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All My Children Update Thursday 2/12/04

By Jenn
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Erica is sitting at her old desk in the Enchantment office, after not having been there for a long time. Boyd, who is standing outside, tells her he’s surprised to see her there. She firmly reminds him that this is her office, her desk and her company. She reminds him that she is Enchantment. Nobody else is nor will they take her company from her. Jack walks in and tells her he’s been looking all over for her and has not been able to find her. She coldly inquires whether he was worried that she’d attack Bianca with a scissors. It’s clear to see that she is burying herself in work and in major denial about the pain she’s living with. He tells her that she needs to care about her daughters and be there for them. She is obsessed in work and sounds very business-like and uncaring. She tells him that both of her daughters are very capable of taking care of themselves and do not need her. He urges her to look at him and talk to him, and he tells her he knows there is something going on. She says she knows very well what is going on. Kendall is on trial for murder. Bianca is pregnant with that bastard’s baby. What does he expect her to do? Check herself into a loony bin? Schedule an appointment for a massage and manicure? She tells him she’s a Kane woman. She will not fall apart and let her emotions get the better of her. She tells Jack that it seems he will not be happy until he sees her come completely unglued. She tells him that she may not be the hysterical, emotionally fragile person he’d like her to be. He tells her it’s not about what he wants. She says that’s exactly point. It’s what she wants. She needs to deal with what she’s facing in her own way.

David rushes Bianca into the hospital. She is very worried about her baby. Babe, JR and Krystal are also at the OB-GYN clinic and are very surprised to discover that Bianca is also pregnant. Babe instantly finds herself taking care of Bianca, holding her hand and encouraging her to believe her baby will be alright. Her husband and mother observe her “bedside manner”. Krystal tells her daughter that she had no clue that Bianca is pregnant, but says she’s not surprised that she’d keep it a secret. Babe tells her mother that babies are the most wonderful thing in the world, and inquires what possible reason Bianca would have to keep it a secret. JR remembers that Bianca was raped the previous summer and is able to put “two and two” together in figuring out why Bianca would be pregnant, yet tell nobody. Hearing that, Babe and Krystal are shocked to find out that she would choose to have a baby after being raped. Babe tells her husband that they are so lucky to have a baby that has been conceived out of love. He tells her, that more likely, it was conceived from a “one-night stand” with his brother. She gets up and leaves, telling him she wants to go somewhere that is a little friendlier. At that point, Krystal confronts her son-in- law, telling him that if he hurts her daughter, he will be answering to her.

The doctor tells Bianca that he will run her blood samples to the lab. She keeps telling him that she wants to know what has happened to the baby. He doesn’t tell her much, except that the best she can do for her baby, right now is to stay calm and get some rest. When he leaves, she asks David why the doctor is giving her saline. He tells her it’s just in case they have to do an emergency C-section. She tells David that they cannot take her baby from her, he cannot let them.

At the Enchantment office, Jack tells Erica he does not mean to be over-protective. But he asks her if the engagement is still on. He takes her hand and observes that she has taken off her engagement ring. He asks if she’d like to tell him the reason why. She says the previous night, she took it off to put on some hand cream. She’s sure that’s where it is. In fact, she says, she will go home, right now and retrieve it, before it gets stolen, all the while treating the whole situation as some sort of monetary endeavor. He tells her he needs to know what her plans are. She tells him he should not make such a fuss just because she took off her engagement ring. He kisses her. But she tells him she needs to get back to work. At that moment, Jack gets a call from David Hayward who informs him that he’s just taken Bianca to the hospital. Jack informs Erica of the call. Erica tells him she must go and make certain that Bianca is all right.

At the hospital, JR tells Krystal he does not want to argue with her. But she asks him what he will do when the doctor tells him that he is the father of Babe’s baby. She warns him that if he keeps up his behavior, Babe might leave him. She tells him he must put his macho, egotistical attitude aside and be there for his wife. Krystal tells them she needs to leave. Babe says she needs to stay and make certain that Bianca is o.k. JR tells her he will wait with her. Right then, Erica and Jack, who have just arrived to see Bianca, greet them. Babe tells them that as far as she knows, Bianca is o.k. Krystal takes Babe aside and tells her she had no clue of her daughter meeting the famous Erica Kane. The doctor comes out and tells Erica and Jack that he is treating Bianca. Erica urges him to tell her whether Bianca is going to lose the baby. He informs Erica that her daughter is doing o.k. She just had a small tear. Jack asks when they can see her. The doctor tells them he wants to keep Bianca overnight on a fetal monitor, but they can see her and not to worry. It seems everybody has reason to be happy. But Erica surprises them by asking God why he cannot give Bianca some mercy, just once, sounding like she’d very much prefer Bianca miscarries.

