AMC Update Friday 1/23/04

All My Children Update Friday 1/23/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

There is a recess at the courthouse and Bianca tells Reggie she thinks the trial is going in Kendall's favor. Reggie wants to duck out for a snack, and asks Bianca if she's craving anything. She says she's not, but the comment makes her concerned. Ryan, who is standing with her, tells her no one can tell she's pregnant.

Kendall, surrounded by her former Fusion colleagues, resists their efforts to touch her stomach. She tells them to stay away from her. Greenlee tells her she wants proof that she's pregnant. Suddenly Erica walks in and Kendall tells them they won't let her out of here. Mia tells Erica that they think Kendall is with pillow and not with child, and they want proof. Erica says when she was pregnant she didn't mind friends touching her tummy. Kendall says she doesn't want to be pawed. Erica says that proves Greenlee is right, she is faking her pregnancy. Erica tells Kendall to give them some proof. Greenlee says she doesn't trust them. Even if they see she's pregnant they could lie about it. Erica asks Kendall if she trusts her. Kendall says she'd like to be able to. Erica touches Kendall's stomach. She pulls her hand away with a horrified look on her face. "How could you," she says. "Even you could not be this low and this vile. She's carrying that monster's baby." Kendall, with a look of relief on her face, says she hopes they're satisfied. Ryan comes in and tells everyone to move along and demonize another woman. Olivia enters and tells Kendall she needs to return to court. After Kendall leaves with Olivia, Simone says Kendall really is pregnant. Mia says she feels ill. Simone and Mia leave, but Greenlee wants to stay and talk to Ryan. She tells Ryan she's lost her company, her former friend and can't lose him too. Greenlee says she's lost her mission in life... proving Kendall is faking. She asks him if his testimony was the truth and he says it was. So he loves Kendall, she says. "God help me," Ryan replies. Greenlee tells him she wants him to be happy. Greenlee wishes him good luck and extends her hand. She says she hopes he gets everything he wants.

Paul Kramer resists Babe's demands that he help her. He asks her one good reason why he should. "I'll give you 30 million reasons why," she tells him. Babe tells him she know he stands to inherit $30 million from his Aunt Betsy but could lose it if she finds out about his one-night marriage to Babe. She promises not to tell if he flies to Canada and gets the results of her paternity test and brings them to her before they're mailed back. Paul says he'll have no role in rigging a paternity test. Babe gets out her cell phone and threatens to call Betsy. Paul says if she does he'll tell JR that she never got their marriage annulled. Babe tells him that she needs him to fix this. He says it's too risky. She should count on the odds being in her favor. JR could be the favor. Babe looks sheepish, and he asks how many men she's slept with. She tells him the baby could be his.

Standing at a laptop computer, Krystal threatens to make Tad a victim of identity theft unless he stays out of Babe's life. She knows some personal information about Tad that she'll send in an email. Tad says he'll promise to stay out of Babe's past if she is honest with him. Krystal says there is nothing to reveal. Tad unplugs the computer and Krystal says she'll go to the other computer in the house. They're running through the house when Simone walks in and hears the two bickering. She makes some snide comments and leaves Krystal accuses Tad of being so wrapped up in JR's and Jamie's love lives because his is so pathetic. He tells her she has no idea how hilarious she sounds. She tells him to butt out and he tells her to tell him Babe's secret. Instead, she grabs him and kisses him. They fall onto the couch and Krystal forcefully pulls open Tad's shirt.

Liza and Mia are at BJ's. Mia tells her that they know for sure that Kendall is pregnant and she thinks Aidan could be the father. She says she's not going to let that bitch steal her man. Mia tells Liza that Tad is not treating her right. If he's close to Krystal or Simone it's so long Liza. Mia asks her what she wants. Liza says she wants Tad. Mia tells him to go after him. Liza says it takes two to make a relationship. Mia says she's not going to stand here and lose the life she wants to another woman. She marches out. Liza is left alone to recall past happy times with Tad. She stands up and leaves, looking determined. She arrives at Tad's house and hears a woman screaming. She opens the door and calls Tad's name. A shirtless Tad peaks his head from behind the couch followed by Krystal.

In court, a witness testifies that fibers from the dress Kendall was wearing the night of the murder were found in the duffel bag that was pulled from the river. Traces of Michael's blood also were found in the bag with a .38-caliber revolver that is registered to Jack Montgomery. On cross-examination, Olivia asks the witness if Kendall could have used the bag for laundry and perhaps had her dress in the bag to take it to the cleaners. The witness says it's possible. Erica is called to the stand. The prosecution asks Erica if she told police that Kendall had the combination to Jack's safe. Erica says she didn't tell the police the whole truth. She admits on direct questioning that she did give Kendall the combination. Under cross-examination by Olivia, Erica says that she made up her alibi that she spent the night with David Hayward the night Michael was killed. She says she doesn't have an alibi and neither does David. Erica is excused from the stand, but tells the jury she was afraid she would be considered a suspect so made up the story. The judge tells the jury to disregard her last comments. Erica walks off the stand and whispers to Justin McCoy that she warned him not to cross her. Kendall looks at her mother and thanks her. Erica says she was making good on her word. Bianca tells her mother she shouldn't have done that. Jack tells her she was wonderful. Bianca asks if it will help save Kendall and Jack says it will help.

Ryan is surprised to hear from Kendall that Erica pointed blame at herself. Kendall tells him how Erica also touched her stomach and claimed it really is a baby. Either she's siding with Kendall or she really believed it felt real. Kendall asks Ryan about Greenlee, and he says she won't be bothering her anymore.

Greenlee goes to Kendall's condo and says "let the treasure hunt begin." She looks through Kendall's datebook and notices there is not one entry for an OB-GYN appointment. She notices a box on the floor from a baby store. She picks it up and looks at it.

Jack is the next witness in the trial. He is shown his handgun and identifies it as his. He says he doesn't know how it got in the duffel bag or that it was even stolen. He is asked who had the combination. Jack says he and Erica had it. He adds that he didn't use that gun. He used a .38-caliber gun he took from the police evidence room instead.

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