AMC Update Monday 2/2/04

All My Children Update Monday 2/2/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is asking Ryan to make love to her. She says it will be a test of how well he loves Kendall. If she can tell through his lovemaking that he truly loves Kendall, she'll throw Kendall a bridal shower. Ryan says he will not hurt Kendall. He's going to marry her. Greenlee says it could be an experiment. If they get horizontal he won't be able to convince her of his love for Kendall. Ryan asks Greenlee to be honest with him, and she admits that she wants him. Ryan doesn't know what to think. First Greenlee says she wants sex to test him, now she says he wants her. He tells her to stop playing him. Greenlee says she's sick of losing. She lost Leo, then Pablo and she doesn't want to be without him. Greenlee tells him it's his turn to be honest. She asks him to admit he wants her too, regardless of his feelings for Kendall. It will make her feel less of a fool. Ryan tells her he has wanted her. Greenlee gleefully assumes this means he'll make love to her, but he still hesitates. She tells him he shouldn't walk down the aisle with Kendall if he's lusting after her. She says no one has to know. She draws near to Ryan and kisses him, and he kisses her back. But before it goes to far he pulls away. He tells her she is attractive and he can be with her the way he can't be with anyone else. But he can't cheat on Kendall. He wants it to work out with her. Greenlee asks him would he want to be with her if Kendall wasn't in the picture, and he admits he would. He tells her they have something special and he won't let anything come between them. Ryan says he's not what she wants as a partner. Greenlee says he's not giving them the chance to find out. Ryan tells her he'll help her get back Fusion. But she needs to stop harassing Kendall. If she can't do that, they're finished. Greenlee says she won't cause Kendall any more trouble.

Erica, who is seeing Michael in her mind, is threatening Kendall with a pair of scissors. Kendall begs her mother not to harm her. Erica tells Michael he deserves to die. Kendall says she's sorry for everything she's ever done to her. Erica tells Michael an apology will not save him. She tells him he raped Bianca and Kendall is carrying his child. Kendall realizes that Erica thinks she is Michael. Kendall falls to the floor and says she is not Michael. She's Kendall. Erica raises her hand gripping the scissors but Aidan walks in just in time to grab Erica's hand and save Kendall. Erica tells Aidan she was so sure Michael was dead last time. She faints and Aidan puts her on the couch. Aidan tells Kendall to call the police but she refuses. She says she wasn't trying to kill her. She thought she was Michael.

Bianca tells Jack she has flashes of memory about someone in the courtyard the night Michael was murdered. She remembers seeing someone hiding in the bushes. She doesn't remember seeing a face but remembers seeing the sleeve of a black jacket, and her mother has a black jacket. Jack says that could be anyone in town. He says he knows Erica didn't kill Michael. Bianca gets a call from Kendall, who tells her their mother has had a breakdown. A worried Bianca rushes from the jail, telling Jack that her mother is in trouble and she pushed her too far.

Erica wakes up, looks at Kendall and asks what she has done. Why is she here? Kendall must have drugged her. She gets up to leave and opens the door to see Bianca arriving with David. She is relieved to see them, telling them that Kendall brought her here against her will. Kendall says she's going outside for some air. Aidan follows her. Bianca asks Erica what she remembers. Erica says she was at the jail talking to Bianca and Jack about the baby Kendall is to have. Then she woke up here. Erica tells David she blacked out like the night Michael Cambias was killed.

Outside, Aidan tells Kendall she has been protecting Erica all this time. Kendall says she's her mother. Kendall thanks Aidan for saving her life. He sees the ring she's wearing and asks if it's from Ryan. Kendall tells him that she and Ryan are engaged. They have learned to trust each other again. Jack arrives and tells Aidan and Kendall that he was able to get an emergency arraignment and posted bail. He is worried about Erica. Aidan tells him that Erica went after Kendall with a pair of scissors. Kendall explains that Erica thought she was Michael. Jack goes inside and Erica tells him that she blacked out. She could have said or done anything. Jack tells her everything will be all right. Erica says Michael Cambias was here. He is here, inside Kendall. She's carrying that monster's baby. Because of Kendall, Michael Cambias is alive. Bianca hears Erica's comments and tells her that Kendall hasn't done anything to them. Erica says she's done nothing but hurt them since she arrived. Jack and Erica leave and Bianca sees another vision of someone raising a gun. She asks David to tell her what he knows about what Erica did the night Michael died after she left him. David says he doesn't know, and he doesn't think Erica knows either. Bianca can't imagine how Erica will react when she tells her she's having Michael's baby.

Outside, Kendall asks Aidan about Lomax. He says he's still locked up. Kendall says that's good as long as he stays that way until after the state rests its case against her.

Lomax is talking crazy to Mia, who has just found him in the cabin. He introduces himself as Fred and tells Mia she brings him enlightenment. By the way he is talking, Mia figures out he is a minister and asks him what Aidan would want with a minister. Is this about Kendall? Is he here to marry Aidan and Kendall? Lomax says Kendall is already married to Michael Cambias and he performed the ceremony. Mia realizes this is the person who supposedly married Kendall and Michael. As Mia spouts off about Kendall, she looks to see an open door and Lomax missing. Mia goes to the Pine Cone Motel and finds Aidan, who seems happy to see her. Mia is upset and tells Aidan that he's going to hate her. Aidan asks why he would hat eher. She says it all started with Kendall. He tells her to forget about Kendall. He invites her into his room and she hesitates. He asks her what's wrong. She says she's not sure. He asks if there's something she wants to tell him. She says no. Meanwhile, Lomax goes to the courthouse and enters the courtroom where Kendall is on trial. He puts a piece of foil on the floor, steps on it and says his search for justice is over. He dances around the room and takes a seat in the judge's chair and pretends to be a judge.

Kendall goes to Ryan's place but hides when she hears Greenlee preparing to leave. She hears as Ryan tell Greenlee that together they both win.

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