AMC Update Tuesday 2/3/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/3/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Remembering overhearing Ryan’s private conversation with Greenlee, Kendall asks Ryan to tell her if he knows of anybody who is going to hurt her. He tells her he promises she needs not worry about Greenlee anymore. He tells her that he had a little “sit down” with Greenlee and laid down the law to her. At that moment, Juan Pablo enters. Ryan is ready to slam the door in his face. But he says he must come in. He makes an offer to Kendall, which he believes will help her acquittal. She is courteous to him. But Ryan demands that she does not listen to him and that he leaves. He tells JP that the next time he wants to “rescue a woman”, he can do without someone Ryan cares about. When JP leaves, Kendall tells Ryan she does not like his “macho attitude” of telling her whether she can speak or think for herself.

Tad comes to the Fusion Office to see Simone. Immediately she rushes to kiss him. He tells her that she’s fantastic and has brought fun back into his life. It sounds, however, that he is there to tell her that he cannot commit to her. She sounds, very much like she wants to believe that he loves her. But it sounds like he knows he cannot offer her what she wants. All the while, she sounds like she cannot or does not want to believe that he’s pulling away from her. He acknowledges that she walked in on him and Krystal. But she tells him she doesn’t even want to think or worry about that. He, then, tells her that if she does not want to talk about Krystal, there’s also the issue of Liza. Again, she says she could care less if Liza wants him. None of that matters as long as she has him. She goes on about wanting him, while kissing him, holding him, being all over him. Just then, Juan Pablo arrives in the office. Simone tells him Greenlee is not there, but she can leave a message. But he tells her that he is there to see her, in an attempt to help Kendall. Simone tells him she wonders what he believes she could do in order to help, and tells him that she does not mean to be rude, but would rather he leaves so that she can be alone with Tad. But he asks her if she wants to see Kendall getting nailed. She tells him of course she does not want that, but she’s not about to commit perjury.

Bianca is on the Internet, wasting no time in looking for a flight to leave town. Maggie wonders why she is rushing. She tells Maggie that after what her mother did to Kendall, she knows she must get out of town for good. Maggie asks Bianca if a “jet-set getaway” will solve her problems. Bianca tells her she has no choice. She says she knows that it will destroy Erica to find out she’s pregnant. She says as soon as Kendall is acquitted, she plans to get out of Pine Valley. Maggie reminds Bianca that is “if” Kendall is acquitted. Maggie inquires what kind of “state” Erica is in. Bianca tells her that Erica is in no condition to go into the courtroom. Bianca tells Maggie that she plans to pay her share of the rent while she’s gone, and has no problem if Maggie finds another roommate. Maggie instantly assumes that the reason Bianca plans to go away by herself and leave Maggie behind is because she plans to run off with Lena. Bianca assures Maggie that it has nothing to do with Lena. Maggie tells Bianca that she is concerned about Bianca living overseas, a million miles away. Bianca tells Maggie that her baby deserves to be loved out in the open. And her mother deserves whatever peace she can have. But Maggie is very disappointed. She tells Bianca that she cannot be happy about losing the person she cares about more than anybody else in this world. Bianca tells Maggie that she promises Maggie will not lose her. At that moment, surprisingly, Maggie kisses Bianca. But instantly after that, Maggie distracts herself, wanting to forget and believe it never happened. She rushes to find her books and get to class. But Bianca tells her that she must face what has just happened. Right when Maggie goes out the door, Lena appears. When she leaves, Lena can tell that something is going on. Bianca tells Lena that she cannot talk about what is going on right now. And they leave together.

Greenlee and Mia go to Aidan’s and inform him that they know it will ruin Kendall’s case if she is pregnant with his kid. Boyd enters and goes outside with Aidan. Inside, Mia informs Greenlee of the information she gathered from talking to Fred Lomax. Greenlee is bound and determined to prove that Kendall lied about her marriage and pregnancy with Michael Cambias. But Mia is not quite as motivated with that, and is more concerned about wanting Aidan to like her.

Inside the courtroom, Opal and Palmer are having an argument. Lomax approaches and introduces himself to them. He tells them that he is a man of the cloth. Opal excuses herself and approaches Justin McCoy, stating that she suggests he makes himself useful by rounding up some key witnesses and evidence in this case. But he blows her off. Lomax talks all his craziness to Palmer.

Outside the courtroom, reporters and camera-people hound Kendall. At that moment, Greenlee stands next to Kendall, sounding like she is defending her. Kendall tells the reporter that she will take the stand and prove that she has nothing to hide. Kendall also pulls Greenlee aside, tells her she’s a lying bitch, that she does not “buy” her new act, and that she is aware that although Ryan told her she must back-off, Greenlee cannot stop her plan to set Kendall up. Livia tells Kendall that she’s going to be in big trouble if she testifies. But Kendall insists that she has the chance to prove that she is not the money-grubbing black widow who the whole town will hate. She reminds Livia of her engagement to Ryan and says her fiancé deserves better. Livia says Kendall should have thought about that before she got engaged and reminds Kendall never to ask for her legal representation again. Outside the courtroom, Greenlee has a vision that the judge rules that Kendall is guilty of murder, as well as treason, as well as betrayal of her three former friends and Fusion colleagues, and all the men in her life. In reality, Greenlee urges Mia to help her nail Kendall. But Mia is more concerned about finding Lomax.

In the courtroom, the judge calls Kendall to the witness stand. At that moment, Bianca and Lena enter. Livia asks Kendall what she thought of her husband. Kendall admits that she hated him. She states the reason was because Michael was not like most other people. He was an evil predator. Everybody wanted to put him away but nobody could. Livia asks why, then, did she marry him? Kendall replies the reason was to save her sister. Livia inquires to Kendall, how marrying her sister’s rapist could “save” her. Kendall says that after it happened, she knew that Michael was so broken and was in trouble. She says it was Michael’s idea to marry her so that he could “own” a Kane woman. Livia asks what Kendall’s “gain” was in marrying him. She says that she had a deal where if she were able to save him from charges, he would leave town and never bother her sister or anybody in her family again. She admits that when his dead body was discovered in the frozen meat plant, she was just as surprised to find out he died as everybody else was. Livia presents phone records that are dated after the day his body was discovered. Kendall admits that she did talk to him, and the dates must have been entered incorrectly. Livia asks what her relationship was with Michael Cambias. Kendall says that the only reason she slept with him was to have the baby. She also breaks down crying, and looks straight at Bianca when she says that this child she is carrying is not Michael. This child is pure and innocent and will never know anything except love. She says that she is this child. She is the child of a rapist. And she will never let her baby know the hurt and pain and suffering that she’s known throughout her life. Livia calls a recess. Kendall gets up and puts her arms around Bianca.

Maggie is in her car, daydreaming about her kiss with Bianca, unable to focus when backing out of the garage. At that moment, something happens. She gets up, horrified to see that it looks like she hit somebody and they are hurt. But surprisingly, she discovers its Jamie. She freaks. But he tells her he’s fine. And he says the reason she can’t drive is because he sucks as a driving teacher. At that moment, they start kissing and acting happily.

Back at the Fusion office Tad tells Simone that he knows there’s something much more substantial in Kendall’s case than reasonable doubt. He says he knows that Pablo’s gun was fired on that night. And he asks her what she knows about that. She tells them that she knows Kendall will be o.k., but she is not going to let Carlos take the rap for it. They both tell her that she cannot protect Carlos. But she makes a startling revelation that Carlos was only protecting her. It was she who pulled the trigger. It was she that did it.


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