AMC Update Monday 1/26/04

All My Children Update Monday 1/26/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad tells Liza, who just walked in on him and Krystal in a compromising position, that now is not a good time. Liza simply walks in and sits down with her back toward the naked couple. They dress as Liza plays with them, telling them about a compatability test she has found in a magazine. She asks Tad if he's looking for a serious relationship, but he says he's not going to play this game. Krystal asks to talk to Tad outside. They walk out onto the cold porch and Tad apologizes. Krystal promises him they'll hook up again real soon. He says he's going to hold her to that promise. Tad re-enters and Liza tells him it's a good thing she arrived when she did. Tad tells her he's sick of her trying to warn him off against women. He likes sex and he doesn't need another mother. Liza says she's not trying to be his mother and he has no idea what she wants. He asks her what she does want. "I want you," she says. Tad realizes she's serious and is stunned. Liza tells him there is something between them that they keep trying to ignore. She's done waiting for him trying to figure it out and does not want to be on the sidelines anymore. She says she's willing to take on Simone and Krystal. She kisses him. As passion grows, Liza suddenly stops and says she needs to leave. She tells Tad to think about that kiss tonight when he gets ready for bed. She says what they could have could be very good.

Paul Cramer doesn't believe Babe's claim that he may be the father of her unborn baby. He says they were together just one night. She says that's all it takes and he is a finalist in the who's the daddy contest. Babe tells him all she wants is for him to help her with this paternity test. Her whole life is at stake. She could lose JR forever. She says they both could be happy with a little teamwork. When she sees he's not willing to cooperate, she threatens to play hardball and tell everyone that they're still married and she's carrying his baby. Adam discovers them and hides around the corner, listening. He hears Babe tell Paul that if he does things her way they'll both get what they want. Babe leaves and doesn't notice Adam, who approaches Paul. He asks to chat but Paul says he has to go. Adam tells him he doesn't blame him for not acknowleging his involvement with Babe. Paul says what's between him and Babe is personal. Adam says it's not personal when it involves his son. He says all Babe wants is JR's inheritance. Adam offers Paul money if he'll tell JR what the real Babe is like. Paul doesn't seem willing and gets is paged. Adam gives him his business card and tells him to think about it.

The courtroom is all abuzz after Jack states that he used a 38-caliber revolver taken from the police evidence room. The judge asks the court reporter to read Jack's statement back to the court, and it is reread. The judge tells Jack he just incriminated himself and asks if he wants counsel. He says no, he just wants to tell the truth. Alan Singer tells the judge Jack is derailing the questioning to sabotage this case. Erica is upset after hearing Jack and is afraid he's going to end up putting himself away. Singer moves to strike Jack's testimony. The judge takes the motion under advisement and closes testimony for the day. Erica asks Jack why he did that. He all but admitted he killed Michael Cambias. Jack is calm as he kisses her and tells her not to talk about it here. Kendall and Ryan approach Jack and she asks if he's going to confess to killing Michael. She says he can't get on the stand and say he shot Michael. Jack tells them to trust him and don't question what he does. He says he's just doing the old bait and switch. Kendall tells him he could be charged with Michael's murder. Everyone leaves except Reggie, who approaches Jack and says they need to go to the police station so he can confess to killing Cambias. Jack tells him he doesn't buy it. Reggie is not capable of murder. Reggie asks Jack to tell him he didn't kill Cambias. Jack tells him to follow his lead. Reggie says he doesn't like it, but he'll do it.

Greenlee calls the baby store listed on the box she found at Kendall's home to get information. Miss Philly's doesn't cooperate and hangs up on her. Greenlee continues her search but finds only a a bottle of open wine in refrigerator and a love letter from Kendall to Ryan. Greenlee is ready to leave but hears Ryan and Kendall arriving. She hides in the bedroom and listens as Kendall and Ryan talk about the case. Ryan promises there will be a happy ending. Kendall says there is one person who wants to see her fry. When this is over she'll have a new murder charge against her once she's done with Greenlee. Ryan tells her to let it go. Greenlee is harmless. Kendall says Greenlee won't stop her witchhunt. Ryan says Greenlee swore to him that she'll play nice from now on. The couple kiss and Greenlee watches in disgust. Kendall tells Ryan that it's not fair. He has done so much for her and he's going to end up with nothing. Ryan tells her he'll live on love. Kendall says she has a better idea that will let them both win. She says they should get married.

Erica and Bianca arrive at Bianca's apartment. Erica says she's afraid Jack could lose everything. It's all a lie and she should know, Erica says. Bianca tells her mother that she knows something. If she wasn't with David the night Cambias was killed, where was she? Erica tells Bianca that after the hearing she had a post-traumatic stress episode and memories of her own rape were triggered. She lost time and doesn't remember everything she did. Bianca remembers seeing something. She tells Erica it was something about that night. She's afraid that... they are interrupted by Jack and Reggie who arrive at Bianca's. Jack tells them they need to focus on their celebration. He gives Bianca and Reggie some money to go get some food. Erica tells Jack that she won't let himself sacrifice himself for her. After Bianca and Reggie return, Bianca asks what they're celebrating. Jack tells them that Erica has accepted his marriage proposal.

Babe and Krystall meet at BJ's, and Babe wants to know what happened with Tad. Krystal tells her daughter that Simone and Liza both walked in on them. She wishes he would shake them loose. As Krystal orders and eats a lot of food, her daughter tells her that she has it bad. Whenever she supersizes her order, that means she's in love. Krystal insists she's not in love. Krystal says she needs to get Tad to break two habits, one blonde and one brunette. Babe tells her mother about her plan with Paul and believes it is a good one.

Adam and Paul are talking again and Paul appears willing to go along with Adam's plan. Adam tells him to think about what he can do will that many zeros behind a number.

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