AMC Update Friday 2/6/04

All My Children Update Friday 2/6/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

David is holding a gun on Adam at his cabin, accusing Adam of planting the gun there to frame him. Adam says Kendall is taking the fall for the murder and he is needed elsewhere. He starts to leave but David fires the gun in his direction. Adam re-enters with his hands in the air. David tells Adam that he can kill him and claim self-defense. He can tell police he came home and found Adam there and there was a struggle. David throws things around the room to make it look like there was a struggle. David tells Adam to confess that he killed Michael Cambias. Adam says he did not. David asks him why he set him up by planting the gun. Tad arrives at the doorway, but David doesn't see him because his back is to the door. Adam sees Tad but doesn't let on that he's there. "All right, I will confess," Adam says. David grabs a tape recorder and tells Adam to speak loud and clear. Tad jumps David from behind and gets the gun. Adam comments that he and Tad are a great team and he never thought he would be so glad to see Tad. Tad then points the gun at Adam and David together. David tells Tad that Adam planted the gun at his home. Tad tells them if either one of them wants to blow the whistle on the real murderer he'll listen. Then Tad gets on the phone and calls police, telling them he's holding a couple of murderers. Police quickly arrive to find Tad sitting there pointing a gun at Adam and David. Tad tells them that one of these men is the real killer. Police order Tad to put the gun down and notice the gun has "MC" on the bottom. Adam tells them that has to be Michael Cambias' missing gun, and it's in Tad's possession. Police place all three men under arrest.

Kendall tells Ryan she fell for his deception. Ryan asks her how she made the leap to think that he and Greenlee plotted to subject her to lethal injection. Kendall says she heard him at Greenlee talking and saying they were a great team. Then they sealed it with a kiss. Kendall tells Ryan he couldn't bear to give up his money and power. "You set me up," she says. Ryan asks if she believes he is that low. He tells her she has 30 seconds to take back every word. Kendall says there is nothing to take back. She asks that he tell her he didn't plot this with Greenlee. Ryan, disgusted, walks out without a word.

Greenlee is asking Jack about the switched pregnancy between Kendall and Bianca. Jack says Kendall pretended to be pregnant to help Bianca. Jack explains the whole story of how the switch happened. Kendall said she was pregnant only to help Bianca. Later she realized it could help her defense, Jack says. Now that's impossible now that Greenlee took things into her own hands, Jack says angrily. Greenlee, hurt and angry that she wasn't let in on the truth, walks to the window to feign a suicide attempt. Jack tells her to stop being so dramatic. Neither a suicide or a homicide will clear up the mess she made. Greenlee says this wouldn't be a suicide because there has to be a person to have a suicide. And Jack thinks she's worthless. Jack says he never said that. Greenlee says he said that every time he kept the truth from her. Greenlee lists off the names of the people who must have known and calls them a club. She wants to know why she wasn't told. Jack asks her why anyone would tell her anything. She can't be trusted with anything. Greenlee says if she had been trusted none of this would have happened. She tells him he has to take his share of the blame. Jack says there's plenty of blame to go around. Greenlee says Jack has made it clear that Kendall matters and she doesn't. She tells Jack to get out. When he doesn't immediately leave Greenlee storms out.

Bianca is in tears as she admits to her mother that it was her blood that was used for Kendall's pregnancy test. Erica says it could not have been Bianca's blood. There must be a mistake. Bianca can't be pregnant. Bianca says she didn't have the abortion. She couldn't. "I'm pregnant with Michael's baby. My baby," she says. Erica refuses to believe this, telling Bianca she knows better than to say things like that. Bianca takes off her coat to reveal her pregnant tummy. She takes Erica's hand and places it on her. Bianca says she didn't do this to hurt Erica. But this is her new reality. She feels her baby move and kick. She says she intended to have the abortion but when she went to the clinic she talked to Kendall and knew there was no way she could not have the baby. Erica asks if Kendall talked her into this. Bianca says Kendall didn't have to. She's her sister and she loves her. If she had never been born there would be a huge hole in her life. Bianca tells Erica that Ryan knows that she is pregnant and Erica figures that David knows because he's Bianca's doctor. Bianca says Kendall has been amazing and has took a lot of heat for her. Their plan almost worked until Greenlee pulled her courtroom stunt. Erica, subdued, walks silently to the window and looks out. She asks if Bianca planned to leave town and return like nothing happened. Bianca says not quite. She plans to keep her baby. Erica says she doesn't know what to say. Bianca says she has no idea how hard this must be on Erica. She asks her mother to tell her how she's feeling. Erica doesn't answer. Jack arrives and Erica greets them with a hug. He says he was just with Greenlee and Erica comments that he's had a horrible day. Bianca tells Jack that she just shared some difficult news with her mother. Erica leaves the room to make some tea. Bianca tells Jack that she's worried because her mom is so calm. It's scary. Jack suggests Bianca leave and he'll talk to Erica. Erica returns to find Bianca gone. She tells Jack that he'll never guess what Bianca just told her. She tells him about Bianca's confession and says Bianca has decided to keep the child. Jack tells her she must be devastated. Erica says she doesn't know how Bianca could have kept this from them. Or did she? She asks Jack if he knew and he confesses he did.

Dr. Marshall is examining Edmund's x-rays and recommends the bullet in him be removed. Maria approaches and listens to the conversation at the door. She hears Marshall saying that he would bet the surgery would be successful. Maria asks if he's a surgeon or a bookie. She asks to talk to Edmund alone, and the doctor leaves the room. Maria asks who this doctor is and where did he come from. Edmund brings up surgery and Maria objects. She says it's better to give his body a chance to heal itself before there is any "slicing and dicing." Edmund asks what if this is as good as it gets. Edmund says he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in a chair. Maria says if her plan doesn't work, then they can think about the surgery.

Ryan finds Maria at the hospital and Maria tells him that she lied to her husband. She told him that his body could heal itself when she knows it won't. Ryan asks her why she did it. Maria says that the surgery could kill him, and she'd rather have him alive in a wheel chair than dead. Ryan says that sometimes when you love someone you lie and cheat for them.

Greenlee is at Fusion, where she is throwing papers around and trashing the place. Kendall walks in and they glare at each other.

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