AMC Update Monday 2/16/04

All My Children Update Monday 2/16/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee discovers Kendall’s engagement ring has suddenly been dropped into the mineshaft where she’s fallen. Ryan has just dropped it, giving up on Kendall, with no clue that Greenlee is trapped in the shaft. She knows he’s out there and begs him not to hate her enough to leave her there to be buried alive. But he’s already long gone, back at his condo. There, he has a flashback of kissing Greenlee when she was in the hospital, a few months ago, and their brief love encounter. He wonders why he’s having thoughts and memories of Greenlee. But while talking and pleading with Ryan, stuck in the shaft, Greenlee discovers that if he’s disposed of Kendall’s engagement ring, it means they are over. She is very encouraged to see that Ryan may have suddenly seen the light. And she urges him to look for her and find her, now that he’s done with Kendall. At that very moment, Ryan is very coincidentally having more unwanted thoughts about Greenlee. He yells and demands that she get out of his thoughts and leave him alone.

Jack can tell that there’s something not right when he is unable to get a hold of Greenlee. He gets on the phone to inquire and report her as a missing person. Reggie urges his father not to care about Greenlee. Jack assures him that they are both his kids and because he’d be concerned if were Reggie, he owes Greenlee the same. Jack also urges his son to see that they are all a family. And he tells Reggie that Greenlee needs to know that there are people who care about her.

Jack goes to ask if Ryan has seen Greenlee. Ryan angrily tells Jack that he does not care about Greenlee. She has done something malicious to Kendall that cannot be overlooked and he is done with her. Jack defends his daughter to Ryan, telling him he cares about her and knows Ryan has been very unkind to her. But Ryan turns that around, and tells Jack that Greenlee would not have turned on Kendall if her father had not been such a jerk to her. Jack tells Ryan that Greenlee knows that he loves her and that she can come to him for anything. Ryan concludes that is under the condition that she waits in line behind everything that’s so much more important to Jack; remembering that Jack went hold Kendall’s hand and let Greenlee down. Ryan admits he did also. He tells Jack that her father might be the only person who can get through to her. Jack tells Ryan that he cares about Greenlee, much more than any of her supposed friends do. And he asks Ryan to let him know if he hears from her. After Jack leaves, Ryan says to himself that Greenlee is probably a thousand miles away, drinking a pitcher of margaritas.

But unknown to anybody, Greenlee is still stuck in the hole with no way to get out.

Kendall is in Bianca’s hospital room, asleep in a chair, having a nightmare that she’s been found guilty of murder in court. Bianca hears her sister shouting, knows she’s having a nightmare and tells she must wake up and know it’s just a dream. Kendall informs Bianca that she had a conversation with Erica the previous night. Bianca inquires what state of mind their mother was in. Kendall tells her that she has never seen Erica behave the way she did the previous night. Kendall tells Bianca that she saw Erica acting very cold and business like the previous night. She also tells her that Erica acknowledged her for her loyalty toward her sister and was very happy that Kendall cares about Bianca and also stated that she wants her two daughters to remain close. Kendall also tells Bianca something very strange. She informed Erica that she was ready to take the plea, but Erica urged her not to. And it sounded as though Erica knew how to protect her daughter by not letting her take the plea. But doubt comes over Kendall again. She tells Bianca that if what Erica believes is not real, then she could be letter her own mother walk her to the death chamber. At that moment, Bianca is having a flashback of being in the dark, outside of Michael Cambias’ condo, noticing an unidentified person walking and carrying a gun. Kendall tells Bianca that although her conversation with Erica, the previous night was encouraging, she knows that she cannot go leaping off of a cliff just because someone has promised to save her. Right away, Bianca can see that much of Kendall’s attitude of distrust is due to Ryan. Bianca asks Kendall what has happened with her and Ryan. Kendall tells her sister she does not want to talk about Ryan. They are through. She does not trust him. Bianca tells her sister that she knows Ryan loves her. She urges Kendall to see that Ryan has been nothing but supportive to her and she must trust him. And she says she knows he loves Kendall, not Greenlee. Bianca urges her sister to see that he did not “sick” Greenlee on her. Kendall reminds her that this would not be the first time that she has trusted Ryan only to be betrayed. But Bianca insists that Kendall trusts Ryan, and that she needs to trust more. Kendall tells Bianca that she needs to trust less.

