AMC Update Thursday 1/22/04

All My Children Update Thursday 1/22/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Edmund is sleeping, although he’s regained consciousness. Maria is with him. She tells him he’s been shot but he’s going to be o.k. Outside the window, Juan Pablo observes them. Maria sits by her husband, urging him not to talk or get excited. She tells him she will remove his tube, he needs to get some rest, and she will go and call the kids. When she leaves, Juan Pablo enters and talks, for the first time to a conscious Edmund. He confesses that he is responsible for putting Edmund in that hospital bed. Edmund does not talk, but he reaches for Juan Pablo’s hand. Outside, in the hallway, Maria runs into Brooke. She apologizes for her tantrum the other day where she accused Brooke of keeping her away from Edmund. Brooke asks if Maria forgives her. Maria admits that she knows that Brooke had reasons to keep Maria and Edmund apart. Brooke admits that she was in love with Edmund and wanted to ruin his relationship with Maria in the past, and admits there’s no excuse for what she did. She admits that she still loves him, but indicates that she no longer has a problem with whom he’s chosen to marry. Maria runs into Juan Pablo and tells him he needs not find a specialist for Edmund. At first she sounds like she wants JP to stay out of their business. But he informs her that he wants to give Edmund the same care that she was able to give to Carlos. Maria courteously tells the specialist whom JR called that she appreciates his coming there to see them, but she will not need his help. Brooke enters Edmund’s room. He cannot talk, but reveals to her that there may be something wrong wit his legs. She tells him he will be o.k. But she admits that she’s scared too.

In the courtroom, Bianca and Reggie are shocked and baffled to discover that Ryan Lavery is testifying for the prosecution against Kendall. Singer asks Ryan why he initially broke off his engagement to Kendall, when they were first together, years ago. Ryan replies it was because he caught her cheating on him with Aidan. Singer asks him what his current association with Kendall is. Ryan says they are rivals for the control of all the local companies. Singer asks how Ryan was able to dig up information on Kendall. Ryan admits that he spied on her. Singer remarks that that is a lucky break for the prosecution. Singer asks him if he heard Kendall make any comments about Michael Cambias’ disappearance and subsequent death. Ryan replies that he heard lots of things from Kendall, and admits he heard many other speculations, opinions, and attitudes from many people about Michael Cambias’ death. Ryan admits that he overheard Kendall finding out that an abandoned, frozen meatpacking plant was about to be torn down and made desperate efforts to prevent that from happening. And, hearing this he followed her to the meat plant. And from inside, he discovered Michael Cambias’ dead body suspended on a meat hook. Singer asks Ryan if Kendall manipulated the police investigation. Singer asks Ryan if he overheard Kendall telling the police that they cannot let Michael Cambias get away with stealing the local companies, almost raping her mother, and succeeding to rape her sister. Ryan replies that he heard that and it gave him an impression about Kendall. Livia cross-examines just what other things Ryan believes he knows about others, from spying on them. Singer says it’s irrelevant. But she establishes that since Singer has opened the door to Ryan’s spying activities, it is relevant just whom, besides Kendall Cambias, Ryan has spied on. Ryan admits that he overheard David Hayward talking to Aidan Devane about a chemical castration potion that he was going to feed to Michael Cambias. Ryan also admits that he overheard David telling his ex-wife, former police chief, Anna Devane, about his intent to kill Michael Cambias. He baffles Livia when she asks if he still believes there are many suspects besides Kendall. He tells her he did, past tense. And that is the reason why he signed over his entire inherited fortune to Kendall’s heir. Livia asks Ryan if he did, in fact, say that the amount of money in question is billions with a “b”. She asks Ryan if he would lose billions if Kendall, was in fact pregnant. He admits that that is true. And that means he believes her. Singer asks Ryan what his current relationship with Kendall is. Singer asks if they are currently sleeping together. Livia yells: “objection”. Singer rephrases, by asking Ryan if he is “in love” with Kendall, which could mean he’d be willing to compromise for her. Livia, again yells objection, that it is speculative to assume what Ryan thinks or feels, or is motivated to do for Kendall, in love with her or not. So Singer simply asks Ryan if he is in love with Ms. Hart. Ryan answers yes.

