleep while Krystal tells him that she kows he’s trying to blackmail her babydoll. She asks Babe what she kows about Paul. What is he like? What are his “hobbies” besides whiskey? Babe says she does not know much about him except he’s a womanizer. When Paul awakens, Krystal offers him coffee. He tells her he does not want coffee. He wants another drink. But she tells him this is the finest coffee in New Orleans. She tells hm that it takes tie getting used to it, like it took her to get used to booze and men. She tells him her daughter really “lucked out” with him. Babe seems to agree. Krystal says that the two of them can “make out” like bandits. But they must be careful. She tells Paul he can’t sjut drop over to Aam Chandlers’a whenever he wants. She admits he was not thinking. They put his coat back on him and send him out, sounding courteous. When the two women are alone, they both “grimace” at what a loser Paul is.

Outside the courtroom, during recess, Boyd tells Kendall that he does not want her to be a hero. She needs to protect herself. He does not want her to be taking the hit for him. Jack runs into Opal who tells him that Reggie really crossed the line and may have caused some serious consequences. But Jack tells her that regardless of that, he is very proud of that kid. Kendall approaches Jack and urges him to “keep the promise” that he had made to her earlier, to get her out of this mess. But he sounds like he can no longer promise that. Inside the courtroom, Mia approaches Aidan and tells him that she wants to talk and have him forgive her. She assures him that she had no control over Fred Lomax testifying and almost ruining Kendall’s case. She tells him that if he gives her another chance, she will prove herself worthy of it. But he tells her it’s too late. Simone notices that Kendall is no longer wearing the engagement ring Ryan gave her. She inquires, to Ryan why. Ryan tells her he could care less about Kendall and does not want to talk about it.

In the shaft, Greenlee asks her “vision” of Ryan the same. He tells her he’s done with Kendall. And he tells her that he wants to get back with her. Strangely enough, in the courtroom, Ryan takes Simone’s hand. She can tell that he is lost in thought and unaware of what he’s just done. She asks him “where he went”. She informs him he’s been holding her hand. He awakens from his daydream and tells her he was thinking about something else. He asks her if she’s seen or heard from Greenlee. She is very surprised to hear him mention Greenlee and informs him that after the malicious thing Greenlee has done to Kendall, nobody is really concerned where she is right now.

In the mineshaft, Greenlee talks to her vision of Ryan. He tells her that when he first cam back to Pine Valley, she was all over him. She doesn’t want to face that. She says that he was spying on her. He inquires why, if he did not like what she was doing, did she pursue him? She tells him that she knew he was with Kendall. She also reminds him that she saved him from Kendall. He tells her that he knows that she was jealous of his involvement with Kendall, simply because she wanted him. He tells her that he knows what she wants. It’s not relationships. It’s not it Fusion. It’s not “Freud”. She wants him, any way she can get him.

When the court reconvenes again, Singer asks Kendall who her accomplice was in disposing of Michael Cambias’ body. She hesitates but later says that Reggie Montgomery only did what she asked him to do and he should not be punished. He asks her what she was doing when Reggie showed up at Michael’s condo. She has a flashback of Reggie entering, very surprised to notice Michael was dead. She urged him to leave so that they would not both be in serious trouble. But he told her he wanted to stay and praised her for killing Michael. She says she told Reggie she did not do it. He asked, then, who did? She told him she doesn’t know. She told him she just came by and discovered Michael had been killed. At that point, they agree that Reggie would help her “clean up” and dispose of the body. They wore black coats and black knit caps, they put Michael’s body in a body bag and carried him out the door. Singer inquires if it was true that after Reggie helped Kendall transport Michael to the meat packing plant, how did she manage to lift Michael’s body onto the meat hook? She admits that she needed help and so she called Boyd Larabee for assistance. She relives the event. Boyd told her that the best way not to “get found out” and get charged with murder would be to hook up his body so it would be more undetectable in a freezer environment. Singer asks what else happened between Kendall and Boyd, in the way of “exchanging favors”. Kendall replies that she asked Boyd to marry her. She admits that Michael was already dead before she faked marrying him. She admits that she had Boyd “impersonate” Michael. They took Michael’s ID for Boyd to use. He dyed his hair and made himself look like Michael. They flew to Vegas and Reverend Lomax married them. Singer inquires why Kendall did not call the police after discovering Michael had been killed. He says that he knows she had motives to “cover” the murder. She protests that he raped her sister and stole everybody’s company and she didn’t really want to punish whoever killed him. Singer implies that Kendall had every motive to kill Michael, herself. She protests that she did not. When the court is in recess again, Kendall asks Livia what her testimony might do to her case. Livia says it’s very hard to tell the outcome at this point.

