AMC Update Monday 2/9/04

All My Children Update Monday 2/9/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and David are led into jail. Tad notices that Jamie and Maggie are in separate cells. Jamie asks him how he knew he was in jail. Tad wants to know why Jamie is there. Jamie says if he wants to blame someone, blame him. He's pointing at Adam, who has just entered to be locked up himself. Adam tells Tad that these two broke into his limo and had sex. Tad asks his son if he really did something that stupid, then asks him if he wore a "raincoat." Jamie says he did, then asks why Tad is there. Tad says he walked in on Adam and David with a gun and he's an innocent bystander. Tad tells Adam to drop the charges against his son or he'll tell police he saw him kill Michael Cambias. David says he saw it too. Jamie and Maggie are released and Olivia arrives. Tad tells David and Adam that they both need to confess where they were when Michael was shot. Adam tells David to tell her what he was doing with Cambias' gun. David says that Adam planted it on him. Olivia can't believe they had Michael's gun, and asks them to tell her where they were when Cambias was killed. Neither of them will talk. Olivia says a woman's life is at stake. Tad asks Adam who he is protecting. "Myself," says Alan Singer, who has just walked in. Olivia tells Alan that Adam and David should be questioned. Singer resists, and Olivia tells him he shouldn't want a dirty win. Singer says only that Kendall Hart is going down. Suddenly he grasps at his heart and collapses. Paramedics are called and take him away on a stretcher. Olivia goes along and tells the men in the cell to expect subpoenas.

Jamie and Maggie arrive back at Tad's place. Jamie tells her he would do it again. Maggie says it beats dinner and a movie. She says it's late and she should go home. Jamie asks her to stay and they kiss.

At Fusion, Kendall tells Greenlee that thanks to her, she's already dead. She tells her to go ahead and go for her throat. Or does she need an audience first? Greenlee tells her she never meant for her to go to prison. She had no idea it would turn out like this. She tells Kendall she is very sorry. She asks if Bianca is OK. Kendall says she can't really say that she is, considering that everyone knows her condition now and will be whispering behind her back. Greenlee says if she had been let in on the secret, this wouldn't have happened. Now she's done something so horrible she can't stand herself. Kendall asks Greenlee if she was in on this with Ryan. Greenlee doesn't know what Kendall is talking about. Kendall bluntly asks her if Ryan betrayed her too. Kendall explains how she heard Greenlee and Ryan talk outside of his apartment. Greenlee asks Kendall if she thinks this was a con? She says she told Ryan that Kendall would turn on him. She can't believe what Kendall is saying. Kendall asks if Ryan offered her Fusion. Did he offer to sleep with her? She asks if her proposing to Ryan was part of their master plan. Greenlee tells her she's sick and Ryan doesn't deserve this. Greenlee asks if Ryan told her about her non-pregnancy. Is that how she knew? Greenlee tells Kendall she is beyond stupid. Kendall leaves and Greenlee rips up a Fusion poster of Kendall.

Ryan goes to visit Bianca. Bianca asks him about Kendall, noting that she is not returning his calls. Ryan says Kendall is just being Kendall. Bianca says she thinks the only option she and Kendall have is to fly away on Palmer's jet. She has mixed feelings about it. She knows her mother needs her, but if they stay Kendall will be in trouble. Ryan says Kendall can take care of herself. Bianca says Kendall needs them. She notices Ryan is downtrodden and asks him what is wrong. He tells her Kendall doesn't want his help anymore. Bianca doesn't understand, saying that he is the only reason Kendall hasn't lost it yet. Ryan tells her that Kendall believes he betrayed her. Bianca picks up Kendall's ring and says that must be why she found it here. She asks what Kendall said when he told her she was wrong. Ryan says he didn't say she was wrong. He just asked her to take back what she said and when she didn't, he walked out. Bianca tells him he has to find Kendall and straighten this out. She's under a lot of stress. Ryan says she wants to believe the worst of him. Bianca says that's the last thing she wants. She wants so badly to be loved that she pushes it away so she doesn't get hurt. She took on the world for her. She begs Ryan to give her another chance. She asks Ryan if he loves her. He says he does, but love is not enough. Bianca tells him that she knows Kendall makes him crazy, but she's worth it. Ryan asks her why she's fighting so hard for Kendall. Bianca says it's because of her baby. That's what she wants for her. Everyone knows what her baby will be up against. Someone may need to fight for her. Ryan says no one will hold the baby's DNA against her. Bianca says people hold Kendall's against her. She hands Ryan the ring and tells him not to give up on Kendall.

Erica asks Jack if he knew about Bianca's pregnancy. He admits that he did. She crushes a glass in her hand, cutting her finger. She tells Jack it was an accident and she's not losing it. She asks him why he didn't tell her. Jack says he wanted Bianca to feel safe. He had to respect her wishes. Erica asks when Bianca told him. He says she did not tell him. He looked at the signs and just knew. Erica asks him if this is what he meant when he said things would get worse before they got better. He says it was. She asks if that is why he proposed. He says it was, but he proposed because he loves her. He says together they can make Bianca stronger. Erica says she is so tired. She asks Jack to leave so she can rest. Jack says he's not going anywhere. He looks at her finger and she yells at him, claiming he has damaged her manicure. Jack, seeing Erica has just displayed some emotion, tells her to let it out. Instead Erica pulls inside again and tells Jack she's OK. Jack says OK, then, he'll go sleep in the guest room. After he leaves, Erica pours herself a stiff drink.

The show ends with a non-spoken segment showing the characters reflecting on happier times. Bianca sits in her rocking chair and remembers how she and Erica put it together. Kendall goes to the Fusion roof, kicks the dirt and cries as she remembers how she and Ryan made love there. Ryan recalls a tender moment with Kendall. A tearful Greenlee remembers kissing Ryan. Jack, nursing a drink, remembers a happier time with Erica. And Erica, alone in her bedroom, repairs her nail and swallows the drink.

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