AMC Update Friday 2/13/04

All My Children Update Friday 2/13/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Maria brings Edmund what appears to be a meal in the hospital. He lifts the lid and finds a book, a signed copy of Hemingway's "Farewell to Arms." She wishes him happy Valentine's Day and he tells her she's put him to shame. She tells him she'll give him a break this year but next year he's going to have to come up with something great. A violinist walks into the room playing music, and Maria is touched by Edmund's gesture. She thanks him, telling him he totally got her. Maria rubs Edmund's back then moves to her legs. A look of concern sweeps over her face about his paralysis. Edmund says they're at the beginning of a long brutal recovery. Maria says he will heal himself and she will be his cheerleader.

Bianca is in her hospital bed and asks David to tell her one more time that her baby is going to be OK. David reassures her that the baby is fine. Bianca wonders what's keeping her mother. Outside the room, Kendall asks Jack if Bianca is OK. She wants to see her. Erica says the doctor says Bianca needs rest, so she's leaving. Erica turns to leave but Kendall tells her to wait. They need to finish what Greenlee started. Kendall promises there will be no scenes. She starts by saying it's been so long... Erica interrupts, saying it's been so long since she came after her with scissors. Kendall tells her she wasn't herself then. Erica says it was never about Kendall. Kendall tells her there is so much more to talk about. Erica mentions her fake pregnancy. Kendall says it wasn't supposed to come out that way. Erica says she's sure it had to be hard to pretend that long. Kendall says she didn't have a choice. She never meant to hurt her. Erica says she did a brave thing for her sister. She only wishes that they had confided in her. Kendall says this wasn't an us versus her thing. It was "us against the world." Erica says she realizes Kendall would do anything for Bianca. Kendall says Bianca is her family, and she would do anything for her family. Erica leaves, saying she needs to return to Enchantment.

Jack and Kendall go see Bianca, and David tells Bianca the test results look good. Bianca asks where her mom is. Jack doesn't really know what to say, but tells her that Bianca is not supposed to have stress from visitors. Bianca tells them that he and Kendall are there. It must be that Erica doesn't want to see her. Kendall tries to cheer Bianca up, but Bianca tells her not to try so hard. She asks if her mother said anything. Jack says Erica needs time. Bianca says her mother is shutting down. Kendall makes a sarcastic remark about how Erica can't even come to see her own daughter in the hospital. She quickly apologizes. Bianca asks Kendall if Ryan came back to her. It's obvious that he wanted to. Kendall says only that it's all right and she'll be fine.

Erica is back at Enchantment and with her back turned, bumps into Kendall unexpectedly. Kendall apologizes, saying she didn't mean to frighten her. Erica says she's not frightened, she's busy. Kendall says they didn't talk about everything they needed to talk about. Kendall says she wants closure. Erica says a few more words won't lead to that. Kendall brings up Erica's comment that it would have been more merciful for Bianca to lose her baby. Kendall asks if she knows how that makes her feel. Erica says she knows Bianca ran into Kendall at the clinic when she went for her abortion. Kendall says she didn't try to talk Bianca out of having the abortion. Erica says if they had told her the truth, maybe they wouldn't be where they're at now. Kendall urges her to work with her. She says she knows she was a walking disaster when she came back into Erica's life and she would take it all back if she could. She says Bianca's baby will not be like her. She tells Erica that she see's Bianca's baby and sees Kendall's sins. Erica says she does not feel that way. Erica doesn't think Kendall believes her or realizes how she feels. Kendall says Bianca's daughter will be full of joy and wonder and she can love her if she allows herself to. She urges her to love both of them the way they deserve to be loved. Erica insists that she loves Bianca. Kendall tells her she can love her baby too. Erica tells her she has changed. She never would have thought she was capable of putting someone else's needs above herself. She admires that. Kendall tells her that means more to her than anything she's ever said. It makes what she's going to say eve easier. Kendall tells her she plans to plead guilty to the murder tomorrow. Erica is horrified. Why would she do such a thing? Kendall says if she doesn't there's a needle with her name on it. Erica tells Kendall to look her in the eye and tell her if she killed Michael. Kendall asks her if she thinks she did. Erica says she can't even tell her. How is she going to tell a judge? Kendall says she wants to live. Erica tells her she won't survive 10 years in prison. Kendall says she will. This way police will not look at any other suspects. Erica wonders who she's protecting and tells her she will not take that plea bargain. She makes Kendall promise, and Kendall says she won't. Erica says she said a longtime ago she would not let Kendall be convicted. She tells her to go home and rest.

Maggie and Lena visit Bianca at the hospital. Lena gives her a Valentine's present – a CD of sing-along tunes for kids. Bianca likes it, and is amused when Lena mispronounces the title of one of the songs. They joke about it, and Maggie feels left out. Maggie excuses herself to get a soda. Lena asks Bianca if something is wrong with Maggie. Maggie is distant and rarely at the apartment. Lena asks Bianca if something happened between her and Maggie. Bianca says nothing that she knows about. Maggie walks back in and Lena asks her if something has happened. Maggie says it's just the whirlwind of her new romance with Jamie. Lena surely remembers how that feels, she says. Maggie says she has to leave because she has another term paper.

Greenlee, stuck in the mineshaft, is talking to herself and talking to God. Looking skyward, she asks "so what's the deal God. Don't want to talk?" She concludes he doesn't want to talk to her. She sits down, closes her eyes and concentrates on Ryan. She's urging Ryan in her mind to save her life. Meanwhile, Ryan is shown lying on the ground unconscious after crashing his motorcycle. He awakens, sits up and says "nice driving, Slick." He sees his arm has a nasty scrape. Greenlee thinks about it being Friday the 13th, then thinks about Valentine's Day, saying she doesn't want to die on the day of champagne and strawberries. Ryan has mechanical difficulties with his cycle and rolls it into the falls area, very near to where Greenlee is trapped. Greenlee meanwhile falls asleep and doesn't hear Ryan as he loudly complains about his motorcycle. Greenlee has a dream that she sees Ryan dropping flower pedals to her in the shaft. In her dream, they bicker and Ryan leaves. As Ryan struggles with his motorcycle, he falls and lands so that he's staring right into the mineshaft. He wonders what this is he's seeing, but he doesn't see Greenlee. He takes Kendall's ring out of his pocket and drops it in the shaft. "This is goodbye. Clean air of freedom and narrow escape," he says. Then, to make sure he saves the "next poor sucker from dying," he pushes a boulder over the hole. Greenlee wakes up and sees Ryan's ring. She calls out for Ryan, but he is driving away on his motorcycle.

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