AMC Update Wednesday 2/4/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/4/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie is with Jamie, at first concerned that she may have hit him with her car and injured him. But he assures her that he’s all right. She kisses him and makes it clear she wants to have a romantic encounter with him. He responds positively but tells her that he knows that there is something going on with her. He reminds her that he thought that it has already been proven that they did not have the “right chemistry”. He takes her into what looks like a limo. She kisses him and tells him there’s nobody else in her life and she wants him.

At Erica’s, Jack tells his fiancé that when he goes to court, he will have Myrtle come by to stay with her. Erica asks Jack why he believes that it’s necessary for Myrtle to come by and “baby-sit” her. She also tells him that she needs to go to court to be there for Kendall. Apparently, Erica has no clue what has happened the previous night. And Jack is at a loss for words in trying to tell her what happened. She protests that she does not appreciate being treated like a child. She says she realizes that she was under stress the previous night. But she wonders what the big deal is. Jack tells her that she may not be aware, but the previous night she went to Kendall’s and tried to kill her. Erica looks at him, stunned; as if she has no clue what he’s talking about. She protests to Jack that she would never hurt her own child. He tells her he realizes she would never intentionally do that. He tells her she lost it and does not remember what she did the previous night. And he says he cannot take any chances for what she could do to Kendall in court. She says she needs to be there in order to help Kendall. But he assures her that Kendall is in good hands, that he is not doing this to “punish” her. Myrtle enters. At that moment, Jack gets a call. They ask what it’s about. He tells them about the discovery of Lomax, but assures them that everything is ok. And he heads out the door. As soon as he’s out, Erica tells Myrtle it’s not necessary to take her coat off. She says they must go to Kendall’s trial.

Outside the courtroom, Lomax tells Kendall that he is the man who joined “Mr. And Mrs. Cambias” in holy matrimony. Everyone is afraid this will cause serious consequences for her. Immediately she assumes that Greenlee is behind this. But Greenlee assures Kendall that she is not. Ryan assures Kendall that he has not worked with Greenlee against her. Aidan and Mia also appear. Kendall wonders what they had to do with bringing that nut case, Lomax to the courtroom. Aidan assures Kendall that Mia had nothing to do with it. Mia confesses that that is not entirely true. Livia grabs a hold of Kendall and tells her they have some “damage control” to take care of. At that moment, Opal lashes out at Greenlee, for what she has done to Kendall. Bianca and Reggie tell Greenlee that they will never forgive Greenlee, nor see her as part of their family. But Greenlee protests that she had nothing to do with any spiteful behavior toward Kendall. She tells them she tried to keep Lomax out of the courthouse, but has had no control over it.

Mia confronts Aidan, telling him that she was really upset with him being with Kendall. She protests that she meant no harm. That she and Greenlee had no intent to hurt Kendall and tried to get Lomax out of the court. But he is very angry at her, telling her that she may have ruined Kendall’s chance at an acquittal. Mia says she hopes that Kendall’s attorney can get her out of this mess. Aidan tells her that if she does, it will be a bloody miracle. He tells her that if the outcome of this is as bad as he suspects it is, then he is through with her. And he will always wonder how she can look at herself in the mirror, with a clear conscience.

Ryan confronts Greenlee, telling her she is malicious, has no compassion, and will stop at nothing in hurting Kendall when she is fighting for her life. And he tells her that she will be all alone without anybody to help her, after what she’s done. Greenlee confesses that she had a “thought” of having Lomax ruin Kendall’s case. But she says she only thought of it, and did not actually follow through with it. Ryan protests that Kendall is not a murderer. But Greenlee states that Kendall is unmarried, unpregnant, and is lying. He asks if her “vendetta’ against Kendall is all about Fusion. But she tells him she also is concerned about him, and wants to protect him from the spiteful actions Kendall may exercise upon him. He tells her he does not need her protection, and reminds her that she promised him she would not longer resort to her dirty tricks. And he concludes that, from now on, her “promises” mean nothing. Their friendship is over. And he will wash his hands of her.

Simone confesses to Tad and Juan Pablo that Carlos protected her. She is still very determined to get a romantic thing going with Tad. At that moment, they are seen and interrupted by Liza. She makes it clear that she wants Liza to leave so that she may be alone with Tad. Liza takes Tad aside. He asks her if she’s o.k. with his seeing Simone. She sounds like she is not jealous. But she also wants “a piece” of him. He goes out on the elevator. And she mumbles to herself that it’s time to take care of “little miss perky”. Liza talks, in a friendly manner, to Simone. She sounds like she does not want to “hurt” Simone, sees her as her “favorite Fusion friend” whom she’s not related to. But she tells Simone that she and Tad are now seeing each other. Simone hears the news and makes it clear that she is devastated.