In the shaft, Greenlee protests to the “Ryan fantasy” that he’s so full of himself and believes every woman in Pine Valley wants him. He tells her that he knows that she loves him and has only thought of having him come there to save her. And she kisses him. Strangely, in the courtroom, again, Ryan is lost in thought about Greenlee. He tells her that he knows that it is she who wants all the power and will not trust anybody nor allow them to have power. He tells her that it’s her fantasy and he knows that she’s afraid he will “stomp” on her if she admits that she cares about her. He asks why she is pushing him away. He could be the one for her. He could love her if she’d let him. But she still fights him. Again, in the courtroom, Ryan is feeling everything Greenlee is saying to him.

When the court reconvenes again. Livia asks David Hayward what he was doing on the night in question. He admits that he was fixing a recipe for chemical castration and was ready to give it to Mr. Cambias. The people in the courtroom laugh. Livia asks what David’s “attitude” about Mr. Cambias was. David admits that he usually does not intend to chemically castrate his friends. He wanted Michael Cambias dead. Livia asks David if he’s ever been on trial before. He admits that once he was for disposing of a corpse on a beach. But he denies shooting Michael on the night in question. She calls her next witness, who is Adam Chandler. Livia inquires how Adam felt when Michael Cambias took over Chandler enterprises. He replies that he wanted to kill the worthless idiot. She inquires about Adam’s relationship with Erica Kane. He says they were once married and are still friends. But he denies that either he or Erica killed Michael. She presents the gun, which was found in Adam’s house with MC written on it. Adam says he knows the gun belonged to Michael. He admits that he took it out of Michael’s condo on the night he was shot. He admits that he entered Michael’s condo with Palmer Cortlandt. She reminds him that he has previously stated that he and Palmer were in Canada. Adam says that he and Palmer had just recently returned form Canada on Palmer’s private jet. She inquires why they returned to Pine Valley. Adam admits the reason was to kill Michael Cambias. There is a “flashback” of Adam and Palmer walking into Michael’s empty condo, unable to find Michael. He says they waited about an hour for “that low-life”. She inquires if it’s true that he lied to his brother Stuart about his whereabouts. He admits he did. Alan Singer asks Mr. Chandler if he killed Michael Cambias. He says if he did, he would have a lawyer present when he is subpoenaed for a murder he is not even on trial for. The judge tells him he must just answer the question. He replies no. The court is in recess. And although everybody believes that Adam Chandler is the last witness, Livia has another “surprise witness” to call. Myrtle approaches Jack and tells him that she has been talking to Erica and there’s something Erica needs to do. Opal approaches Ryan and tells him she can tell he’s really out of it. He tells her that he feels as though there is something “missing” but he does not know what that is.

In the shaft, Greenlee fights Ryan and tells him he must get out and leave her in peace. But he sits there smirking.

When court reconvenes again, Livia still has not revealed to Kendall who this surprise witness is. She says it’s somebody who knows who really did kill Michael. Suddenly, the judge asks Livia to call her next witness. Livia says she calls Erica Kane. Erica enters through the door while everybody stares in awe.


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