AMC Update Wednesday 1/28/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/28/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Edmund is sleeping in his hospital bed. He opens his eyes. Then, Maria enters his room and kisses her husband. He seems mentally competent, remembering his wife and what happened to get him in the hospital. But he informs Maria that he cannot move his legs. Carmen, a hospital staff, greets them and enters his room. When Edmund is alone with Carmen, he asks her if she can bring him the phone. He dials and tells somebody that he needs their help. Outside his room, Maria suddenly collapses and Juan Pablo catches her. She rests in a hospital bed for a while, then awakens startled. When she awakens, Juan Pablo informs her that she fainted, must rest and let him take care of her. He offers her some chicken soup. She, at first says she does not want it. She wants to be with Edmund. JP asks her if doctors usually make such bad patients. At that point she laughs and thanks him for his courtesy, admitting that all she knows how to do is take care of Edmund. He encourages her to think about happy times, what has passed, and what is to come. She drifts off and recalls her first wedding with Edmund, and all the romantic encounters they’ve had together.

Edmund is in his room with Brooke. He tells her he cannot feel his legs. He gives her a secret document. She inquires what that is and why he has not shared it with Maria. She tells him she will not believe that it’s a piece for Tempo. It’s apparently a Living Will, with Advance Directives in the event of his death. He informs her he wants her to be the executor of his will. Brooke tells him she will set the document aside and have a big laugh. But he urges her to take it and keep it. She tells him he needs to share it with Maria. But he tells her that now is not a good time to worry Maria and that he is more comfortable entrusting her with it, as a trusted family friend. But she keeps telling him he’s worrying for nothing, the living Will is laughable and she will not take it seriously.

Greenlee awakens on a couch in Adam Chandler’s home. When she discovers that she fell asleep there, after contacting her mother the previous evening, she is startled and ready to leave. Mary, however, urges her daughter to focus on something that should be important to her: overthrowing Kendall Hart. Greenlee still does not trust her mother. Mary informs her that she sat and watched Greenlee sleep all night, worried about her. She informs Greenlee that she many times remembers how she lost her daughter all those years ago. Greenlee asks Mary just what her suggestion is for overthrowing Kendall. Mary tells her that she has been too passive. Greenlee informs Mary that she has hardly been passive, having spent the previous day spying on Kendall and Ryan outside of Kendall’s condo. But Mary tells her that she must get tougher. She cannot be Jack’s good little girl and effectively hurt Kendall at the same time. If she wants the power back, she must fight fire with fire. Greenlee informs her mother that she noticed Kendall’s suspicious purchase from some baby shop, and how she tried and failed to get some information about it. She also informs Mary that Jack and Erica are engaged again. Noticing her mother’s lack of shock over that, Greenlee immediately can tell that Mary has another man on the brain. Before she can inquire just who that may be, Adam enters the room. Mary informs Greenlee that she must go forward with getting Ryan and Fusion back, but Greenlee must make sure that Kendall does not fool Ryan the way Mary noticed that Erica managed to fool Jack.

After the “pep-talk” with Mary, Greenlee enters the baby shop, from which Kendall made a purchase, finds an attendant, shows her a picture of Kendall and asks her what Kendall purchased in her shop. She informs the young woman that she is Jacqueline Montgomery, the DA. The young woman tells her she knows there is no DA named Jacqueline Montgomery, but she knows of Jackson Montgomery. Greenlee then tells the young woman that she is a mother purchasing supplies for her kids and has reason to find out what this woman, (Kendall) has been up to. The young woman is totally uncooperative. But Greenlee will not give up. She knows the young woman will help her if it looks like she’s a potential customer. She puts padding underneath her shirt, and gets cooperation, not only from the retailer, but also from another customer who actually believes Greenlee is an expectant mother.

Kendall walks into the empty courtroom and discovers Reggie sitting in the judges’ throne. He informs her that he is trying to get into the mind of the judge and understand the decision they will make. Outside the courtroom, Bianca tells Lena that she is happy for her mother and Jack, and glad that things are going better in Kendall’s trial. But she still wants to stay in Pine Valley to support her sister. When the two of them enter the courtroom, Kendall informs them that she knows that Reggie is a good kid and wants to help her.

At Jack’s home, Erica can sense that Jack is in a hurry and maybe at the present, trying to get rid of her. She asks him why. He tells her that there is a secret that he knows she will not like very much. He tells her that Kendall is coming over to talk to him. Erica wonders why he’d see that as such a big secret or why he’d assume she’d have a problem with it. He tells her that there is another surprise guest. She demands to know why he wants her out and misinformed of his conversation with this person. He tells her that a rookie lawyer is coming over and he needs to brief them, he knows she would not understand nor be interested in their conversation. Erica agrees to leave but tells Jack she wants no more secrets. When she leaves, the very judge who acquitted Michael Cambias, and who has presided on Kendall’s trial enters. She is not happy with Jack, for revealing to the court that he found a gun in the evidence room. She inquires if he is trying to ruin his career. She confesses that she is ashamed to have had to allow Cambias to get away with what he did. But she urges Jack that if he implicates himself in the Cambias murder, she will have no choice but to prosecute him. He will be disbarred, never again to have an opportunity to be D.A. If he’s lucky, he will get a cell by himself, with a view, for the rest of his life. But Jack does not listen. She angrily gets up and walks out.

Erica enters the courtroom to notice Reggie, Kendall, Bianca and Lena, and knows that something is up. She notices Kendall’s engagement ring and inquires about that. Kendall informs her that Ryan has proposed to her. Kendall assures her mother that although she has pushed both her and Ryan out of her lives, she does not want to do that anymore. At that point, the bailiff calls the court to sit as the judge enters. She instantly calls Jackson Montgomery to the stand. He sits and she announces to the court that Mr. Montgomery’s answers in his most recent testimony were in direct response to Mr. Singer’s questions and that the testimony may stand. She calls Singer to further cross-examine Jack and reminds Jack that he is still under oath. Jack informs the court that on the night when Michael Cambias was acquitted for raping his neice, he was very upset and determined to protect his family from that monster. He went to Michael’s condo, carrying the gun and discovered a kilo of heroine. Jack informs Singer that he planted the kilo of heroine in Michael’s condo, in order to set Michael up. He tells him that the reason was to stop Mr. Cambias from terrorizing his family. He said that although he was tempted to use the gun to kill Michael, he knew that framing him for drug dealing was another option. Singer asks Jack, point-blank, if he murdered Michael Cambias. Jack replies no. Livia cross-examines Jack. She confirms that it is obvious that since the gun was registered to Jack, it would have his fingerprints on it. She inquires that even if Erica had the combination to the safe where he kept the gun, would it not be highly unlikely that she would entrust Kendall, her “black-sheep” daughter with the combination to the safe. He says he would not know. Livia grills Jack, in reference to his intent to murder Michael, how he admitted to planting heroine in Michael’s home in order to set him up for a crime he did not commit, and how Jack got demoded from his DA position. And she concludes he has no credibility in his testimony. The court is in recess. Jack gets up from his seat and asks the prosecution when they plan to arrest him. Erica, Bianca and Reggie all tell him that he committed no crime, attempting to protect his family and he must not incriminate himself. Kendall tells Jack that she’s on trial, not him. And she does not want him to put his butt on the line in order to save hers’. At that moment, the police come to arrest Jack, read him his rights and take him out of the courtroom, in perfect timing to been seen by Greenlee. Although obsessed about herself, Greenlee is shocked to see this happening to her father.


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