In the courtroom, Singer puts Lomax on the witness stand. Lomas babbles. Singer asks how Lomax has become a reverend who performs wedding ceremonies, asks him if he knows the defendant, and hears an affirmative that Lomax remembers Kendall. Singer asks Lomax if he married Mr. And Mrs. Cambias. Lomax confirms that he did, on the exact date of Aug. 29. Singer shows him a picture of Michael Cambias and asks if this is, in fact, the man who married Kendall. Lomax says no. He tells Singer that he sees Michael Cambias in this room. He points at Boyd Larabee. And he says that he knows this is the man whom he joined in holy matrimony with Kendall. And he says this man passed himself off as Michael Cambias. He points at Boyd Larabee. And Singer announces to the court that the witness has identified Boyd Larabee as Michael Cambias. And he asks the judge to have Boyd as the next witness. Livia yells objection, the prosecution cannot keep calling witnesses. The judge announces that the defense may cross-examine Lomax. At that moment, Aidan comes in and whispers something in Livia’s ear and gives her a book that looks like a personal journal. Livia gets up and asks Lomax about the “journal” he writes in that has been presented by Aidan. Singer calls objection, informing the judge that the prosecution has had no opportunity to examine this document. Livia protests that there has not been any time to inform the prosecution. And, right away, Livia establishes to the judge that Lomax is a little “out of it” by what he’s alleged in his journal. She specifically cites that Lomax “alleged” that a space alien was Michael Cambias’ best man. At that point, the judge, instantly concludes that Mr. Lomax’s testimony in this matter, has no credibility, and he is excused and dismissed as a witness, and further adds that any testimony or speculation about Mr. Larabee passing himself off as Mr. Cambias is also invalid and irrelevant to this case.

When Jack appears outside the courtroom, he knows that Lomax will ruin Kendall’s trial. Greenlee protests to her father, that he must believe her that she had nothing to do with it. Ryan is still furious with her and offers her no defense. David Hayward also enters and tells Greenlee that she has done a malicious thing to hurt Kendall. Greenlee protests that Kendall is lying about her marriage and pregnancy. But they don’t want to hear it. Ryan tells Greenlee that he never wants to see her or speak to her again. She tells him he cannot mean it. But he tells her he does. He tells her she must leave him alone and stay out of his life.

At Erica’s, Myrtle tells Erica she has no business being at the trial. But Erica can sense that there is something Kendall needs to be protected from. She tells Myrtle that Jack has discovered a minister. Myrtle tells Erica that if a minister is there, he can confirm that he married Kendall and Michael. Erica also confides to Myrtle that she remembers, all too well, how she and her mother have tried to protect Kendall all those years ago. She admits that she wanted to believe that Kendall lied about being pregnant, and planned to cover for her by pretending that she believed that Kendall actually had Michael’s baby, in order to help her case. But now she has proof that Kendall is actually pregnant by the dispicable Michael Cambias. Myrtle urges Erica to believe that both Bianca and Kendall have made their own choices. Erica tells Myrtle that she can sense something going on, and she must face it. Myrtle tells her she needs to stay home. But Erica reminds Myrtle, that throughout her life, Myrtle has been advising her to face her fears. Myrtle concludes that she will accompany Erica to Kendall’s trial.

When Erica and Myrtle arrive in the courtroom, Erica rips into Greenlee. She tells Greenlee that she is a despicable human being. She has messed with the wrong person, with what she’s done to Kendall. Greenlee tries to remind Erica that she has never before cared about Kendall. But Erica tells Greenlee that nobody will mess with her daughter. Kendall is a Kane woman. Erica loves her. Nobody will hurt her daughter and get away with it. So why doesn’t Greenlee just take her fangs and her malicious attitude and fade off into the sunset.

Singer asks Kendall why, after her sister alleged that Cambias raped her, would she marry him. She replies she had her reasons. He asks when they were married. She answers that it was Aug. 29. He asks about her pregnancy. She confirms it. Hearing everything, Greenlee keeps saying: “liar”. Greenlee, then, rushes into the courtroom, screaming hysterically. She runs up to Kendall, grabs a hold of her, and rips the “pillow” out of her dress. And she tells the courtroom, that it is Kendall, not herself, who is the liar.


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