AMC Update Friday 1/30/04

All My Children Update Friday 1/30/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan sees Greenlee at the courthouse. She tells him that while she finds it hard to believe that Kendall is pregnant with Michael Cambias' baby, there is now proof and she'll leave it alone. She's going to find a new project. Ryan thanks her.

Inside the courtroom, Kendall tells Bianca that hearing about the DNA test almost killed Erica. But she has no choice. Bianca says she's sorry. Kendall asks her to help Erica or she may do something she'll regret. Kendall asks Bianca to take care of their mother. They hug, and Bianca tells Kendall she really feels like she's pregnant. Bianca puts Kendall's hand on her tummy to feel a real baby. They hug again.

Aidan walks into the courthouse followed by Mia, who chases him from behind and welcomes him back. She tells him that the DNA report was brilliant and was a knock for the prosecution. Aidan says he had nothing to do with it. Mia asks Aidan to go to his place so she can welcome him back privately. Aidan says he has some things to do first, and goes into the courtroom to see Kendall. Mia listens from the door to see what they're talking about. They're talking about Rev. Lomax. Aidan says he's safe. Kendall thanks him, saying now the prosecution won't be able to get their hands on the one person who could destroy her. Olivia comes in and thanks Aidan for "whatever I don't want to know." Aidan leaves and Olivia tells Kendall they're on good ground so long as they don't find Lomax. She says without him the prosecution will rest and she'll rest without putting any witnesses on the stand. Kendall wants to take the stand. Olivia tells her that she will not put her on the stand because the prosecution would rip her up and have her standing over Michael Cambias with a smoking gun. Kendall says she wants to let the jury know she's not a bad person. Olivia says if they don't do things her way, Kendall can get a new lawyer. Kendall reluctantly agrees, saying she doesn't like it. Outside the courtroom, Mia asks Aidan to go with him on his errands. He tells her no, he'll call her and later he'll give her his full attention. After he leaves, Mia says "I'm on to you, Mr. Super Spy."

Aidan goes to the hideout where Lomax is, carrying a box of supplies for him. Mia sneaks up behind and is listening at the door. She imagines himself inside making love to Kendall. She hides as Aidan leaves and puts the key above the door. Mia takes the key and lets herself in. She is surprised to see Lomax, who thinks she is an angel.

Erica is at the jail talking to Jack. She tells Jack that she knows her daughter is pregnant by that horrible man. Jack is surprised that she knows, and says thank God it's out in the open. Erica asks Jack if he knew all this time? Jack says Bianca told him. Erica is surprised that Bianca told him about the pregnancy. Jack says they were worried about how she would react. Erica says what Kendall is doing is monsterous. Jack realizes that Erica still thinks it's Kendall who is pregnant. Erica says all this time she was sure it was a trick. She says she covered for Kendall in front of her enemies. Now she's actually going to have that monster's baby. She says every day Bianca has to deal with that rape and this is a slap in Bianca's face. She questions how Bianca supports Kendall. Jack says maybe this can be a lesson in forgiveness. Erica says she could never forgive Kendall. That filthy man has impregnated both her daughters, she says. Thankfully one had the good sense to terminate. Jack says they have to make room in their lives for the baby. Erica says Bianca would never be able to handle that. She doesn't understand why Jack can't meet her halfway on this. Erica says if Kendall has this child, it will separate them forever. Bianca, who has just entered the jail, hears her mother. Bianca listens as Erica says she would never speak to Kendall again. Bianca makes herself seen, and asks her mother what if the child were hers. Erica says Bianca having Michaeel Cambias' child is such a horrible thought. How could she even say that. Bianca asks Erica that if it were true, would she cut her out of her life. Erica says Bianca terminated her pregnancy, so there is no reason to have this discussion. Jack says maybe there is. Erica says she can't talk about this. This conversation is over. Bianca asks again if she would love her if she were having Michael's child. Erica tells her to stop this. Bianca has a flashback of someone who looks like Erica raise a gun at Michael. Erica runs out of the jail. Bianca asks Jack what has she done. She's screwed up. Jack tells her that Erica probably wasn't ready to hear about her baby, even hypothetically. Bianca wonders if it ever will be OK with Erica. Jack promises that they'll talk to her together. Bianca asks Jack who he thinks will be arrested next for Michael's murder. Jack says it's possible they'll never find who killed him. Cops will have to have an eye witness. Bianca tells him she thinks she was there. She thinks she saw who killed him. Bits and pieces are coming back to her. "I think the person who killed Michael Cambias is mom," she tells him.

Greenlee lets herself into Kendall's condo and goes into the shower. Armed wtih a camera, she says "All right, Kendall, say cheese." As Greenlee prepares the camera to shoot Kendall's naked body, Ryan reaches into the shower and turns on the water, soaking Greenlee. Greenlee screams and steps out of the shower and Ryan grabs the camera. Greenlee admits that she was trying to get proof that Kendall was lying. Ryan reminds her she told him she was done trying to prove that. Greenlee says she can't give it up, there is too much at stake. Ryan picks her up and takes her to his place. Greenlee changes into a robe and Ryan asks her how many lies does she have to tell before he walks. Greenlee asks what the big deal is. If she gets proof that Kendall is not pregnant, he will cash out. Ryan says he loves Kendall and asks Greenlee to leave his fiancee alone. Fiancee? He's going to marry her? Greenlee asks when did this happen. Ryan tells her she was there. She can't believe he accepted Kendall's proposal. Ryan tells her after Kendall is acquitted, they're getting married. Greenlee tells Ryan she owes him so much. Let her help him now. He's really taking a chance hooking up with Kendall. Ryan tells her he loves Kendall. She asks him to prove it. How, he asks. "Make love to me," she replies.

Erica goes to see Kendall. Just before going inside, she sees Michael Cambias standing outside. Erica is acting strangely and Kendall is surprised to see her, considering she had just said she hates her. Erica picks up some roses and tells Kendall she is trimming the bottom wrong. Kendall says she never had much of a green thumb. As Kendall talks, Erica sees her as Cambias. She tells Kendall not to come near her. Kendall is confused. Erica picks up scissors and says "I swear I'll kill you."

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