AMC Update Tuesday 2/10/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/10/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is sleeping at her desk in the Fusion office. She has a nightmare that Bianca comes in and awakens her, yelling at her and demanding to know how she can sleep. In the dream, Bianca informs her that because of her, Kendall has gotten a lethal injection. And she tells Greenlee Kendall is dead because of her. Greenlee awakens. Simone enters and urges Greenlee to see that although they've had their problems with Kendall, Greenlee has gone way too far, enabling Kendall to get charged with murder and possibly fry.

Bianca awakens in her apartment by a knock at the door. She opens the door and sees Lena who is there to give her something. She tells Bianca that she wants to take her out. Bianca inquires what there is to celebrate. Should it be her sister's execution or her mother's breakdown' She tells Lena that there is nothing happy going on in her life right now. Kendall is going on trial for murder right when they thought everything was going to go al right . All the effort involved, with all the help from people, in order to fake Kendall's pregnancy, was all for nothing. Also Erica has had a breakdown, after finding out that Bianca is pregnant. Lena reveals that she has remembered Bianca's birthday, which Bianca herself has forgotten. Bianca is happy to discover that Lena remembers her birthday. Lena tells Bianca she must not lose hope that Kendall will be acquitted and Erica will be o.k. She hugs Bianca.

JR is on the phone. He tells the person on the other end that he will 'take care' of something. He then goes to open a safe. At that point, he is interrupted by Babe, who tells him that he must not persist in keeping secrets from her, or else they have no future together. She tells him that since they are having a baby together he must trust and communicate with her He informs her that he needs to leave in order to bail his father out of jail. She protests that his father has been very disrespectful to him and inquires why he should help him. JR protests that Adam is still his father and may have been right in telling him he's made a big mistake, implying, without actually saying, that that means her. He concedes to her that he knows his father is corrupt and out of line, but he's obligated to help him. She urges him to see that if he "sucks up" his father's poison, he could be sinking right down to his level. When JR leaves, Krystal enters. Babe tells her mother that she is very afraid that her husband has turned against her. Krystal encourages her daughter to be strong, not be afraid, and get back on track. At that moment, Babe removes the picture from the wall and gets into the safe. She pulls out the money, announces to her mother that she is prevailing and getting back the man that she loves. Unknown to them, Mary is at the top of the stairs witnessing Babe taking money out of the safe.

At Jamie's home, Brooke walks through the door, happy to notice that her son appears happy. Just then, she discovers Maggie coming out of the shower, wearing Jamie's shirt, mentioning something about jail. At that point, Brooke is alarmed and demands to know what is going on. Jamie tells his mother that Adam is on a total power trip by getting him and Maggie arrested for being in his car. She tells her son that she agrees, but she realizes that not even Adam would have somebody arrested just for sitting in a car, if that's all they did. Overhearing the conversation, Maggie announces that she's ready to leave. Brooke tells her she needs to stick around. And without either of them saying anything, Brooke is able to put two and two together in figuring out why they two of them were arrested by Adam for being in his car. Maggie gets up and leaves. Brooke tells her son that she really doesn't understand him. He protests that she should not be mad at him and inquires whether she'd rather he still be consumed with Babe. She replies of course not. She tells her son that she is trying to look on the bright side, in realizing that Maggie is a nice, respectable girl. Immediately, after hearing that, Jamie reveals he still has Babe on the brain, by inquiring whether she does not see Babe as a nice, respectable human being. He immediately interrupts their discussion, gets up, grabs his coat and announces that he has a biology class. Watching him leave, his mother mumbles that she knows he needs a biology class.

While Bianca and Lena are in a discussion, Maggie enters. Bianca inquires where she's been the previous night. Maggie makes up a story that she fell asleep at the library. After Bianca takes a call, Lena fills Maggie in on the news that Kendall has been found out for lying about her pregnancy, and may be going up the river for murder, and that Bianca has just informed her mother that she's pregnant. When Lena leaves, Maggie tells Bianca she's heard the news and wonders if there's anything she can do. Bianca changes the subject and inquires what was 'going on' with her, the last time they were together, where Maggie kissed her. Maggie admits that it happened, and she says she regrets and apologizes and wants to forget about it. She makes it clear she wants to get out of this conversation. But Bianca corners her, informing her that she's spent too much of her life avoiding people and forgetting things that really happened. And she urges Maggie not to pull away from her like she's mistakenly done to too many people. Maggie informs Bianca that she spent the night with Jamie. She says she really likes him and wants to see him again. And she leaves.

At the jail cell, Tad, Adam and David are sitting in their cell. Erica comes to see them. Adam and David both assume that she is there to bail them out. But she reveals to them that she is only there to bail out Tad. David protests that she must trust him and help him. She tells him that they have in fact had a relationship with trusting and confiding in one another, except where her daughters are concerned. At that point, the guard comes, opens the door and lets Tad out, while Adam and David are still stuck behind bars. They argue. Adam tells David that he's failed in getting Erica to trust him. David tells Adam that he will fry for the murder of Michael Cambias. At that moment, the guard comes to release David. Adam demands to know who bailed him out. David simply says that he's free and Adam is stuck in jail, and he's happy with that.

