AMC Update Wednesday 2/18/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/18/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall has a vision that she is in court. And the jury has reached a verdict. The judge rules that Kendall has been found guilty of murder in the first degree and she will be put to death with a lethal injection, and she says may God have mercy upon Kendall’s soul.

A reporter tells the story about Kendall’s life and her trial outside the courtroom. All the information has come out about Kendall’s fate, before court convenes.

Jack tells Adam Chandler that he is not about to let Erica take the rap for what Adam has done. He tells Adam that he does not trust him or David Hayward.

Ryan is at the graveyard and discovers Erica lying on the ground, passed out. He urges her to wake up. When she does not, he yells for help. Right at that moment, she suddenly wakes up and gets up. She tells him she does not know what has happened, how she got there or how she passed out. He tells her he’d like to know why she chose to pull an “all nighter” the previous night. She says that she was in her office the previous night with lots of work to do. Then, she later decided to see Chris at his gravesite. But Ryan tells her he needs to help her. She might get hypothermia from sleeping in the cold all night. So he picks her up and is ready to carry her. But she tells him she is o.k. She gets on her cell phone and calls Jack. He picks up his cell phone at Adam’s and is very surprised to hear from her. He offers to pick her up. But she says that’s not necessary. She has her car. He tells her he will be busy in court and tells her she should not be there. She tells him she needs to go and see Myrtle. When Jack hangs up the phone at Adam’s, Adam tells him that now that he knows that Erica is o.k., he can leave now. But Jack tells him he’s not about to leave until he knows what Adam plans to do at Kendall’s trial, and whether he will incriminate Erica. JR appears and corroborates that he does not trust his father.

At the gravesite, Erica tells Ryan how she feels about his father’s death. She admits that she betrayed Ryan’s father by sleeping with Jack and lying also to Chris. She admits, to Ryan’s deceased father that she lied because she could not own up to the truth. Ryan reminds her that she now knows better. She faces Ryan and tells him that love should bring out the best in people. Qualities like loyalty and trust should not be brushed aside. He admits to her that he’s made his share of mistakes. But she tells him that he has remained true to the person he loves. Erica tells Ryan that she knows that he and Kendall love each other and she wants them to have a future together. He firmly tells her that that is not going to happen. Erica sounds shocked and surprised and asks him what happened. He tells her that Kendall dumped him. Erica looks very sensitively at Ryan and tells him how very sorry she is for that. She tells him she wants to offer her condolences and admits that she knows how difficult it is for anybody to really know or understand Kendall. She confesses how she’s been up nights trying and failing to figure her daughter out. Ryan informs Erica that he went to visit Bianca the previous day and gave her the document that would enable her and her baby to inherit Alexander Cambias’ fortune. She tells him that was really good of him. But she asks if he can give her a moment with Chris. She tells Chris that she admits that she lied to him. She did it in order to avoid hurting him. But she knows, now that that was the ultimate act of betrayal. She cries and tells him that nothing hurts more than knowing that the person one loved will save them. She says she’s sorry and asks if he can forgive her. And she walks out of the graveyard.

At Adam’s, JR tells his father that he is worried what will happen if he incriminates himself. He also tells him that maybe he should accompany him. At that moment, Babe appears and asks her husband if he can take some time off to go to her prenatal check-up with her. But he tells her that his dad will be in court all day and he needs to be there with him. She sounds, to him like she is happy and o.k. with his doing what he has to do. But when he leaves, her expression doesn’t sound positive. Krystal enters and tells her daughter that she is not doing what she needs to do in order to save her marriage. Babe tells her mother that she does not know the whole story. She tells her she has successfully gotten Paul Kramer to help her change the paternity test. She also says that during her interaction with Paul, he somehow got the idea that he could “get lucky” with her. Krystal says she will breath a sigh of relief when this whole thing is over. Babe tells her it will be over soon. Krystal says she will take her daughter out to lunch, then later for some power shopping, after her appointment. But right when Babe is ready to leave with her mother, Paul bursts through the door, grabs her and kisses her.

After Edmund has fallen out of his hospital bed and is lying on the floor, Maria comes to help him. He yells that he does not need her to help him. And he struggles to get back on the bed, only to fall over again. She tells him that she will call an orderly. But he is emotionally distraught over his paralysis. He tells her if she wants to help him, then she needs to leave him alone..

