AMC Update Tuesday 2/17/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/17/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee, still stuck in the shaft, has a fantasy. She talks to Ryan who is not there, telling him she knows he does not want to save her. She says it must be because Kendall lost her case. At that moment, in her dream, Kendall appears and taunts her. Kendall asks how it feels to be betrayed with no way out. Greenlee struggles to see that this is just a fantasy and tells Kendall she is just a figment of her imagination. But Kendall tells Greenlee that in her “journey” to the “ever after”, from dying in this hole, there will be no choppers, no dogs to find her, nobody to rescue her or even know or care that she’s missing. Kendall reminds Greenlee that her daddy, Jack does not even care about her and with good reason after what she’s done. The “Kendall fantasy” tells Greenlee that due to her own abominable behavior, she has no more Ryan and no more Daddy to care about her. And now she is left to rot and die in this filthy, disgusting little hole. But she reminds Greenlee: “You always have me.” At that point, Greenlee tries and fails to climb her way out. Kendall laughs and tells her that she has failed to win the fight. Greenlee tells Kendall that, at least, she has earned all she has in her life. Kendall inquires if she means her trust fund. Kendall also tells her that everyone hates her. Greenlee first wants to argue that point, but then later realizes that it’s true and that it’s her own fault to have turned Jack, Ryan, all her friends and family against her. Kendall tells her that when she dies a hideous death form being stuck in a hole, her throat will go dry, she will stop breathing, and she will starve, dehydrate, rot and die. Greenlee tells Kendall that she is now ready to make amends. But she says she wonders why she is telling Kendall all of this. Kendall is no saint either and she’s not even really there. But Kendall reminds Greenlee that the reason she “crept into her dreams” is to tell her something true. But Greenlee determines that she is not a quitter. She is a fighter. She is strong. And she will not die nor give up. At that point, her “vision” of Kendall goes away. She discovers lanterns and graffiti scratched on the wall. She says that she wants to go places and make accomplishments also. She grabs her shoe and uses the spiked heal to remove a rock. She cuts out a hole that enables her to breath and she says: “Scratch suffocation off your list, Kendall. I’m getting out of here.” Greenlee says: “bless you, you beautiful little hole in the wall” as she also notices that there is water coming out of it, which will prevent her from being dehydrated. But at that moment, she notices the water will not stop, and she tries to plug it up before it gets flooded. At that point, she removes the heal form her shoe and attempts to climb out of the hole. She says: “It’s now or never, Greenlee”.

At Erica’s office, Jack tries to get a hold of Erica. On her desk, he discovers a document she has had drawn up that she’s never told him about. Jack goes over the document at her desk. It looks like a living will. When Boyd Larabee enters, he asks if Boyd has seen Erica around. Boyd replies he has not seen Erica for a while, but last he saw her, she told him she was happy to have him doing his job for her at Enchantment. This worries Jack more.

At the hospital, while talking to Bianca, Ryan snaps out of his “fantasy” that Bianca is Greenlee. He gives her a document. She demands he takes it back. Her tells her that this is Alexander Cambias’ will that will enable her and her baby to have what they need. He encourages her to see that she can make good of this monetary offering: suggesting that she can put some money up to help other victims of violence. She can also help Kendall. And Erica can get Enchantment back. He tells her that not all “power” is evil. He informs her that JR would be in charge of Chandler Enterprises, hoping she’s al right with that. She tells him she has no problem with that. Ryan also tells Bianca that, once the plans are put into motion, then he can leave without any worries. She inquires why he’d want to leave. She tells him he cannot do that and inquires what about Kendall. He tells her straight that he and Kendall are history and he’s leaving town. At that moment, Jack appears. He asks Bianca if Erica has been by to see her. Bianca replies no. Jack leaves, attempting to find Erica. Before Ryan leaves he tells Bianca that he’d like her to at least think about what he has told her. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves. In the hospital hall, he runs into Jack who appears to be angry with him. Jack tells Ryan that he has not been able to find Erica but he discovered a living will on her desk that he knew nothing about. And she hasn’t even checked in with him in days. Ryan assures Jack that Erica is probably somewhere expensive and cushy, alive and well, completely distracted and ready to come back and be the same old Erica. Jack says he hopes that’s true but he needs to make some calls.

