AMC Update Wednesday 2/11/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/11/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Simone walks in on Liza and Krystal having a conversation about Tad in his home while he’s out. She seems in denial, that Tad cannot be faithful. Liza and Krystal seem not to be upset at the reality about Tad. But, after finding out the truth, Simone goes around ranting about what a lying, two-timing slime ball Tad is. Right in the middle of her tirade, Tad walks into his home to discover the three of them. Tad tries to smooth things over with Simone. He tells her he thought they’ve agreed to keep things casual. But she is ready to storm out the door. He tells her he just needs five minutes. She says if he wants five minutes, he should “try” Krystal. When Simone leaves, Tad confronts Liza for informing Simone that she is also seeing him. And he notices that Liza and Krystal seem to show no animosity toward each other and are working together to push his buttons. He walks out the door. And as soon as the two women are alone, Liza confronts Krystal, telling her that if she thinks she’s going to come between Liza and Tad, she’s got another thing coming. Krystal tells Liza that she needs to let Tad “play “ for a while, and then “reel him in” and make him want her.

At the restaurant, after Jamie has interrupted Babe’s meeting with Paul Kramer, Paul walks off. Babe angrily tells Jamie he needs to leave her alone and stay out of her life. Jamie tells Babe that he knows she’s afraid of losing JR and that he also knows what Paul Kramer is all about. She tells him that she is not afraid of anybody and wants him to leave her alone. But at that moment, he pulls the money out of her purse and inquires whether Paul is “black-mailing” her. Jamie tells her that he can fix it so that Paul never blackmails her again. Realizing he’s only trying to help, Babe softens her tone and tells Jamie she knows he’s going to be a great catch for some girl some day. At that point, JR enters and finds them together. He makes it clear that he is angry and does not trust either of them. Jamie gets up to leave. But JR sarcastically tells him he’s invited to stay and have dinner with them. And he announces that his wife is paying. He informs them both that he knows that she’s loaded with the money he knows she has just taken out of the safe. He tells her that he needs her to hand over her purse. He reaches in, pulls out the money and tells her that his father is not her personal ATM. He tells her he wants to know why she stole it. Or maybe she should explain to his father. She tells him Adam would never understand. JR suggests that, in that case maybe she needs to tell the cops. At that point, Jamie tells Babe that she must tell JR why she took the cash. She makes up a story that it was a surprise. She was using it to go shopping. He says he knows better. She has credit cards for that. Jamie urges Babe to come clean and tell JR why she took the money, assuming he knows the reason. He tries to find ways to “smooth over” to JR, what Babe has done. When he sees that JR is not about to change his attitude, he gets up ready to leave and tells JR that he should be grateful for what he has. When they are alone, JR has assumed that Babe has taken the money to “buy off” Jamie. She tells him she apologizes, but Jamie has been harassing her and she did not know what else to do. She also reminds him of how cold he’s been to her. He sounds like he plans to stay married to her but he does not trust her. She tells him that in spite of his suspicion and distrust of her, she can prove that the baby is his before it’s born. She tells him that there’s a test that can be done, which would just involve blood and DNA samples from both parents of the baby. Surprisingly, he agrees to do it. She tells him that there are not many labs that do it, but she can “find one” and make an appointment. He tells her he has a better idea. They should just go have it done now. At that point, her “carefree” composure ends and she looks worried. Babe later consults with her mother on how to make the “test results” look like JR is really her baby’s father. Krystal tells her that she knows how to come up with a plan.

Greenlee goes to Bianca’s. She admits that she’s done terrible things. She realizes she’s hurt Kendall and everybody. Bianca is angry and not ready to forgive. But Greenlee says she is so sorry and wishes she could take back what she has already done. Bianca says that’s easy for her to say, when she knows she can’t and demands to know why Greenlee had to do what she did to Kendall, why? Greenlee tells Bianca that she has never intended for this to happen and begs Bianca to believe her. Bianca tells her that she does not know how she’s going to live with what has happened to Kendall in the trial, and what’s happened to her mother, from knowing that she is about to give birth to Michael Cambias’ baby. Greenlee says she feels terrible and lives with the same fear and regret they do. Bianca tells Greenlee that she, in no way feels sorry for her nor cares how she feels after what she’s done. She tells Greenlee that all she knows how to do is ruin lives. Greenlee tells Bianca that she wished she had told her about the baby. She says she sees Bianca as her sister. They are both family to Jack. And Greenlee remembers that Leo saw Bianca as a sister. She also tells her that she knows of a way to fix things. Bianca tells Greenlee that it’s too late for some things to be fixed. Greenlee tells her some things can. She tells Bianca that she needs to be happy because she knows Bianca will make a great mom. Right when she’s ready to go out the door, Greenlee informs Bianca that her “plan” will work. Bianca sounds like she does not believe there’s any plan that can help anybody, but she is still kind of interested in just what Greenlee has up her sleeve.