At the Fusion office, David goes to confront Greenlee. He tells her she's gone too far. She protests that Kendall and Bianca have lied about who's pregnant and she's very angry with everybody for keeping the secret from her He tells her there's no excuse for what she did. But she tells him, before he leaves, that she needs him to help her with something. She protests that everybody is against her and she's especially upset about being distrusted by Ryan. And he might be the only person still in her corner. That's why she bailed him out of jail. David assures her that she must not believe everyone's against her, and he puts his arms around her. She reveals that she knows she screwed up, only blames herself, and does not believe Ryan did anything wrong. At that point, David reveals to her that she should not blame herself entirely, must realize that Ryan is sucking her in again, and not to trust him. She protests that she hates Ryan. David inquires, why then does she still have feelings for him' At that point, Greenlee breaks down and reveals that she feels terrible for what has happened to Kendall. She says she wonders how Bianca is doing. David tells her that this has caused much stress for both Bianca and Erica. Greenlee gets up and is ready to leave. David tells Greenlee that he might, at some point, be ready to leave town. He assures her he will keep her informed as to what he's doing. She gets on her scarf and gloves and leaves, telling him he need not worry about her.

At the boathouse, Erica informs Tad that he needs to back off on Adam and David. He inquires why she'd want such a thing. They may both be responsible for her daughter getting framed for a murder she did not commit. Erica confesses that she knows neither Kendall, nor David nor Adam could have killed Michael Cambias. She reveals to him that she did it. She tells him she used the gun to murder the filthy bastard who raped her daughter. She tells Tad the story of how she and David walked into Michael's condo on the night after he was acquitted for raping Bianca. She says Michael told them that if they are there to apologize for making false charges against him, that will be 'very civil'. But she told Michael that he will never get away with what he did. She told him although the judge let him get away on a technicality, he will not get away with raping her daughter. He informed Erica that Bianca chose to make love to him. He did not rape her. And while Erica had Michael distracted in the heated debate, David snuck into Michael's kitchen, opened a bottle of alcohol, and put the 'magic castration potion' in the bottle. At that moment, the two men got into a fistfight. And right when David had knocked Michael out, Erica grabbed the gun. Although David urged her not to go through with it, she told him she can and will. And she blew Michael away. Tad is in awe of the story she has just told him. He asks her if she really pulled the trigger and killed Michael. She recalls how it felt so good and so righteous, as she remembered it. She said although David protested that Bianca has already been through enough, having her mother kill the dude will not help her. He told her he will deal with Cambias. He informed her that Michael is already as good as dead without being shot, because unknown to her, he'd given Michael the 'potion'. She informs Tad that after she left with David, she later returned and shot Michael. But she says she really doesn't remember what happened afterward, except she found herself in that very park where they are now. She tells him that everything since has become a blank. She also informs him that Adam saw her there and has assured her that she did nothing wrong. Tad asks if she saw Adam and he saw her but she blacked it out' She says she supposes so, but why does that matter' He inquires what if after she saw Adam, it was he, not herself, who went back to Michael's and 'finished the job'' She tells him that she had another 'black out' only a few days ago, where she was ready to kill Kendall, believing she was Michael. She tells Tad the reason she bailed him out is so that he can help her find out what she did on the 'black-out' occasions. He needs to 'investigate' her. She tells him that she trusts only him to find the facts for her. He tells her that if he gets to the truth and discovers that she in fact did pull the trigger and kill Michael, he doesn't want to think what that would do to her. She tells him that would not be as bad as sitting back and watching both of her daughter's lives being destroyed because of it.

Babe goes to meet Paul Kramer at a restaurant, with the money she's taken out of the safe. He asks what that is. She tells him it's a 'pre-payment.' She tells him he needs to help her and reminds him that if he does not, he can kiss his aunt Betsy's money good-bye. But he informs her that he is in a 'win-win' situation, while she is in a 'lose-lose'. She urges him to trust her. She tells him that she could not file the annulment papers without JR finding out. Right in the middle of their discussion, they are interrupted by Jamie who demands to know what they are talking about.

Brooke goes to Tad's and discovers Liza there. Liza tells Brooke that she and Tad are an item. It's just the two of them. But at that moment, Krystal enters through the door and reminds them that she is also in the picture. Brooke leaves the two of them alone, and informs them that they must not get blood on the carpet, because it's a real pain to clean. Krystal informs Liza that it may be a news flash that Tad is sleeping with not only herself, but also Liza, as well as Simone. And if that keeps him happy, there's nothing they can do about it. At that moment, Simone enters and sounds surprised.

After Adam and JR are back at their home, Adam informs his son that he must leave. He has things to do. JR asks his father if he plans to jump bail. Mary enters and informs Adam that he has been 'robbed'. Assuming she means JR's taking the bail money out of the safe, JR informs Mary that he only took enough to post bail for his father. But Mary informs them both that JR's wife stole money without their knowing. At Bianca's, there's a knock at the door. She answers it and is stunned to see that it's Greenlee.

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