AMC Update Thursday 1/29/04

All My Children Update Thursday 1/29/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is in his home, by himself, rehearsing what he’s going to say to somebody. It sounds like he’s planning what he’s going to tell a woman whom he might want to commit to. In the middle of his monologue, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Krystal. She brings him the kama sutra book of love and is ready to seduce him. He awkwardly tries to get her to leave, telling her he has an appointment with the IRS and will be busy until late in the day. But she wants to stay and have fun with him. She leaves and reveals when she’s out the door that she doesn’t really care for Tad. Next, Liza enters and sounds like she wants Tad to answer the question of whether he wants her. She discovers the kama sutra book, having no clue where it came from. She asks if he wants to make a go of it with her or not. He says yes, but tells her he cannot make any guarantees. He informs her she’s not the only woman in his life. She says she knows and seems to be o.k. with that. And they end up kissing.

In the courtroom, Greenlee expresses her outrage at what has happened to Jack. Although rude to all the others, she tells him he is a wonderful person and she does not know how anything like this could happen to him. She angrily tells Bianca and Erica if they really loved him they’d do something. And she rips into Kendall, telling her this is all her fault. Erica yells back at her, telling her she’s making it worse. And Jack tells her she needs to calm down. She runs into Ryan outside the courtroom. He tells her she’s behaving irrationally, not even knowing what has just happened. But she insists she does, and she will not stand by and let Jack take the fall because of Kendall. Kendall asks Livia what will happen to Jack. Livia tells her, possibly he’ll be out of jail soon, he might have to pay a fine, he might do time and be in big trouble or be disbarred. Erica urges Bianca not to listen to Greenlee nor believe that she really cares about Jack. Inside the courtroom, Singer makes it obvious he could care less about Jack any more than he cares about Kendall. But Justin sounds like he might have a conscience. He tells Singer that he still has yet to find Fred Lomax, the motel owner who they believe would be a key witness in their case against Kendall. Singer demands that Justin finds him. Greenlee tells Ryan that Jack is not on trial for murder, but has incriminated himself because of that worthless liar, Kendall. He tells her he does not want her trashing Kendall. She says maybe he should be with Kendall if she’s so important to him. He tells Greenlee he is with her now because he still cares about her as a friend. He also tells her that she need not worry about Jack, because he knows all the legal maneuvers and will be released from jail soon. She says she is still worried. He tells her she’s really losing it, with breaking into Kendall’s condo and all of her other obsessive recent behaviors. She informs him that she checked out “Miss Philly’s” and discovered that Kendall went there in order to fake being pregnant. Ryan urges her to stop her obsession and tells her he needs to get back to court.

Aidan is in an abandoned shed with the crazy man from the motel, whom he asked about Kendall and Michael Cambias. Aidan tries to get him to talk. But he’s totally distracted, sitting on his head and babbling. Boyd appears at the door and urges Aidan to see that it’s entirely possible that Kendall never married Michael Cambias.

Krystal goes to see David Hayward, asking him to examine her, clearly trying to seduce him and somehow get the goods on him. He sounds like he knows why she’s there, knows she’s up to something and wants her to cut the b.s. She tells him she’s there because of Adam Chandler. And she tells him the reason she’s contacting him is because she knows he’s an enemy of Adam and anybody who’s an enemy of her enemy is her friend. She tells him that Adam Chandler is ruining her little girl’s life. And she’s kind of suspicious of Tad Martin for the same reason. She asks David if he can give her some information about Tad. He tells her that Tad appears to have rough exterior, but is harmless, loves his family and genuinely loved Dixie. And David concludes to Krystal, that if she wants his advice, she should stay clear of Tad.

In the courtroom, Singer asks Maggie what she saw outside of Michael’s condo, on the night in question. She informs him she saw two unidentified people carrying something very heavy, in what looked like a trash bag, out the door. He asks whom she thought she saw. She says she thought she saw Kendall Hart as one of the people. He asks her how large the “object” the two people were carrying was. She says it was about 5 or 6 feet long and required two people to carry it, implying it might have been Michael Cambias’ dead body. Livia cross-examines her. She asks whether Maggie could identify the second person. Maggie says no. Livia asks if Maggie can be really certain that the person helping Kendall carry the heavy object could not have been Michael Cambias, nor whether the two people couldn’t have been carrying a duffle bag full of bowling balls. She confirms that’s entirely possible. Livia asks why Maggie was there in the first place. Maggie replies she was there to murder Michael Cambias, but she later chickened out. At that moment, a woman walks in and Singer announces that she is there with the results of Kendall’s DNA test. He hopes he can get her to admit that there is extensive evidence that the father of Kendall’s child is not Michael Cambias. But she surprises everybody by saying that all evidence confirms that Michael would be the father of her child. At that point, everybody in the courtroom is outraged.

Reggie comes by Jack’s cell and tells him he’s there to add two more charges to Jack’s “rap sheet”. Number one is deserting a child. And number two is making a stupid mistake. Jack persuades Reggie to believe that he will be o.k. and Reggie need not worry. And Jack tells his son that since he’s there, there is one way he can make himself useful. Reggie goes and finds a chess board and they play a game together.

Mia and Simone come to the courtroom, and Mia is outraged to notice Aidan and Kendall kissing. Aidan has come back from his meeting with Lomax and has gotten the goods for Kendall. He tells Livia of his evidence. But she says she is a little suspicious of his evidence. While inside, Justin and Singer are frustrated over Justin’s inability to find Lomax. Singer threatens to ruin Justin’s career if he fails to find him.

Outside the courtroom, Bianca asks her mother if she is o.k. And Erica’s expression clearly shows her daughter that she is not. First with what’s happened to Jack. And then, the confirmation that Kendall is pregnant by Michael Cambias. She goes in the courtroom, faces Kendall that she cannot believe anything so disgusting could be true and all she feels for her is pure hatred.

Right after Liza has departed from Tad’s home, Krystal enters after “making the rounds” with David Hayward. She informs him she has caught him in a lie, knowing he could not have been with his IRS accountant, and noticing he’s been in his robe and stayed in his home since the last time she was there.


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