Later, David comes to Bianca’s He assures her that although Erica has really freaked at the thought of Bianca choosing to carry and give birth to Michael Cambias’ child, he knows that Erica loves her daughter and she will be o.k. She also tells him that she is worried about Kendall. He tells her that things will work out with Kendall. He also informs her that he has just gotten a subpoena. She is worried that it must mean someone is asking him to testify against Kendall. He tells her it’s no cause for alarm. She tells him she wishes things were more positive. He puts his arms around her and holds her. She tells David that he is so incredibly nice. He makes a joke that he’s “Dr. Haywire” as Reggie calls him. They laugh. But at that point, Bianca feels something very weird. He asks if she got a kick or if she’s in pain. She says she does not know but this is too early for her water to break. He tells her everything will be o.k. and he takes her to the hospital. She asks him if this means that she’s losing her baby.

Ryan enters Kendall’s home. He tells her that he wants a second chance. He tells her that he has been analyzing this entire situation from every angle. And he keeps coming back to the one constant fact that he loves her. He tells her he wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. He takes out the engagement ring she’s returned to him and tells her he wants to put it back where it belongs as he puts it back on her finger. He tells her that he admires her strength. She inquires whether he wants her to lie on the floor and cry and be weak. He tells her that he loves Kendall, the real Kendall. He tells her that she needs to be strong. They need to be strong together in order to make that work. He tells her that any fool can fall in love. But in order to stay in love, that takes something special. And he tells her he does not want to let go of what they have and asks if she does. He tells her he knows of all her faults. But he tells her that he wants her strong will to work for them. He tells her he knows she’s smart, and so beautiful, and so sexy and funny. And he asks whether it’s so hard for her to believe that he wants to spend every moment of their lives together. At that moment, Greenlee enters and interrupts their interaction. She tells Kendall that she admits that she was awful to her. She tells Kendall that she believed that Ryan was using both of them. She apologizes for what she did in the courtroom. And she informs Kendall that it needs to be clear that Ryan did nothing wrong and had no involvement in her plan to expose Kendall. She tells them that she wishes she could do something to make things right and she wants things to work out for the two of them. She apologizes for everything and walks out the door. Hearing that, he is confident that he’s proven to Kendall that she has reason to trust him, and he asks her when the wedding will take place.

Tad goes to the Fusion office to finish his conversation with Simone. She tells him she has a deadline. But he tells her that he needs to talk to her and resolve something. He tells her that he wishes there was something he could do to prevent her from hating him. She tells him that she does not hate him. She tells him that she knows he made it very clear to her that he wanted their relationship to remain casual. And she admits that it was her fault to fail to read the signs. He assumes that she wants to dump him. But she tells him that’s she’s not about to “cash in her chips”. She says she’s in the game and she is a player. He sounds a little “unsettled” that she’s responded in a way he did not expect. But she tells him she can take care of herself. And she proceeds to kiss him and seduce him. He reminds her of Krystal and Liza . But she says she knows that Krystal is too easy and will sleep with anything in pants. And she tells him she knows that the only reason Liza is interested in him is because she’s afraid to go after her own future. He asks what her take is on herself. She tells him that she is perfect for him and she will prove it. She grabs a hold of him and kisses him passionately. He does not pull away from her. When she’s done, he is totally confused and assumes she is now emotionally attached to him. But she tells him she is now “done” with him. And when she gets done with her work, she will invite him over again, in order to “play”.

Greenlee goes to a rock in the wilderness and talks to Leo. She says she remembers that he loved her just the way she was. But she tells him that she knows she’s driven so many people away. She says she knows that she was so close to bonding with her family. Jack, Bianca, and even Reggie were ready to give her a chance. But then she ruined everything. She asks if he has any advice for her. She tells him she will do anything he says. She says she needs to get a sign from him, anything from him. She tells him that she knows she’s got to leave town. But she admits that she will miss this place. She tells him she wants him to “come with her”. She tells him he’s the only friend she has left. As she gets up to walk back to her car, she discovers something that is making it difficult for her to walk. She takes off her shoes. But at that point, she suddenly falls into a shaft.

Kendall reveals to Ryan that she still does not trust him. She says she believes that he asked Greenlee to conveniently come by in order to “cover” for him. He wonders why she believes he’d do that. She tells him she would never trust Greenlee in a million years. He urges her to stop this behavior and see that he loves her. But she is furious at the thought that he’d even remotely suggest that she should trust a word that comes out of Greenlee’s mouth. She says Greenlee is a despicable lying bitch, and with all the things Greenlee has done to her, she will never forgive her. But he keeps telling her that he needs for her to believe him that he loves her. At the end, however, he tells her that if she demands he goes away, he will walk out the door and stay out. It will be over and he will never again ask her to marry him. She tells him she will not be conned by him and Greenlee. He inquires what either her or Greenlee would have to gain from “working together” to fool her. She says they both have a fortune to gain. She says by marrying her, he would inherit an entire fortune. So will Bianca when she has the baby. And everybody knows that Bianca wants Kendall and Ryan together enough so that she might be motivated to sign over her entire fortune to him. And that’s what Greenlee wants. But he keeps telling her that throughout his entire life, there has only been one person he has always loved. He says he cannot imagine how she can accuse him of being capable of betraying her. He tells her he cannot live like that. He walks toward the door and says good-bye to her. At that point, she urges him to wait.


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