At her office, Erica calls Tad so that he can find out what happened the night Michael Cambias disappeared, when Erica blacked out. Suddenly, she has a “conscious nightmare” that Michael Cambias is right in the room with her, haunting her. She demands that he gets out of her office and out of her mind. Michael tells her that she should not care about Kendall nor want to help her get acquitted, reminding her that Kendall is not exactly “mommy’s little girl”. He admits that he knows Kendall did not kill him. She asks who did. He tells her it’s amazing that she cares about him. She tells him she wants to know who killed him so that she can thank them. He taunts her, telling her he got her in bed, and she gave him what he wanted. He tells her that he wanted her and he knows she wanted him. Speaking, obviously, of the occasion where he tried to rape her, he says he knows she was trembling with passion. She becomes hysterical, covers her ears and demands that he shuts up and gets away from her. The vision of Michael tells Erica that he will haunt her for the rest of her life. He tells her that every time she looks at Bianca’s “little brat”, she will see him. It’s his child, little Mikey, who walks and talks and looks just like him. She yells at him, telling him that he will never hurt an innocent little baby and that Bianca’s child is not him. She tells him he’s dead and she is not afraid of him. But he tells her, whether she likes it or not, the two of them are “lifers”. And he disappears, leaving Erica to know that he was just a fantasy. At that point, she takes a drink.

Tad Martin is outside Michael Cambias’ condo. He runs into what looks like a homeless woman. She tells him that she’s there every day, in order to gather food. He asks her if she was there on the night of August 29, when Michael disappeared. She says she’s always there because she has to eat. He tells her that she might have saved somebody’s life, if she has any information about Michael Cambias.

Tad goes to Erica’s office and informs her that he may have come across a witness, who’s right outside the door. He warns Erica that the woman, named Prilly, might not be someone to help her. But Erica insists that he invites Prilly into her office so that she can talk to her. Erica greets Prilly and tells her that she needs to know whatever Prilly might know about the night in question. Tad informs Erica that Prilly “works the dumpsters” and was making her “nightly rounds” by Michael’s where she knew she would get a great meal. Prilly informs Tad and Erica that she knows on that night she saw a woman walking outside Michael’s home. When asked what the woman looked like, Prilly says, come to think of it, she was probably about Erica’s size. Erica urges Prilly to tell her everything she knows about what she saw that night. She says she saw a lady with classy clothes, with her collar turned out. Erica remembers herself wearing a similar jacket as what Prilly described, walking outside Michael’s in the dark.

While Prilly gives her account to Erica and Tad, Bianca is in the hospital, having her flashback of that very event on that night.

Prilly tells Erica that she remembered the woman in question going into Michael’s home and arguing with him. The next thing she heard was a gunshot. And she says the woman “high-tailed” it out of there, just like she was running for her life. Erica thanks Prilly for giving her this valuable information. Prilly blurts out that the woman she saw looked just like Erica. Tad offers her some “charity” in order not to incriminate Erica. But she refuses. When Prilly leaves, Tad informs Erica that he did warn her and knew that Prilly’s testimony might not help her. But Erica tells Tad that she is not afraid and she knows that if she has no recollection of where she was or what happened that night, and nobody else saw her, then that means that she must have killed Michael Cambias.

At that very moment, Bianca is lost in thought remembering that same incident. Kendall notices her sister must be stressing, because her hospital heart-monitor is running too fast. Having no clue what Bianca is lost in thought about, Kendall urges her to get some rest. Reggie appears and Kendall tells them she has to go and asks him to take care of Bianca while she’s gone. Reggie gives Bianca a hug and tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. He seems o.k. with the sudden revelation of her pregnancy and tells her he’s looking forward to being an uncle. He is also able to witness the baby kicking. She tells him the baby only does that when she’s in the presence of somebody she loves. Reggie tells Bianca that he wished he knew about the baby sooner. Bianca knows she needs to ask Reggie what he might know about Erica, and tells him that she’s very worried about her mother. She informs Reggie she knew she had to trust David, in keeping the secret for her. He came through for her. And she also tells Reggie that she did not want to keep the secret from him, about the baby. Reggie surprises her with a stuffed animal he just got for the baby. At that moment, Ryan enters and asks if he’s interrupting. Bianca says not at all and encourages him to come in. He asks her how she’s feeling. She says she’s fine, but she knows he might be the one who is in need of “intensive care”. She wants to talk him into getting back with Kendall. He tells her that he has just found something for her baby.

Livia goes to Jack’s to talk about Kendall’s case. He asks her what Kendall’s fate is. She tells him its not good. But he urges her to see that although the jury knew that Kendall faked her pregnancy, they may not assume that means that she killed Michael Cambias. And he tells her they can fight this and appeal. She tells him they may not have any choice except to take the plea. At that moment, Kendall enters. She sounds happy and informs them that she has made a decision. She says she will not take the plea. Shel informs Jack of her conversation with Erica the previous night, where Erica strongly urged herl not to accept the plea bargain, and said it in a way that indicated that Erica knew something very important. Livia asks Kendall if she is really ready to make this decision. Kendall tells Livia that she wishes her attorney would believe and trust in her. But Livia warns her client that if she goes through with the trial and fights murder charges, with one false move, she could ruin everything. And before she leaves, she tells Kendall she must think long and hard about this.


Greenlee, still stuck in the shaft, tells Ryan he needs to hear her and be there for her.

Strangely enough, while with Bianca in her hospital room, when Ryan is ready to give her something for her baby, he sees Bianca as Greenlee and calls her Greenlee.


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