AMC Update Thursday 2/5/04

All My Children Update Thursday 2/5/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee runs into the courtroom, and physically attacks Kendall. Guards try to restrain her. But she rips Kendall’s clothes, grabs the pillow out of her dress, and hysterically screams that Kendall is a liar. Noticing Kendall’s bra and undergarments exposed, Ryan rushes and puts his jacket over her. The judge demands that Greenlee is removed from the courtroom. Livia protests that there must be a mistrial. She says that after what has just happened, there is no way that the jury can render an impartial verdict in the trial. Singer gives his argument to the judge. The judge calls a recess, tells them all she does not know what to do at this time. But she tells Greenlee she’s going nowhere until the judge has decided what to do with her. Bianca goes up and puts her arms around Kendall. Erica stares at them, not knowing what to think. Greenlee protests to Ryan that he should notice that she’s proven Kendall is a liar. But he furiously tells her she must shut up and get out. She tells him that there is no baby, which means Kendall cannot take the Cambias fortune from Ryan, and she urges Ryan to see that she is his hero who has had the courage to prove that. But he does not plan to listen to a word she says. Mia makes a comment that Kendall should be the one to be exposed for her behavior, not Greenlee. But Aidan doesn’t want to listen to her. Opal and Palmer are both befuddled as to what this could mean. Jack goes outside and demands Greenlee gets out of the courthouse. Greenlee reminds her father that the judge instructed her to stay. He tells her he will deal with the judge, but she must get out. Ryan physically removes her while she is still tantruming.

David and Bianca are concerned about what this has done to Erica. She tells them that she does not understand. Kendall remarks that Erica will never understand. Jack urges Erica to let Myrtle take her home. She keeps telling him that she does not understand. Jack tells her he knows she does not understand it now, but he promises he will tell her all about it. David asks Erica to let him walk her to her car. She walks with him, but turns to look at her daughters, her fiancé and everybody, sullen and clueless as to what to believe or feel about what’s just happened.

In the large limo, Jamie and Maggie are nude and ready to make love. She kisses him and makes it look like she wants him. But he’s a little confused as to what she’s doing. Right when they are in the horizontal position, the door opens. And they are greeted by Adam Chandler, who demands to know what they are doing in his car. He orders them out of his car. They are cold from not being fully clothed and rushing to get their clothes back on. Maggie tries to tell Adam that she had no clue that it was his vehicle and they are terribly sorry. Jamie protests that he will pay for any damaged he’s caused to Adam’s car. But Adam pays them no mind, gets on his cell phone and calls the police. He accuses them of grand theft auto. Jamie protests that they did not steal the car. They just “used” it. Adam inquires, to Jamie, if that’s similar to his “using” JR’s wife. He tells them their “use” of his car, as a motel will get them in trouble. A cop arrives and asks Adam if the car door was locked. He replies that he always locks the door. Jamie inquires whether they are going to take him and Maggie to jail. Adam, sarcastically, replies no, they are going to escort the two of them to the policeman’s ball. Privately, Jamie asks Maggie to get Bianca, her best friend and roommate, to help them. Maggie knows that is not the thing to do, right now. She has no business asking for Bianca’s help, with what she’s going through right now. Adam gets inside his vehicle and hears a news report that Kendall Hart Cambias has been exposed for falsifying her pregnancy. He also gets a call from David Hayward. He asks David why he’s calling. David tells Adam that he has information about Cambias’ murderer. Adam enters David’s home and demands to know what he knows about Cambias’ murderer. David reveals something to Adam, which startles him.

Outside the courtroom, Bianca tells Lena that she wonders what will happen now that everybody knows that Kendall is not pregnant. She says she knows that now that there’s proof that somebody is pregnant by Michael Cambias, people will all demand to know who it is. She says she does not know what to do. Lena puts her arms around her but says nothing.

Reggie expressed to Jack that he is very angry with Greenlee for what she’s done to Kendall, and he’s not going to sit by and tolerate Greenlee’s behavior. But Jack keeps telling him he must get home, stay out of this, keep his mouth shut, watch his behavior or he will be in trouble. Reggie turns and leaves.

Jack faces Kendall and Bianca and tells them how sorry he is for what Greenlee has just done. Bianca inquires what he plans to do now. He tells them he has to get home, but he will talk to them later. When Kendall is alone with her sister, she holds the ring that Ryan gave her and tells Bianca she wonders what will happen to her future. Bianca tells her that she must not lose hope..