In Edmund’s hospital room, Maria distracts them both by talking about fine literature. She says that Hemingway was very impressive, but he does not have the literary genius of the great Edmund Gray. Right away, Edmund can tell that his wife is trying to cover up for something. He tells her that he knows the reality of what it means for him to be stuck in this hospital room, unable to get out. He asks about the paralysis. He reminds her that she has always told him that nobody will know whether he can walk until he’s had time to heal, but he knows that is not the truth. He demands that she tells him what his chances are. And she tells him that the chances are slim that he will walk again. He sits up and smashes the pitchers and objects by his bedside table. But she encourages him to see that this is not the end, and that he has so many things to be grateful for. He tells her it’s not o.k. that she did not tell him the truth. He tells her that he knows all about Viet Nam vets, who may be killed or disabled for life, but who have been seen as heroes. She tells him he should see his own fate that way. But he tells her he does not want to be a “hero”. He tells her that if there’s a chance that surgery to remove the bullet could enable him to walk and he has to try it. But she tells him, he could suffer heart failure and die from surgery. She also tells him that if the removal of the bullet “slips”, he could be a quadriplegic, instead of a paraplegic and asks him which would be worse? But he reminds her that if he were paralyzed from the waist down and doesn’t even try to prevent that from happening, what kind of a man would that make him? She tells him that if he lives, paraplegic or not, he is the man she loves and who is the father of her children and nothing will change that.

From her hospital room, Bianca calls her mother and leaves her a message telling her that she’d really like to see or hear from her. When she hangs up, she has another visitor. It’s Babe Chandler. Babe greets Bianca and brings her another stuffed animal. Babe can tell that Bianca is upset about something and asks what that is. Bianca covers and says she just wishes she could get out of this goofy gown and out of this hospital. But Babe says she knows there’s something more than that. She encourages Bianca to see that this is the crazy girl who hid her in Adam Chandler’s guest house, told her all the secrets about her marriage with JR and whom Bianca can confide in anything about. Babe tells Bianca that she needs not feel bad about the choice she made, nor where the baby came from. But Bianca tells Babe that not everybody feels that way. But Babe encourages her to see that she will soon have a precious wonderful little person and nothing else matters. Bianca asks if Babe really means that. Babe says yes, and she can tell that Bianca is a pretty good person also. So she believes that the two of them are a match made in heaven. She puts her arms around Bianca. Bianca tells Babe that not long ago, she got a “confirmation” that her little girl will become a billionaire. After making that statement, Bianca is very surprised to hear no “response” to the word “billionaire” from Babe, who simply tells her that she believes she will have a boy instead of a girl. Babe tells Bianca that money does not matter and reveals that she has a real problem with Adam Chandler. Bianca tells her that it’s surprising that Adam would not be ecstatic to have an heir to the Chandler fortune. Babe tells her both Adam and JR are giving her grief. Bianca says from the last time she spoke to JR, she noticed he was very happy to be a father and in love with his wife. Babe, not ready to reveal to Bianca exactly “what’s up” tells her that regardless of her own circumstances in her pregnancy, she can find a silver lining. And she’s sure Bianca can too.

Jack goes to Myrtle’s and asks if she has any advice as to what can be done with Erica. He asks if he should “push” Erica to tell him what’s going on. Myrtle tells him that you cannot push Erica. But she assures him that sooner or later, when she’s ready, Erica will come around. Jack turns around, giving a silent message about his fears. Right away, Myrtle tells him that she knows he is worried about what he could have done to prevent what happened that caused Erica to be in this state, in the first place. She tells him he cannot torture himself with all the “what-ifs” She says she lives with them also. He asks if she can read his palm or do something to give him an answer. But she tells him he needs to go and face what’s going on and come up with his own answers and she knows that he will do what’s right.

Outside Edmunds’s hospital room, Maria runs into Ryan who can tell she has something serious on her mind. She tells him that Chris Stamp died in order to save her child’s’ life, but does not get to telling him about Edmunds’ good chances of paralysis. She then gets a call on her beeper and leaves. Ryan tells her if there’s anything he can do, she must let him know.

Back in Edmund’s room, he “re-hears” all of the conversations he’s had about his condition and begins to believe that he cannot let Maria down. He reaches for the phone, which is on the chair, out of arm’s reach. And he falls out of his bed.

Jack goes to Adam Chandlers and asks Adam if he’s seen or heard from Erica. Adam informs him that the last he knew, Erica was “consulting” with Tad Martin. Adam makes some snide remarks about Tad, but does not seem like he wants to help Jack find Erica. He’s ready to slam the door on Jack, but Jack tells him that he’s not about to “play games” and Adam better tell him what he knows.

Ryan goes by the cemetery on his motorcycle. He notices Chris Stamp’s gravestone. But he also sees something very shocking and says: “Erica?”

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