AMC Update Tuesday 1/27/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/27/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee stands outside Kendall’s door, spies and overhears Kendall’s and Ryan’s conversation. Kendall tells Ryan she wants to marry him. He corners her in an attempt to find out why she is proposing to him. At that moment, she tells him she will change the subject and forget about it, and she walks away. He tells her he is not refusing her offer, he just wants to find out why she’d propose marriage to him. Hearing this, Greenlee mumbles that she is very tempted to go inside and confront them.

At Tad’s home, Jamie walks in and discovers the big mess, which Krystal caused for his father. Jamie thinks it’s funny, and wants to know about his father’s business. Tad tells his son he’d prefer a little less talk and a little more elbow grease in helping him clean up the mess. Joe walks in, discovers the mess, and is instantly interrogated by his son and grandson who assume he’s up to the same type of behavior and has been “kicked out” of his home by his wife. At that moment, Jamie picks up Krystal’s bra and has proof of what his father has been up to.

JR Chandler is in the corporate office talking to an associate, laying down the law that he is in charge. At that moment, Babe walks in. She is dressed in a seductive black, glittery dress. He asks her why she’s there. She tells him she’s there because she’s his wife and she loves him. He tells her he’s busy and has no time for her. She tells him that he should make time. He tells her that this is his job and he is wanted and valued there. She tells him she knows about his career, but he is also wanted and valued by her and by their baby. She pulls out some food she’s brought in a bag and reminds them of the first night they met. And they relive how he could make her laugh like nobody else could. She reminds him of the very special time, and also shows him the necklace he bought her on that night. She reminds him how she told him she did not want the night to end and he told her it did not have to. She goes over sits on his lap, kisses him, and relives their romantic encounter, and the first time they made love. But at the end of their encounter, he is back to business and grows cold toward her.

At Jack’s home, after announcing to Bianca and Reggie that he had proposed to Erica, he also shows them the airline tickets, which everybody knows are for Bianca, Reggie, Lily and Kendall. But Reggie discovers and extra one and asks Jack where that came from. Jack informs him that it is for Greenlee. Jack urges Reggie to “share” him with Greenlee. Reggie reminds them all that Greenlee is trouble, has ruined Jack’s and Erica’s wedding once before and must stay as far away as possible from them. But Jack gets on the phone and calls Greenlee.

While in an intimate moment with Kendall, Ryan is interrupted by hearing a phone ring from outside the door. He goes to the window from where he hears it and discovers Greenlee, outside spying and eavesdropping. Watched by Kendall and Ryan, Greenlee turns her back, ignores them and answers her phone. It’s Jack, inviting her to his home to join the family. Ryan demands Greenlee comes inside and explains herself, but she tells him she is just leaving, has gotten a call and must join her family. But Ryan corners her, tells her she’s not going anywhere and asks what she’s doing there. Kendall asks Greenlee if she ever gets tired of spying on her and Ryan. Greenlee replies she gets tired every time she sees it. Ryan urges Greenlee to leave. Greenlee makes a comment about nobody knowing who the father of Kendall’s baby is. Kendall is ready to attack her, while Ryan restrains her. Greenlee walks out the door. Kendall is obviously provoked by her and asks Ryan how he can tolerate that bitch.

Bianca tells Erica that she does not want to abandon Kendall. Erica assures her daughter that Kendall will be o.k. at her trial. Bianca tells Erica that she knows that she and Jack have something very special. Erica tells Bianca that she will also have something just as special with somebody, some day. But when she goes to hug Bianca, right away Bianca turns away, knowing that she will discover her belly and know she’s pregnant. Jack is watching them. Bianca asks if he’s “told her”. Jack shakes his head to reply: “no”. And right away, Erica is baffled and wants to know about this “mysterious secret” which she’s unaware of. Jack makes a desperate attempt to explain to Erica, that his and Bianca’s secret was to keep “emotionally charged” things away from her, because they notice that she’s a “crier”. She inquires about their “perception” of her. Reggie mentions to her that he believes she’s a “very pretty crier”. Right when the four of them are enjoying being together, they are “greeted” by Greenlee. Although called and invited by Jack, Greenlee instantly assumes they are all there in support of Kendall. She gets very angry, and instantly walks out the door. Reggie follows her out and tells her she has a bad attitude. She tells him she is not the problem. Kendall is.

Mary is in the living room with Adam. She picks up a statue she knows nothing about and assumes it’s a form of “art” he keeps in his home. She tells him that he should prefer her “artistic talent” to that object. Adam urges her to leave the object alone. In a struggle, they drop it, it breaks, and Mary discovers a gun inside it. She instantly notices the initials: MC and asks Adam where this gun came from and to whom it belongs. She tells him that she knows if she was his wife, this would be her gun, as MC would be her initials. She begins to manipulate him into seeing the benefits of them marrying, one of which would be that she could not testify against him in court, even if she knew he murdered someone else, so coincidentally, with the same initials: Michael Cambias. He tells her that he is not about to marry her. Evading the Michael Cambias issue, he tells her he’s very confident that Babe will leave, and so he no longer needs Mary’s services. But she reminds him that he still needs her if he is a suspect in the Michael Cambias murder. She tells him that she will have no income for her art, without him, so she needs him. And while holding the gun, she informs him how easy it would be to turn the gun over to the police. He asks if she’s trying to black-mail him. But as they are together, Adam indicates that he wouldn’t mind being intimate with Mary. Right in the middle of their encounter, Greenlee, who surprisingly wants emotional support from her mother, interrupts them.

While Tad is alone with his father, he confesses that he is, once again, becoming “Tad the cad”. First sleeping with Krystal, New Years Eve, then being “visited” by Simone who says she wants to be casual but makes it clear she really wants a commitment, and then Liza, who he’s had a long history with. His father knows only too well. Tad reflects that he’s been the “poor widower whom everybody must take care of” since Dixie died, assumed he’d be seen that way as he gets older, but is still the same person he was when he was young. Jamie returns home, informs his father and Grandfather that he has no problem with Babe married to JR and only wanting the baby to be JR’s. Jamie tells them he just ran into a girl who is perfect. She’s single, she’s not pregnant, and she doesn’t know JR. He rushes out the door before they have a chance to ask him anything about the girl, or hidden sudden mood change. Tad remarks, to his father, that three generations of “Martin men” are all alike.

While at the restaurant, at a table with Liza, Krystal notices that she is without her bra. Liza attempts to tell Krystal all about her history with Tad. She reveals that she and Tad have never really been “together” but they’ve also never been apart. Kryatal asks why Liza and Tad have never officially hooked up. Liza tells Krystal that some things were “meant to me”. Krystal reminds Liza that the last time she “checked”, which was about an hour ago, she noticed that Tad was still a man. And she need not make any “efforts” to lead him astray and tempt his desires. But at the end of their conversation, what may have intended to be a confrontation, becomes friendly. They each compliment each other’s “smooth tactics” with Tad, display no jealousy and are in agreement that no woman can become emotionally attached to Tad.

When Jack and Erica are alone, she tells him how much she loves him and how she knows they are right for each other. But she expresses that she still has worries. He assures her that she need not worry about anything happening to him. She tells him she’s not worried about him. She’s worried about Michael Cambias. Jack reminds her that Michael is dead now. She tells him she knows that. But she can somehow feel his presence there. She still feels haunted by Michael, although she does not consciously understand how. He’s there somehow, living inside somebody somewhere. Jack assures Erica that Michael is dead and will never hurt her or Bianca or anybody again. But Erica has a “premonition” about Michael Cambias "living on" somewhere, although she is completely consciously unaware that her daughter will birth his child.


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