Ryan follows Greenlee to her home, and tells her he’s furious and could kill her for what she’s done. She keeps protesting that Kendall lied about her pregnancy, and could have ruined him. He tells Greenlee that’s none of her business. She protests that she saved his butt by preventing Kendall from stealing what is rightfully his. He tells her that she should have just left Kendall alone and let him take care of her. He tells Greenlee that her behavior today may cause Kendall to be charged with murder and get the death penalty. She tries to sound like that’s not what she wants and it won’t happen. But Ryan tells her she’s gone way too far and he’s very worried about the outcome. Greenlee says that she wanted to expose Kendall for lying about her pregnancy, but did not want to cause her to be charged with murder. But Ryan protests that her behavior has ruined Kendall, and he reveals to her that he knew, all along, that Kendall was lying about her pregnancy, and he went along to lie for her, which further angers Greenlee. At that moment, Jack appears at the door. Ryan leaves Jack alone with Greenlee, but she protests that he cannot leave because they are not finished. He tells her that they are so finished, and now she must face her father for what she’s done. Greenlee expresses the same attitude to Jack that she’s shown to Ryan. She tells her father that she knows he’s judging her and believes she’s a “bad girl”. But she tells him she has not lied about marriage and pregnancy the way Kendall has. And right away, she is able to figure out that Jack, also, knew that Kendall has been lying, and he’s covered for her also. Jack tries to get through to his daughter, informing her that she cannot keep making decisions for other people. Greenlee, again, protests that she is tired of everybody defending Kendall. But Jack reminds Greenlee that there is somebody else, completely innocent, who is suffering more than anybody else over that. Greenlee has no clue who or what he’s talking about. He reveals to her that he’s talking about Bianca. Greenlee inquires what Bianca has to do with any of this. Jack finally reveals to her that when Kendall falsified her pregnancy, she turned to the one person who could be carrying Michael Cambias’ child. Greenlee reacts, in disbelief, at the thought of Bianca being pregnant by Michael.

Erica arrives home with Myrtle. She still appears sullen. She tells Myrtle that she is now aware that Kendall is not having that despicable man’s child. She says knows she should be relieved to know that Kendall would never do such a thing. Myrtle reminds her that although anybody would not want to think that Kendall is pregnant by Michael Cambias, Kendall is in trouble with the revelation that she is not. And she tells Erica that they all must realize that that is more important. Erica looks at herself in the mirror and reveals to Myrtle the memories she still has about being raped, all those years ago. She says that ever since she was 14, she erased everything from her mind. She says she remembers denying that she was pregnant. She remembers waking up every morning, sick to her stomach. And she remembers her mother finally seeing what young Erica was hiding from herself. She remembers one day when her mother saw her in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror. And she remembers her mother reminding her that she was having a baby, but young Erica did not believe it. She says when she finally, consciously comprehended it, she screamed for several days. And all she wanted was for that rapist’s child to be gone from her body and gone from her life. Myrtle reminds Erica that that is in the past, and apparently, nobody is going to have Michael’s baby. But Erica informs Myrtle that she knows she can still feel the child of Michael Cambias somewhere.

In the courtroom, Tad Martin tells Palmer that he does not want to see Kendall, who may be innocent of the charges, taking the rap for what Tad believes Palmer and Adam are responsible for.

Mia confronts Aidan, telling him that she can tell that he knew Kendall lied about her pregnancy and has lied for her. She reminds him that he’s helped Kendall too many time, she’s used him too many times, and could care less what she does to other people, as long as she gets what she wants. Aidan tells Mia that he wishes she’d change her attitude. But Mia tells Aidan that when Kendall dumps him for Ryan, he need not come crying back to her. And she leaves.

Inside the courtroom, Livia informs Kendall that a verdict has been made. Kendall tells her she knows it’s not good. Livia informs Kendall that she has the choice of either going to trial and letting the jury decide her fate on the charge of murder one. Or she can plead to first-degree manslaughter. Bianca protests that Kendall cannot be forced to do such a thing, because she did not kill Michael. Livia tells them, that she has no control over the reality that those are Kendall’s only choices.

Tad takes Livia aside and informs her that he can help Kendall’s defense because he knows of two other people with far more motive and evidence stacked against them than Kendall.

Aidan asks Ryan how Greenlee would, so conveniently know that Kendall is not pregnant. Ryan tells Aidan he has no clue how Greenlee would know that. Aidan reveals to Ryan that he knows Ryan would have motives to work with Greenlee against Kendall, and to tip Greenlee off about Kendall’s secret. And Aidan informs Ryan that if he finds out Ryan has had a hand in any of this; he will come after him and make him the sorriest person in the world.

Bianca takes Kendall to her apartment and tells her sister that the two of them must go away together. Kendall tells Bianca that she cannot do that. But Bianca tells Kendall that it is her job to take care of her baby, and take care of her too, and she urges Kendall to let her play “big sister”, for a change. Bianca assures Kendall that everything will be all right. She will make sure of it. Just then, Bianca gets a call from Erica. Erica tells her daughter that she needs her right now. Bianca goes to talk to her mother. Erica informs her that she knows that Kendall has successfully pulled off a false pregnancy where Michael Cambias is the father. And that could only mean that Kendall was able to switch the blood work and DNA with somebody who is actually pregnant by Michael. Erica urges her daughter to tell her the truth. Finally, Bianca reveals to her mother that she is pregnant by Michael.

Kendall arrives at Ryan’s. He tells her that he has a plan and she must believe that he will successfully take care of her. He tells her that she must not take the plea; instead she must fight the charges. He tells her if the verdict is not in her favor, then he will help her appeal it. He will bankroll everything he’s got to get her acquitted. And he tells her again that he will take care of her. She looks at him, expressionless and tells him he’s already taken care of her. He inquires what she means. She says that she knows he’s worked with Greenlee to stab her in the back and has fooled her into trusting him.


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