Ryan tells Kendall that he needs to know whether she is ready to take the leap of faith or not. She tells him that she is horrified with being on trial for murder and she is very suspicious of Greenlee. He tells her she must stop worrying about Greenlee. He tells her that she needs to trust him and know that he would never work with Greenlee to hurt her. He reminds her that he has proposed to her. He wants to marry her. He wants to be with her for the rest of her life, whatever that turns out to be. She says that she knows it must be very easy for him to “propose” to somebody who is now facing 25 years to life. He tells her that if she believes that, she can have her way. But he reminds her that she called him back there and asks what the reason is. She pulls the engagement ring off her finger and hands it back to him. He tells her that once again, she is forcing his hand. He tells her that he remembers her telling him of a dream she had where they are together dancing on a cliff. And he says that he has had that dream too. And all he ever wanted was to catch her before she falls. He leaves. And when she is alone, she breaks down, crying hysterically.

Kendall, later gets a knock in the door and discovers Aidan. He tells her he’s there to make sure she’s o.k. She tells him he must know about the trial, and that he can stick a fork in “her and Ryan” because they are done. He tells her that he has always promised to be there for her. She tells him she knows he’s too good to be true. But it’s the end for her. He asks what will now happen to her. She says she will take what she has coming to her and end this nightmare for everyone. Hetells her he won’t let her plead guilty. She tells him that whether he likes it or not, she’s going to take the plea bargain, and accept 25 years at Statesville. Aidan urges Kendall to see that copping the plea is the wrong move. She says that’s just his opinion. He concludes that it must be Ryan who is filling her head with this. But she assures him that it has nothing to do with Ryan. She knows that the jury will convict her. Livia has told her she can either plea bargain or have a good possibility of getting the death penalty. The jury already knows she has committed perjury. She tells him she’s already been in prison before. She says she has no choice but to face her fate. She says she can cope with prison, but the thought of being strapped to a gurney and being stuck with a needle is something she cannot bear. She cries while he holds her. He tells her she must listen to him that she cannot lose hope. He tells her this trial will be over soon and justice will be served. She tells him that he is the best. Right then, she suddenly gets a call which shocks her and makes her forget her own situation. It’s obvious that it’s about Bianca.

Greenlee is ready to go home after being out in the wilderness talking to Leo. But right when she gets up to leave, she falls into a shaft.

Ryan goes to the bar to drink off his sorrows. The bartender seems to know him and assumes he is, once again, saving some woman from her sorry self. Mary Smythe enters. He tells her he doesn’t want her company. She inquires whether he’s had a problem with Kendall. He informs her that Kendall can drop off the face of the earth for all he cares. Mary urges Ryan to see that her daughter has saved him from being sucked into Kendall’s corruption and lies. He tells her he does not care about Greenlee. She just wants to stab Kendall in the back. Mary tells him her daughter did what she did for him, only for him.

After falling, and being incapable of getting herself out of the shaft, Greenlee screams for help. Just then, she has a vision of Ryan appearing and promising to save her. But then, he suddenly tells her he needs to go save somebody else. Knowing she has just had a fantasy, she says: “Ryan, come and get me.” She grabs her flashlight and attempts to look around. But she is still horrified that she cannot get out. She screams for David, knowing he might be the only friend she has left. She urges that he drops whatever he’s doing because she’s in an emergency.

At the hospital, David assures Bianca that she and her baby will be o.k. She tells him how grateful she is to have him there for her. She also tells him she just remembered what happened to his baby, Leora, not long ago, which was not as fortunate, and apologizes to him if she appears selfish or insensitive for forgetting. He tells her he is very happy that her baby will be o.k. Right when he walks out the door, he is able to detect that there will be one more “source of stress” for Bianca. He informs her he just saw Erica outside the hallway. She tells him she’s o.k. with seeing her mother and knows Erica is there because she cares about her. He goes out and meets with Erica and Jack. Erica informs David that she would like him to tell her what’s going on. He tells her that Bianca and the baby are al right. And he tells her she may go and see Bianca. But Erica excuses herself and tells Jack he must go in and see her, and asks him to give Bianca her love. He inquires why she will not go in and see Bianca. She tells Jack that she knows she is not needed. Jack tells her shemust consider how she would feel if Bianca had lost the baby and she was not there. She confirms, in front of everybody that it would be a blessing if Bianca did lose the baby. At that moment, Kendall enters and is shocked to hear her mother make such a statement.

After the paternity test has been scheduled, Babe, JR and Krystal are walking out of the hospital. JR tells his wife and mother-in-law that he must depart and go to the office to get some work done. When Babe is alone with her mother, she tells her that she knows that Paul Kramer must cooperate with her in helping her “pass” the paternity test. Krystal tells her daughter that she must not lose heart.

Greenlee, still stuck in the hole, says to herself that this is not exactly a “5 star hotel”. No feather bed, no Jacuzzi or mini-bar. And what she would not do for some champagne and macadamia nuts. But she is unable to make light of the situation. She says she knows that nobody is there for he, nor cares about her and she panics.


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