In the courtroom, while Kendall is sitting and waiting for the trial to begin, Simone appears and asks if Kendall can find it in her heart to forgive her. Kendall does not know what to say. Mia, then appears and tells Kendall that she is sincerely sorry for what she’s done and asks whether Kendall can forgive her. Mia tells Kendall that although this may sound very lame, she never meant to hurt Kendall. She was just insanely jealous because Aidan cared for Kendall. Kendall tells the two of them that she is very grateful to have friends like them. She joins both of their hands and they tell her they are her friends and will be there for her. Livia enters, greets them and asks Kendall if she’s ready to start her trial.

Aidan suddenly stalls his jeep and is very frustrated. A woman suddenly appears and tells him she can assist him. Unknown to him, this is Maria’s sister. He expresses a negative attitude toward her. She tells him that he sounds to have a macho attitude not to accept help from a woman. But he tells her he does not want to meet another woman who believes she knows what he needs. She’s ready to leave, but he tells her he needs her to jump-start his jeep. The strange woman asks Aidan which woman won the “love lottery” In his life? The one who’s crazy about him, or the one he’s hung up on? (Meaning, respectively, Mia and Kendall). He sounds surprised and asks her how or why she’d know so much about his life, never having met him. She tells him that she knows that for men, all the fun is in the chase. Once they have someone, they don’t want them. She also tells him that she knows that men cannot be trusted. He makes a comment about who women lie and scheme behind men’s backs. She eventually helps his jeep get restarted. They end on a positive note and both leave. When he turns on his car radio, he hears the news report about Kendall choosing to take the plea. He tells Kendall he does not want her doing that.

In Edmund’s hospital room, while Edmund is back in his bed, flat on his back with the help of an orderly, Maria tells her husband that she knows how frustrating and humiliating this is for him. Brooke enters and brings Edmund something she got from the bakery. She sounds upbeat. But he tells her, very depressed, that he feels like a worthless sack of garbage. She tells him that making that comment was his first offense as she goes to throw the baked goods in the trash. She tells him that she wants to start the conversation over again. She tells him that wallowing in self-pity is not the way to go. She asks how she can make him feel better. Could she give him a back-rub? A manicure? Something else? He tells her that there is something he needs from her. He asks her to use her investigative reporter expertise to find a doctor who can help him walk. And he asks her to “be his legs” for him now.

Outside Edmund’s room, Maria tells a doctor that he is no longer assigned to her husband. She tells him that if Edmund has surgery, he could be a quadriplegic. The doctor tells her he will make his own judgment call about Mr. Gray. But she firmly tells him that he must stay away from her husband, although she knows that Edmund wants something different.

When everyone is in the courtroom at Kendall’s trial, the judge instructs the court to disregard the “theatrics” (meaning Greenlee), which just recently took place in her courtroom. Livia calls Kendall to the stand for “re-direct”. Kendall approaches the bench. Livia asks Kendall what her plan was with Michael Cambias. Kendall says that after he got away with raping her sister and stealing the local companies from her family and friends, she devised a plan to pretend to be his wife, in order to right the wrong. She admits that she stole the gun from Jackson Montgomery’s safe, on the night in question. She admits that she loaded 5 bullets into the gun. Then she went to Michael’s with the intent to shoot him. But when she got there, somebody had already beat her to it. Livia asks if she called the police after he’d gotten shot. She replies no. She says she cleaned the blood, put his body in the duffle bag, and she drove his dead body to the meat packing plant. Livia clarifies, to Kendall that she did not fire the gun nor murder Michael Cambias. Kendall replies no, she did not. Alan Singer is ready for his cross-examination. But at that moment, Ryan enters the courtroom. Singer asks Kendall how much she would estimate Michael Cambias weighed. She says she’d guess about 150 or 160 lb. He asks how, then she could have carried that much dead weight all by herself. She doesn’t have a good answer. So he asks her to come clean and admit who helped her carry his dead body to the meat packing plant.

When Maria re-enters Edmund’s room, each can tell that the other is keeping secrets. Suddenly the same woman Aidan ran into appears. She’s Maria’s sister.

Erica goes to see Myrtle. Myrtle tells Erica that she will be there for her and she also hopes that their beloved Mona is also there.

In court, Singer grills Kendall so that she will reveal the identity of the person who helped her carry Michael Cambias’ dead body to the meat packing plant. At that moment, Reggie suddenly appears and tells Kendall, with the entire court hearing him, that she must answer and tell them that it was he. He says he helped her carry Michael’s dead body to the meat packing plant.

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