While the court is in recess, Ryan and Kendall hold each other, while Greenlee watches angrily. Reggie taunts Greenlee, noticing her spiteful, vengeful attitude toward Kendall. Greenlee inquires why Reggie has, all of a sudden, turned to Kendall’s side. And she reminds him that Kendall is not his sister, she is. Bianca also remarks, to Reggie, that she doesn’t know why he’s come over to support Kendall, but she’s happy that he did. Outside the courtroom, Ryan runs into JR Chandler and assures him that he does not wish to take Chandler Enterprises from him, nor does Kendall. JR indirectly addresses Ryan’s “leap of faith” and how it reminds him of his own situation. Ryan asks him to be more specific. But he decides he doesn’t want to talk about it, and leaves.

Back in the courtroom, Livia asks questions of a woman who is a specialist of “autopsies”. She asks the woman if the freezing of a dead-body, such as Michael Cambias’, would make it very confusing as to the exact time of death. She also inquires, and hears an affirmative about how likely it could have been for the freezing elements in the warehouse to go on and off, and she makes a “side remark” about how this is very bad for ice cream. The woman admits that it’s anybody’s guess, just when Michael Cambias died, due to the freezing conditions of the meat warehouse. Livia, then, establishes her case. The court is adjourned for the day. Reggie remarks to Bianca, that not long ago he was hungry for ice cream. But listening to the recent testimony ended that for him.

Tad Martin meets Krystal and Babe for lunch. He reveals that he knows Babe’s real name. She asks how he’d know. Krystal informs her that she told him that information, before she discovered she couldn’t trust him. He holds up a notebook. Babe asks what that is. He tells her it’s a result of research that he found. Krystal tells him it’s very petty of him to dig up dirt like this just to hurt them. But she says she knows he will not go through with it. Because the person it will hurt the most will be JR. Krystal tells Tad that she knows he loves JR just like his own son, and will protect him from anything or anybody, including Adam Chandler. He brings up information he dug up about Babe’s Algebra teacher, whom she bribed for grades. Krystal reveals that she did not even know about that. He also reveals that he knows that Babe has bribed cops to let her get away with traffic violations. Krystal inquires whether he has no “dirt” on his record. He admits he does. But he tells them that ever since the two of them came into town, they’ve done everything they can to turn his family upside down. Krystal reminds him that his evidence of traffic tickets and Algebra grade changing is very insignificant. Tad also brings up Babe’s involvement of another young man she was seeing that was not JR, who fit the description of Paul Kramer. He asks her what she would say if he told her he knows that by turning another page in his notebook, he can prove that she knows Paul much better than she wants anybody to know she does. Babe sounds confident to Tad, telling him that she is not afraid of what he knows about Paul Kramer. She tells him that JR already knows. She does not keep any secrets from him. He urges Babe to confess many secrets she has not yet revealed. At that point, Krystal demands that they leave and stop listening to Tad. But Babe says she wants to stay there and confess, because it’s going to come out sooner or later. Babe confesses to Tad that she did not want to have a paternity test if it would hurt the baby. But now she’s found a way to do a test that would not harm the baby, and is now ready to do it. He laughs, asking them if that is the “big secret”, and admits that it’s not quite as “juicy” as he’d previously thought. When Tad leaves, Babe and her mother talk privately of the very smart “lie” she just pulled off to Tad, and speak of their only “card to play”, having Paul Kramer “fix” the results of the paternity test for her.

At the hospital, Paul runs into Brooke. Brooke admits that she knows who he is. He gives her something to deliver to Babe. Paul, then, runs into Babe and tells her he’s ready to leave Pine Valley. But she tells him he cannot leave until he does her that “little favor” they talked about. Apparently, it is happening when Tad walks into his home and gets hosed down with water. He then gets covered with feathers. Krystal suddenly appears and reveals to him that she has planned this “scheme”.

Outside the courtroom, after Kendall’s trial, Mia appears to join Greenlee in her attitude, remarking that all the “Kane women” always have a new man ready to rescue them, whenever they need it. Mia expresses that she knows Kendall is not pregnant. But Greenlee admits that there has been some sort of “proof” which somebody helped her obtain that she is, and the jury believes it, so it doesn’t matter what they believe. The two of them brainstorm about different ways they can prove Kendall’s lying. Simone finds them and asks what they are up to. They tell her they know Kendall’s lying about her pregnancy. But Simone admits to them that Kendall is “showing”. And the three of them speculate that she could very well be pregnant, but it could be by either Ryan or Aidan, and not Michael Cambias. The three of them corner Kendall, “making nice”, telling her that they believe her, and are o.k. with her being pregnant, regardless of who is really the father. Then they instantly demand that she lets them touch her baby. She knows she cannot let them do that.


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